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Please help a Liberty candidate for Congress who is excluded from a debate

It is important for all of us to be able to hear from all those running for office, not just the ones which the establishment wants us to pick from. The reason the Chieftain says Tisha Casida is not qualified in the debate is because she has not raised enough money. This is true, she does not have the big Republican or Democrat machine behind her, or big donors who want her to do their bidding. She is an independent who wants to represent the American people, and her voice should be heard. Can you help? Will you go make a comment on the Huff Post article, share it with your friends and perhaps send her a donation? www.casida2012.com

Here is the article for you to go comment on:

Chieftain Should Reconsider Its Decision to Exclude Casida From Debate

The Pueblo Chieftain has excluded independent candidate Tisha Casida from a Chieftain-sponsored debate Oct. 10 featuring 3rd congressional district candidates Scott Tipton, a Republican, and Democrat Sal Pace.

"Voters want to hear from the candidates who do have a chance," the Chieftain's Managing Editor Steve Henson wrote in an email to Casida. "And we feel that we are reflecting the desires of our area voters and readers to focus on the candidates of the major parties."

It's a strange position for a newspaper to take, running contrary to journalism's core job of airing out ideas, no matter how unpopular or meek.

But, it's also true that a debate could get so diluted and unwieldy with lots of candidates on stage that voters would get little or nothing out of it.

So, if I were running a debate, I'd take a practical approach and see how many legitimate candidates, like Casida, wanted to participate and go from there.

If there were too many candidates, like there were during those loony GOP presidential debates recently, and I had no way of knowing which ones were most viable, I'd rotate them in and out. If there were only three or four legitimate candidates on the ballot, I'd include all of them them.

"You're coming at it from the perspective of putting all the ideas out there," Henson told me when I suggested this to him. "Our perspective reflects the wishes of our readers." (He added that the Chieftain has given Casida a fair shake on its news pages, and this appears to me to be true.)

Henson says third-party or other candidates have gotten scant support over many years in southern Colorado.

"If a Libertarian were to get 15 percent of the vote in this election, they'd probably be included in our debate in the next election," he said. "But that just hasn't happened. It has nothing to do with the expression of ideas. For us, it's really a numbers issue."

The business organization, Club 20, apparently agrees with me that in an election debate, ideas should trump numbers, as Casida was included in the Sept. 9 Club 20 debate in Grand Junction, standing between Pace and Tipton on stage. The event worked just fine, I thought.
In a statement, Casida stated: "It is disappointing to be excluded from a debate in which we do represent a population of voters, and it is my hometown where I was born and raised, which is disheartening. I have worked very hard to petition onto the ballot and be a part of the process, to have a voice and be a voice for people who are frustrated with both Republicans and Democrats."

Henson's full statement, which he e-mailed to Casida, follows:

read more here

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I'm on it

SFTS already hit me up yesterday. I promised him I would hook you up with some Friday pay. ;) I'll call my list too and see if I can't drum up another donor or two.


Fancy Shmancy Fine Print:

These clowns have it backwards and they know it.

People want CHOICES. They are tired of the same two idiots every time.

I'd venture a significant portion of their audience will not be either Democrat or Republican. Who's on stage for them?

The reality is that the LP candidate (I don't know why they said this since Casida is not running under the LP) won't get 15% without being in the debates, because voters automatically refuse to vote for anyone not in a debate.

People do not understand that their choices are artificially limited, and so they erroneously think those missing candidates "aren't serious."

To say you need to be "viable" before you get into a debate is ass backwards. At present, participation in debates is the measure of viability. To use viability as a measure to invite participants is circuitous.

When the shooting starts, it will be because people like Steve Henson made it happen by making "peaceful revolution impossible." Remember him.

I know why

...the LP candidate (I don't know why they said this since Casida is not running under the LP)

I know why and his name is Michael Badnarik.


Fancy Shmancy Fine Print:

Could you be less cryptic and perhaps explain that?


Probably not but I'll try

Michael Badnarik endorsed Tisha Casida correct?

I also get the impression that she became interested in or involved in studying individual liberty, the role of government, the Constitution before 2008. Giving her age, I'd say between 2004 and 2008.

Today in 2012 many young people developed their understanding as "students of liberty and the Constitution" under the guide of Ron Paul. Prior to 2008, albiet a smaller group of young people than there are today, developed their understanding as "students of liberty and Constitution" under the guide of Michael Badnarik and/or his Constitution Class.

Those people went on to be the young folks on Ron Paul 2008 discussion forums providing answers to the questions asked by the sudden wave of newcomers Ron Paul attracted. And some of those inquisitive newcomers of 2008 went on to be the folks answering the questions of 2012's newcomers. In doing so developing confidence in their understanding enough that some are probably considering a run for public office in 2014 or 2016.

From the day of awakening to well studied statesman seeking public office is about a 6-8 year process.

Damn I got off on a tirade. What was the question again?

Oh yeah I remember... Badnarik... Casida. Did you see her debate? Pur t darn impressive for a rookie wouldn't you say?


Fancy Shmancy Fine Print:

I didn't get to watch it. Hopefully I can find it online.

I did not know Badnarik endorsed her. That makes a little more sense.

Pondering it more, I can see how someone uneducated about parties could make that statement.

In a court case for ballot access here in 2008, the State's attorney referenced the LP as "one of those 'socialist' parties."

I was floored.

How could someone be so absurdly ignorant?

But, there she was, in all her stupidity, making the comment in front of a Federal Judge. (who apparently knew better)

I never got the chance to set her straight, but I'd gladly jump at the opportunity if it came about.

The mind of the Chieftain, kingmaker

Insight into the mind/life of managing editor of the Cheiftan:
sample tweet http://www.chieftain.com/news/local/i-feel-like-a-twit-while...

who apparently has not even a dim awareness of the proper role of the fourth estate in a working representative republic. Or knows and is actively working against maintaining it in favor of the stranglehold of Democrat/Republican. His circular reasoning is breathtaking in its ignorance: We can't show independent candidates because people don't support independent candidates (because no one knows they are there!) We like our brands big and funded and well-known. Pay no mind to the large numbers of unaffiliated voters. Let's keep the stage play rolling! The past will predict the future because we will make sure the only choices are the ones already known and sanctioned by us.
No wonder Europeans are laughing at us.

"Any government that is big enough to give everything you need is also strong enough to take it all away."