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New Short Film from Tragedy and Hope: TRIANGLE - Teaser Trailer

I am back again and this time I am working on something big... This is all I will release so far more will be released with time. I will be putting a lot of work into this.. Don't worry it won't be a scary as it looks! This is just a teaser!


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I'll definitely check it out

I'll definitely check it out when it's finished. Cool graphics in the teaser by the way.

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I'm looking forward to it.

Is it about the Trilateral Commission? Even the Talking Heads knew.


Its going to be about just about every thing you can think of!

Including Central banks, Federal reserve, military industrial complex, the global awakening we are now seeing and much more. The proper trailer will be up soon and it will reveal a lot more! Thanks for the support!



Expose U$ury,

it is the root cause of the injustices in our times, => it$ the fuel for the war-machine, energy for the pyramid spouting pollution all over the world, fake money that bribes corrupt govts, false media & fake religions, shameless politicians, etc. The demons single-minded purpose is to keep the debt-clock running, indefinitely. They even have a Biblical (OT) verse to back-up this sly cruelty & trap.

the USURY thing = why muslims are bad!!!

real Islamic banking does not charge interest.

U$ury = Magical Game.

+1, thanks for the recognition & the acknowledgment of the main problem, i.e. the vested interest = U$ury. To charge usury is the incentive (& motivation) to create (more of) false money, thru printing or by adding digits on banks computers, to 'earn' more & more profits thru "numbers added by time". They have taught in their schools that "Time is Money". wow. It$ magic, or greed, and most probable its malice, = a satanic power game where the children of Adam lose.

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Thank you

Looking forward to it.

When do you expect to release the full length version? I'm sure it is a lot of work.

I am thinking December some time I have other video I will

Put up in the mean time, I have another great Alan Watts video on the way as well!



That's it?

What did I just watch?

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

Haha its called a "teaser" for a reason my friend!

The proper trailer is coming soon this is basically just to get people excited the proper trailer will be out in a few days :)




maybe include one of the most corrupt and heinous funding mechanisms of the Miiitary industry: the prison system..show the vicious circle:
criminilize the citizenry to use them as slave labor for the war machine which is used to enslave nations...

How about exposing the income tax lie..which is used to criminalize...

Marijuana, used to criminalize..

I like the look. Catchy.. Hope you follow the AIDA formula: Attention,interest, desire, action

A patriot must always be prepared to defend his country from his government.

the Impostors.

+1, well said, pointing out the criminal justice system, this is how the state maintains the threat, - to subdue & enslave citizens / nations.

the banksters are greedy, the politicians are egotistical & corrupt, the media are like pimps, but the most difficult to expose are the religious impostors, - and religion is the oldest game in town.