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"Poll: Libertarians Are, In Fact, Voting For Romney"

"A new poll from Reason Magazine indicates that the Republicans shouldn't worry too much about losing libertarians yet — most of those polled said they're voting Romney/Ryan.
"If the election were held today, the Romney/Ryan ticket would get more libertarian votes than any candidate since 1980," writes the Cato Institute's David Kirby.
Among likely libertarian voters, the poll had 77% voting for Romney and 21% for Obama. With the addition of Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, 70% still said they'd vote Romney, with 14% going to Johnson. Kirby writes that statistically, adding Johnson "is a wash for Romney.""


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I have a friend who keeps

I have a friend who keeps claiming to me he is a libertarian. But when all the issues come up on anything its obvious he is a neocon and yes I have told him that which he loaths and gets mad about. Drug war he is for it, very pro isreal and for war, hates muslims with a passion, wants to keep out mexicans, acts like gays should be executed basically Santorum. Just because your strongly for the 2nd amendment doesn't make you a libertarian.

This shouldn't surprise anybody.

Gary Johnson is not going to win. Having a "Libertarian Party" is about as useless as having a "Conservative Party." If there was a national "Conservative Party," actual Conservatives wouldn't vote for the Conservative presidential nominee because that third party Conservative nominee wouldn't have a chance at winning. A vote for Johnson is a wasted vote, just as a vote for Goode is a wasted vote.

Romney/Ryan 2012!!!

Come on downvoters, Mitt Romney is not the enemy. Granted, he's naive and a typical politician, doing whatever it takes to please the masses. But, unlike Obama, he won't steal your money to give it to lazy welfare drones on the southside of Chicago.

Reason can

Stick it. Only zombies are voting for Romney or Obama. I do not think anyone here will vote for him.

Setting up the story to back the cheating numbers later.


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Yeah, right...

Not THIS newly-minted Libertarian!


No true Libertarian could actually vote for someone so anti-liberty as Romney!

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

LOL! Then they are not libertarian!

DUUHHH! What libertarian would vote for a lying, cheating, war mongering fascist bankster-Israeli puppet? Of course "Reason" magazine is so "libertarian". Ha!

Wouldn't that be an oxymoron

Wouldn't that be an oxymoron for a libertarian to vote for Romney or Obama for that matter?

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Lol! Polls may work for leading sheep to "front runners"

but it ain't working here. They're going to be really disappointed.

They must be sampling the opinions of neocons that only think they are Libertarian but are clueless as to what Libertarianism is. There is no way I will EVER cast a vote for Romney, or Obama.

I don't believe it for one second.

They're still trying to herd us with lies.

Moooooo....other libertarians are voting for Romney? mooooooo okay, I had better vote for him too. mooooooo


“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” - Mark Twain

If your voting for Obamney,

you are not libertarian. I would say 0% of the Libertarians are voting for Obamney by definition.

Most libertarians have ALWAYS voted for the Republican

nominee. Why? Because they didn't want the Democrat to win, which is what would happen if they voted for the Libertarian candidate.

Okay, so how many people here are loyal Reason fans?

Not I, never once did they ever pass for L/libertarians. They're beltway "Libertarians".. Might as well call them Repub-Liberals.. They're some of the people probably that would love to take over, just like the other party's.

Wasted ink and paper to me.

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I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Let me add that the only

Let me add that the only reason I added this was because Judge Napolitano posted it on facebook. I hope its wrong, but im not just gonna ignore an article because it doesn't have good news.

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Why not correct your own headline?

Suggest you update your headline, to indicate how unbelievably inaccurate the Reason headline is...

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The article says that it

The article says that it doesn't include capitol L Libertarians, and clearly doesn't include most (if not all) of the Ron Paul libertarians. If Johnson got a majority of those two groups, I'm sure he can garner more than the Libertarian average of less than 1%.

I actually hope that Johnson gets at least 5%. Then the LP becomes a major party. I think.

liberty lover in Nor Cal!

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Rediculous, Astoundingly Inaccurate Headline!

This is absurd. The poll itself has this result for a 3 way race:

Barack"Obama/Joe"Biden 49%
Mitt"Romney/Paul"Ryan 40%
Gary"Johnson/Jim"Gray 6%

In the poll, question 44 shows 4% people self-identify as Libertarian. Question 45 is a "Derived Ideological Group" showing 24% are Libertarian. The article says that anyone who indicated a preference for free markets and limited government were counted (derived) as "libertarian".

Well, limited government and free markets are boilerplate Republican talking points. So duh, the poll counted Republicans as "libertarians", then conclude that "libertarians" will be supporting Romney.

The headline would be far more accurate in saying "Republicans are, in fact, voting for Romney". Which is still daft that anyone is voting for Romney at all, but at least the headline would be accurate.

The current headline is astoundingly inaccurate and misleading.

Downvoted for a stunningly, stupefyingly, unbelievably misleading headline.

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Good point. Actual

Good point. Actual libertarians know they're libertarian and would self identify as such. Reason's derived libertarian number is BS.

Also, the poll is of likely voters and so doesn't report the very likely fact that most libertarians won't be voting period, so to suggest that most libertarians will vote Rom is completely misleading.

Neither Cato nor Reason have much street cred anymore among long time libertarians. They've both been trending to the dark side for years.

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This poll is total hogwash!

"Among likely libertarian voters, the poll had 77% voting for Romney and 21% for Obama".

Oh Please, ...give me a break!

Only a "Fucking Fool" would give any credence to a poll that says 21% of LIBERTARIANS" are going to vote for "Obama".

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read the whole article, those

read the whole article, those were the stats when GJ wasn't included. When GJ was included Romney still got 70%. GJ got something like 13%.

No disrespect jno060790, but I don't have to read the whole

article to KNOW that NO true libertarian would EVER vote for Obama under any circumstances what-so-ever. It doesn't matter if Gary Johnson was included in that poll or not.

If you truely knew or understood what libertarians stand for, you would know without a doubt the above statement is FACT and not speculation.

The Winds of Change!

Oh well maybe thats the

Oh well maybe thats the problem I guess they didn't poll "true Libertarians" since you know all of them and who they would vote for in a poll that only included Romney and Obama.

Why won't they vote for Gary Johnson?

I think the article is just a "feel good" piece for Romney supporters...kinda like how Rasmussen placates them on FOX News by having the only poll in the whole wide world with Romney leading. LOL!