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Join Me in Supporting the Constitution of the United States as OathKeepers


Please watch my video and post one of the same! Let's reach out in support of liberty, independence and peace.

Daniel Faubion

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I'm a hippy-haired civilian....

... and I've been proudly giving these folks money for the past 3 1/2 years!

I tell all LE friends / acquaintances / officers directing traffic... or cops giving me speeding tickets about 'em! ; )

They may be our last hope against tyranny at some point.

Here's a formula for ya:

Ron Paul supporter should automatically = Oath Keeper member / supporter!

What would the Founders do?

Excellent video, and I hope to see thousands more like it!

If anyone reading this can not be an official Oath Keeper because they've never served or policed (I didn't), you can still support this fine organization with a donation.

Did that a few years ago,

Did that a few years ago, that's why I'm a civilian today. I will forever hold true to my Oath.

Thank you for your service as

Thank you for your service as well. I currently teach a class at my unit specifically on the Constitution. THanks to my libertarian CO. The goal of the class is to help soldiers better understand the Constitution and to teach them why they serve. It also shows them their rights under the Constitution to take stands where necessary.