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I'm Having a Hissy Fit

I just walked past a 7-11 and saw the sign promoting the election of Obama or Romney. I went in and saw several more, plus the cups.

If this election were governed by California law, they would be required to file with the state as a committee since they are using "express advocacy" (as in, "vote for one of these two").

I called the number on the cups: 1-800-255-0711 to complain and they took my report.

The FEC website is too difficult to use, and besides, I believe in free speech, so I don't know if they've violated the law (although any law that violates the Constitution is null and void). I also believe in a free market and that the shortest distance to an equitable resolution is between me, the customer, and 7-11, the merchant, so I called them.

What were they thinking? Way to piss off a substantial portion of their possible market. Most retailers would kill just to get another 1% share.

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How Can A Retailer Insult So Many Customers?

They need to know that not all registered voters are loyal to the dominant parties, and not all registered voters are even registered with dominant parties.

I feel like picketing the store with Gary Johnson signs, but it's really about their customers and voters, not the candidate.

I gave them my phone number and hope they call me on Monday 'cause I'm still spitting nails.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

2 Cups is Enough

They only need Two Cups:

A - Status Quo
B - Gary Johnson

And then they can print on the bottom area of both cups...
"I would have preferred Ron Paul"

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Goldman Sachs Obamney candidate vs. Gary Johnson.

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Now...ya know...

You should have included those links.
Saying it is great.
But we all need the links here.
Where at they?