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War of 1812

Did it happen?

- If yes. How?

- If no. Why?

Yes - how - British returned all pissed off like and wanted to regain their land but lost.

No - why - 235 years as a country, 215 in War. False Flag terror is our hobby, why not falsify a war to unite the country?

Why not use the War of 1812 as the Nations ANTHEM in the STAR spangled banner.

Why not pretend a Revolution actually happened, that we free'd ourselves from England, and fought for LIBERTY.

Where does the Statue of LIBERTY come from? (no, not a connection with 1812).

What does the eye of horus mean?

We were taken over from the beginning by double-speaking free-masons.

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This is a piece of history that you may have been a a bit hazy on when you were taught about it in school. You might well have asked, "What the heck were they fighting about, anyway? Here we present the events that led up to the Battle of New Orleans, which, due to slow communications, was accidentally fought on January 8, 1815, two weeks after the War of 1812 had officially ended on December 24, 1814 by the signing of a peace treaty in Belgium.

1700s and early 1800s...

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I mis-suggested that the War didn't happen.

It didn't happen in the way we were told or for the reasons we have been told.

You are the best.

Look up the Lady on the Columbia Pictures (movie producer)

Then, look at the 1933 Gold Coin.

Then, look at the Statue of Liberty.

Then, look up Horus, Isis and Sumerimus!

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

I challenge you to post one

I challenge you to post one solid argument that gives credence to the notion that the War of 1812 never happened.


I mis-spoke.

It happened, but for what reasons?

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.


and read the comment "I am glad to help"

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

I am glad to help.

I posed the questions in that way to begin breaking down the historical constructs of our minds.

I have been studying religion, philosophy, psychology, history, masonic history, and zionism for the last 10 years. On Thursday the 25th, it all clicked, and I began to write a book - in 3 days, I am almost done with writing it out - its literally taken on a life of its own.

While it is not finished, I will be glad to briefly address this issue.

We know through history that since 1812 until today, the U.S. has never stopped fighting. Most of us here realize that our reputation is to falsify data, events, and agendas into causing a social response to support something we'd otherwise be against (like war).

We know the Spanish American war began from the false flag Maine.
We know that World War 1 was the Lusitania
We know that World War 2 was Pearl Harbor
We know that Vietnam was the Tonkin

It's clear to see how these countries that posed a threat could be turned into valid reasons of war, however, what about the other 100 countries the united states has soldiers in? Is that war? or is it GLOBALIZATION?

Skipping between 1812 and 1776 - we know a lot of things happened to form our Country, but before we can understand those 30 years... we need to know what happened before.

From the beginning of man (adam) there was a monotheistic belief, however after the fall of man through sin, babylon began polytheistic, false-god rituals. Clearly, the Bible does not mention anything about babylonian mythoogy, or ancient egyption mythology and there is a huge reason for that.

True Judaism never mentioned a Trinity.
True Christianity never mentioned a diety-trinity
True Islam confirms these two beliefs that Jesus was the Messiah but not GOD on earth.

Literal Christian Scripture says, "I am in the Father, the Father is in me". The distortion comes when Bibles read, "I am the Father, the Father is me"... Jesus SAYS he and the father are together in purpose, and later in scripture Jesus says there will be knowing that not even he knows, but only the Father knows.

It's extremely important to understand why this is accurate and why the ZIONist Trinity of Divinity entered the Catholic Church through the Creeds.

Jesus fulfilled God's promise, he said, "It is finished."

The Temple in Jerusalem crumbled, why?
Churches began rising in Jerusalem, why?

The crusades were not to pass on Christianity, it was to kill off anyone who believed in the literal translation. It was to re-write history.

The first century a.d. is the 'darkest' period of Israel History? Why.

Well, because after 300 years of crusaders invading, killing, and stealing history, the Creeds began through Constantine who reformed Byzantium into Constantinople. As we know through theological study, the longer the creeds took place, the more polytheistic paganism entered scripture.

How do we verify this? Thanks to the Dead Sea Scrolls and more recent discoveries - the world is now able to look at the exact manuscripts from the time period, they can use 2012 intelligence to understand the translations - NIV and ESV are the most accurate English transitions today.

I won't get into more, but those who distorted the creeds were the same as those 'keeping the secret' for the Knights Templar - We assume through history they were keeping God's promise sealed for protection, but they were actually killing people so that they never knew.

We know through masonic development the Templar included folks like Christopher Columbia (Columbia Broadcasting Service, CBS. Columbia Entertainment from Hollywood... which has Queen Sumerimus (the torch light) as its symbol - which is the same statue in NYC called 'liberty'. Also, District of 'Columbia'.. British 'Columbia'

We know North America was discovered in the 1300's and first 'recorded' by Columbus in 1492. We know 'atlantis' is North America and was set out to be the "New World".

So now, we have an understanding of where our Free-Mason Founding Fathers came from (Land of the Free(mason), home of the Brave(native indian). If we realize England is where the money is, Rome is where the religion is, and Washington is where the war is, it makes sense why in 235 years of a country we had 215 of war - we are the muscle of globalization for a one world government. Hence, the war of 1812 may never have happened, but was written for future historians to feel proud about, just like the revolution, if we can make believe that future generations think we had to fight for freedom to begin with, than how easy is it convince us that Afghanistan is being fought for our freedom.

It's easier to fool a man then to tell him he has been fooled. - Mark Twain.

anways, I am writing a book on this, so you can read it soon.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

sounds very heavy

Youre going in a lot of directions and youre points are sorta vague. I can see why you wrote a book instead of a dp thread. Id suggest editting your post and just copy paste this comment under your op.

People reading this are going to want to know youre sources. Pretty strange to hear the war of 1812 never happened. What about the hero of the war, Andrew Jacskon, using the war as a springboard to bring about the end of the 2nd Bank and the independent treasury under Van Buren? Was this in the plans?

Its probably extreme to say

Its probably extreme to say it NEVER happened, but it may be more accurate to address it as an event we manifested for a specific purpose.

Thanks for providing that thought!

Yes, the length of the book makes it easier.. abbreviated A LOT.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

sounds like you have something to say.

Id like to hear what you are getting at. But im confused by you're post.


this is good stuff.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

Since you are so well versed,

Since you are so well versed, got any free time to spread some education instead of giving us a quiz? Maybe you answer your own questions with a link that helps to explain your positions instead of pissing in our cornflakes.


check it out.. ask questions PLEASE!!

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

wake up

false flags every day, except the beginning, right?

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

Are u high?

Are u high?

If by high..

you mean well versed in masonic symbolism, zionism, polytheism, ancient egyptian lineage and culture? Yes.

Otherwise, I will consider you being high for not having the where-with-all to stop being a dumb sheep.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

Pro tip

Calling someone a dumb sheep while misspelling wherewithal loses points.

No, the original poster meant stoned. I'd be more likely to assume refrigerant huffing than pot though.

Eric Hoffer

read a book

read a book

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.