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Why an Obama Re-Election May Be Best for the Cause of Liberty


I'll quote a part of the article.

The Ron Paul wing of the GOP, along with unaffiliated libertarians and independents, are being asked to vote for the lesser of two evils simply because he is less evil, and thus a smidgen closer to our position. This guilt trip-induced plea is predicated on the assumption that a Romney presidency would be better for the cause of liberty in both the short and long terms than four more years of an Obama presidency.

This plea has been the unanimous outcry of Romney supporters desperate for additional votes to see him succeed. “Support and vote for Mitt Romney,” writes the op-ed’s author, “or help Obama complete his transformation of America into a nation that violates every principle you claim you embrace.” Or, as one Facebook commenter said, “How does voting for someone who can’t possibly win actually help the cause of liberty?”

There is an assumption in these comments that a Romney presidency would be better for the cause of liberty than an Obama presidency. I’m going to argue the opposite. In other words, I’m going to now suggest why an Obama re-election may be the better option, in the presidential race, for the overall long-term success of the cause of liberty.

Enjoy the rest.

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I agree


Everybody Wants Some—However...

There is nothing positive about the road to serfdom,
I stand and fight for individual Human freedom,
And the romantic idea of ennobling Humanity.
Ideas that Mr. Obama has affected negatively.

There is simply nuthin' good vis-à-vis,
His cold and dark fascist-socialist policies.
He is a corrupt man—his way—is force-feed,
His extremist ideas make our nation bleed.

Now—if we were on the verge of Revolution,
Another four—might well hasten that evolution.
For it’s not if—but when will the $ crash—
Bring the house down—and affect a real backlash.

We will not see revolution...for a while,
Americans are too fat, lazy and docile.
But I sense civil unrest—on the horizon;
Promises cannot be—and once People start realizin’...

T Kosciuszko

If HC-1 creates, innovates, and manages better
O-care FORCES HC-1 back to = HC-2—not better.
80-20—begs HC-1 to ask—why try to be better?
O-care rules HC-1 & HC-2 by the fascist text-book.

Human freedom is Imagination's most precious possession.