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Samuel L Jackson's "wake The Fuck Up!" Video Ad (Unedited)

Samuel L Jackson's "WAKE THE FUCK UP!" Video Ad (Unedited)


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Did Samuel Jackson gift this ad to Obama,....

or do you think that he was paid to do this? They could not pay me enough to tell lies like this. I'd refuse. Actually, everything about Romney is true. However, this ad had nothing about what the puppet masters have done through Obama during the last four years. The absence of the truth is still a lie.

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While I agree the people ought to wake up, I much prefer TMOT

Cursing around children = bad idea, IMO. YMMV.

While I agree the people ought to wake up, I much prefer the sermons of The Minister Of Truth :


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why is he swearing with kids

why is he swearing with kids around him?

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4 more years of Obama and there won't be a nation left to watch your crappy movies and pay you a fortune. WAKE THE **** UP!


Consider the source

same guy who said this:

"Enough is ENOUGH! I have had it with these in' snakes on this in' plane!"


Isn't he the one who

made the intelligent comment that he is voting for Obama because Obama is black...period.

Well, half black, ashamed of the white part.

Who cares what Jackson says? Another one clinging to the false premise that black people are held back, etc. And we brain washed other-colored peoples believe that lie because it is an anathema to refute it.

Let's see; black president, black first lady, black actors, black music artists, black atheletes, black lawyers, black doctors, black engineers, etc. - sounds like the wealth equity is spread pretty evenly with the other-colored peoples.

Why the complaining?

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Jackson is as scary as Obama.

Jackson is as scary as Obama. His ghetto street language says it all.



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tomato to(mah)to

just two different plans of attack--either way we're screwed. two arms of the same beast.