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Ron Paul Could Rescue the GOP From Itself, But It May Already Be Too Late

by Alex Marin | PolicyMic

As the Romney/Ryan ticket continues to sink poll after poll, a certain buyer's remorse is taking over a Republican Party which thought former CEO Mitt Romney would be the best option to unseat Democratic incumbent President Barack Obama, due to the former's private sector credentials and the latter's poor economic record. They were wrong.

To the dismay of conservatives, and the surprise of both Democrats and Republicans alike, who was supposed to be a talented CEO, the guy who turned around failing companies and saved the Winter Olympics, has turned out to be a disastrous campaigner: drowned by innumerable gaffes and running a campaign increasingly in disarray and out of touch not only with middle class Americans but also with Republican demographics (plenty of GOP voters belong to the 47% group Romney dismissed at the Boca Raton fundraiser).

Suddenly, all those stories warning that Ron Paul would be the only one from the GOP's dysfunctional presidential primary pack able to defeat Obama are starting to ring increasingly true. Out of all the erratic and inconsistent options, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum, Texas congressman Ron Paul, the one dismissed as a fringe isolationist by the establishment wing of his party, may be the one with the key to rescue the Republicans from themselves. Sadly for conservatives, it may already be too late to stop Obama.


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"...who was supposed to be a

"...who was supposed to be a talented CEO, the guy who turned around failing companies and saved the Winter Olympics"

I am tired of the lies! Romney private business ventures survived only on government bailouts and cronyism, he only "saved the Olympics" with a hundred million dollar handout from the Dept of Education, taxpayer money! He was NOT a talented CEO!

To destroy the gop x Republican

Be a blue democrate at the top of the tigket for gust this year and not have to worry about Romney running again .As a straight party gop x voter you can count 2 votes against Romney. I hope Gary Johnson will think about that move.

They Cut Off Their Nose To Spite Their Face!

They slowed down the most enthusiastic movement in the GOP ever! They screwed up! They know it and they will know it even more resoundingly better in November. Ron Paul does not live in vain. His record and legacy will live on. We know this. The rest of the GOP will have to beg me, not force me to come back. They are presently trying to woo me back, but I don't need them. They need me. They need Ron Paul, the one they forsook.



Romney’s campaign is lame just like his wife’s horse Super Hit. They drugged the horse to the max for its lame leg in order to sell it (and got sued in the process) instead of humanely retiring it early on. If they felt entitled enough to sell their horse with no regard for the horse, what makes anyone think Romney cares a cent what happens except for his own welfare? Neither the overdose of Sheldon Adelson’s gambling money, Romney’s tyrannical power grab in Tampa nor the divine forces of the Mormon Church will save him from his
puffed up political fakery. The jig is up because what goes around comes around.

To infer that even Ron Paul could rescue the GOP fails to appreciate that like Super Hit, it needed to be retired many years ago and the neocons along with it. The infusion of the Liberty movement could have revived it, but even an 11th hour epiphany/apology from Romney won’t be enough to undo the wrongs committed against Ron Paul, his supporters and the grassroots faction of the GOP.

The GOP will pay come November. Meantime I am reminding anyone who voted for Romney every chance I get just how much pain Romney allowed his horse to suffer just as he will do the same for his campaign and the GOP.

If they had not ordained Romney, it would never have been

Ron Paul. Ron Paul would have brought genuine change and ended the rigged economy. Those who control the Republican and Democratic Parties and benefit from government direction of the economy would never voluntarily give up the plunder and control.

The problem is not that they ordained Romney; the problem is that they don't want freedom and free markets, and use every tactic to insure that things stay the same. Romney is just the pathetic pawn; they should have hired a good actor instead.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.




The sad part is

that the GOP did exactly what it was ordered to do, and yet, unlike a kamikaze where you have one less, it will probably still be around after this.

It would be nice to see the GOP die - and for added cosmic bonus, anyone left who supports it dropping dead too.

We don't need 'em.

