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Where did you get that stuff?
Share some—do you have enough?
For I would like to alter my state,
Gotta fantasy to hallucinate!

One man wins the presidency,
And opens the gates of Liberty,
No more group identity schemes,
For all are of the Human bloodstream.

No more unnecessary and undeclared wars,
Rational debate of grievances and costs before;
Defending others—is not our responsibility—
Logic cannot decipher that incomprehensibility!

Liberty, Imagination and Reason set the policies,
And free-markets and free minds bequeath prosperity.
Real fulfillment must come from the bottom up,
Not the government down—we just need a fair ump!

T Kosciuszko

Doing well is the result of doing good. That's what Capitalism is all about. ~ Mr. Emerson

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A true champion of liberty, helping America fight her revolution and fighting a hopeless fight against the Russians for the freedom and restoration of the Polish Republic. Thanks for the quote.