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Why US budget Cannot Be Balanced (Video)

Great Video explaining the US budget dilemma. Every person needs to watch this video.


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There is no stopping this titanic.

What he says needs to be done is only partly right and there is no way that what does need to be done will happen and those responsible will not be punished.

There is only one solution but everyone has been conditioned to reject the simple truth of it.

Clear presentation of where we currently stand...

Clear presentation of where we currently stand... IF we continue to do things the same way.

We can, however, start doing things differently. Stop borrowing money. Slowly or quickly, nationally or individually, just stop. Then, stop paying a monthly service for life for anything you could buy once and pay off. Then stop supporting companies that promise all their profits to shareholders (that forces prices to rise forever). Then start DONATING to start local companies that share their profits with their employees. Simply put, all debt equals inequality.



Very good video and easy to

Very good video and easy to follow, Thanks