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"Gary Johnson Polls: Why the CPD Decision to Keep Him Out of the Debates is Illegal "

Not sure if this has been posted already.

"With the entire hubbub surrounding the replacement referees, and the third week of the NFL season ending with a controversial Green Bay Packers loss, you may have missed a major development in the election cycle of 2012.

Last week, I told you that the Gary Johnson campaign had decided to sue the National Commission on Presidential Debates for excluding him from the upcoming debates. Many may dismiss this story out of hand, simply because it’s just a third party trying to get some publicity. But we should not only pay attention to the story itself, but also why the CPD is legally bound to include Gary Johnson."


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Johnson should be in the debates

Then it would be worth watching, but i doubt they will let him in.

Shameless self bump.

Shameless self bump.