And if there be a collapse coming, it's best that all RP supporters know each other well for we will know who to feed and who to leave starving - for the latter will have brought it onto themselves and stupidity should in this case be allowed to correct itself.

I'm hoping Ryan might pull a Kennedy half way through

and call everyone out....

but that is quite a long arm he will have to pull out his arse

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.


We Will Remember On The 6th Of November!!!

I completely agree with this assessment.

They (GOP/RNC) are going to PAY - PAY - PAY in November...For how they treated us in August.

And how they treated us the entire primary season for that matter.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

The Premise is ridiculuos.....

Romney bought and paid for the GOP. They approved of every single thing he did.

Fun With Numbers

In the 2008 election, out of 131.5 million total votes cast, John McCain won 45.5% of the popular vote. By contrast, Mitt Romney's primary challenge in this presidential election will be in capturing the same percent of the vote that McCain won, not to mention whether he can muster enough support to reach that psychologically important level of 47%.

Ed Rombach


I recognize this name! I voted for you in MA CD-6 in Lynnfield! You gave a great speech and I was proud to be rooting for you. I wanted to stay and meet you and shake your hand, but had to run home to my wife & kids. It was super cool when I heard you were the top vote getter at the caucus. Congrats!
Unfortunately I don't know the end of the story and whether you were one of the ones that got to go to Tampa.

How the Story Ended

Otter_MA - Thanx-a-lot for the kind remarks. A few days before the RNC, the Paul campaign and the Romney campaign struck some kind of deal to allow three delegates and three alternates through to the convention. At the time I was on vacation with my family up on Lake Winnipesaukee, NH, when I started to hear buzz through the grapevine that I would be going to Tampa. Shortly afterward I received a call from the Mass GOP informing me that an alternate delegate slot was available for me if I would accept it. However, I was elected as a delegate and so I declined. We had a good day at the caucus back in April didn't we? Thank you very much for coming to the caucus and supporting the Liberty Slate. Maybe some day we can get together over a sensible cocktail or three. BTW.... did you ever see this?


Best regards - Ed Rombach

Ed Rombach

That was a very memorable Caucus day!

I felt euphoric for about a week, from just having participated in that historic upset. Beating Romney's Lt Governor, the state house minority leader, and the last gubernatorial candidate! I couldn't stop yapping about it to my friends and family. You must have been on even more of an emotional high! And thank goodness you won! It justified me going to the doghouse due to breaking away for several hours to caucus the day before my family flew to Florida for a vacation with my 9 month old and 3 yr old.
And then when I heard what the GOP did, it felt like a punch in the gut. I can't imagine how you must have felt.
I look forward to some day having cocktails with you... and discussing your run for office! Marblehead's not far from North Reading. Plus, I work in Lynn. Regards, Marcus Ottaviano

There's no need to "rescue"

There's no need to "rescue" the RATpubliCONs. Let the party kill itself.

Hear, hear!!

Hear, hear!!


Romney doesn't care

Watch for Romney to take it easy, spend only a small portion of his funds on this election and to be relatively happy about losing this November. His only purpose was to defeat Ron Paul in the primary. The powers that be are happy with Obama, but hated the idea of Ron Paul winning.

True-but I am happy this

True-but I am happy this article spun it as the repubs lost a chance even if they don't see it that way.

I wish I could vote your comment up more than once

Because you are spot on correct, Romneys job as a candidate was to stop Ron Paul and the revolution he started.

They slowed it down. It has

They slowed it down. It has not stopped. Who will be the GOP candidate against Biden? What will be going on four years from now with these blocks heads in control?


egapele's picture

It looks like even Drudge is bagging out on Romney.

At the moment, there is no mention of Mitt at all there which I don't think I've seen in the last six months.

Maybe not

Too late. I mentioned to 3 people today that a write in vote for Ron Paul would count in Pennslvania, so counting me, there are four votes for Ron...spread the word folks....olds


make that 4

If write ins do indeed count in Pa ... I'm writing him in


what else is new? Of course it's too late. They made sure of that long ago.