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The Reason for a Ron Paul Write-in the Vote Bomb

In response to criticism over my proposal for a Ron Paul write in the vote, everyone needs to see that it is more than just a gesture of protest.

A Ron Paul write-in vote will demonstrate how big we RP supporters are as voting commodity. Think of the write-in bomb a boycott to bring the Neo-cons and faux-libertarians to heel, and make them see they will have to make some serious and sustainable changes before they will get our vote. Plus, that we will continue to recruit more hard-core RP libertarian voters who also will withhold their votes from the RINOS.

So the goal is to build a large base of serious voters who will exercise political power by NOT voting for the lesser of the two evils, in effect, create the split-vote crisis the GOP sought to avoid by disqualifying Ron Paul's delegates at Tampa from nominating him.
A non-vote deliberately withheld is just as devastating as a split one.

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Caution! Write-In Campaigns Benefit Establishment GOP!

I am a long time Ron Paul supporter, and I understand perfectly why people want to write in Ron Paul. Probably like you, Ron Paul cured my political apathy. His message of Liberty lit a fire inside me that drives me to political action, unlike anytime before.

That said, I am against any write-in campaign for Ron Paul, and I strongly urge everyone to think twice about participating. Why? Here are some straightforward reasons:

1) In almost all states, write-ins won't be counted. Check here:
If your state is not green, writing in Ron Paul will not count, and worse may invalidate your entire ballot. Ron Paul has not filed for write in status anywhere, and no one can do it for him. Sore loser laws prevent write ins from counting in yet more states. It is truly a wasted vote in almost every state.

2) Write-ins for Ron Paul will split the Liberty vote. Imagine if you and others join a write-in campaign, and then find in November that Gary Johnson gets 9% of the vote, when he could have had 13% or 16% had we all voted as a block. The entire course of events in 2014 and 2016 change dramatically. With a write-in splitting the Liberty vote, media may be able to narrate that no third party broke double digits, giving them further justification to ignore us. However if we all vote for Johnson and he breaks double digits, there is no narrative that can ignore us.

3) Voting for Gary Johnson sends precisely the same message to the establishment GOP that a vote for Ron Paul would have sent. In fact, the establishment *wants* you to write in Ron Paul, just so you split the Liberty vote and provide justification for ignoring Liberty candidates and the Liberty message.

4) The Liberty Movement is best positioned for the future, if we not only demonstrate voting as a cohesive block, but also give weight behind a 3rd party candidate. Why? Because if the GOP continues to promote only neocon policies, if they continue to push top-down rules that prevent grassroots action and input, we must have an alternate avenue to express our political will. A strong Libertarian vote gives us all a credible, viable alternative to the GOP in the future, should the GOP continue to thwart all changes towards Liberty.

5) In 2014 and 2016, the entire landscape of the political world changes, to our benefit, if we all vote as a single block in 2012. All these write-in campaigns do is splinter our vote. There is nothing the establishment would want more than to splinter our vote. Don't give them the opportunity to ignore us further.

If all write-ins were counted everywhere, and if it were a viable strategy for advancing the Liberty Movement forward into 2014 and 2016, I'd be all behind them. However, from my standpoint I only see it fracturing our vote, giving the establishment the ability to literally ignore thousands and thousands of votes, and giving them maximum opportunity to ignore us in the future.

Is Gary Johnson perfect? Heck no. But is he a reasonable alternative to the two party system that crushes all chances for an outside voice in the process? Yes! Does he have 92.4% alignment in policies with Ron Paul? Yes! Will voting for Gary Johnson send the right message that we want to send? Yes! Does voting for Gary Johnson best position the Liberty Movement in the future? Yes!

We all will find positions of his that we don't like. Some will chime in about his stance on Uganda that they don't like. Some will point out that an old political advisor of his was associated to CFR, therefore somehow tainting Gary Johnson by association. Some will point to his pro-choice stance as a dealbreaker. Some will claim that he carries campaign debt, and somehow that makes him a bad candidate. Some will dig their heels in and say Ron Paul or no one.

As good (or bad) as these reasons may be, I urge everyone to put all this into proper perspective. Our goal here is to best position the Liberty Movement for the future. A write-in campaign, no matter how well intentioned, does nothing to advance the Liberty Movement for the future. Using any of the above excuses to not vote for Johnson, does nothing to advance the Liberty Movement for the future, and blows an opportunity that may take years to arise again.

Only a strong showing by a cohesive Liberty voting block will achieve what we all want to achieve in 2012, and tell both parties: The message of Liberty is what America is all about, and we reject outright parties and policies that are counter to this message!

For all of these reasons, I urge fellow Ron Paul Republicans, and Daily Paul readers, to get behind Gary Johnson and reject any ideas that will splinter his vote.


Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof

WOW well said! Very

WOW well said! Very articulate with undeniable reason and logic. Thanks for writing it and please consider posting it as its own thread it is so well written.

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Thanks for the kind feedback...

Thank you, a new thread was started per your suggestion:

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof

Write-in campaigns help the incumbant

This election that would be Obama, for it is his election to lose and a write-in defaults FOR the incumbant.

Vote GJ

so the Libertarian Party's percentage goes up and a third party meets higher thresholds. If we don't do that then we can kiss any chance of a third party being taken seriously good bye

Learn From the Past




The presidential race doesn't matter. We need to take over Congress so that, as presidents come and go, the legislative branch will rein them in.

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I think this is important

If we dilute our power by voting in several different ways, we will be seen as insignificant. However, I think a vote for a third party is probably just as good in the states where a write-in will be thrown in the trash. They DO know how the person doing the voting is Registered. If you are registered Dem, just vote Obama - registered R , vote RP or third Party (or even Obama for a double impact in a swing state). Anybody but Romney. Let's make them pay and send a strong message that the GOP cannot win without us. Hopefully, Rience Priebus will resign or be fired after Romney loses and we can repeal some of the terrible new rules he enacted against the grassroots. Rience Priebus must go.

Surreality Check

If you are going to write in RP, do it because it'll help you sleep at night. Don't do it thinking anyone besides you will count it. If you want to send a message, then vote for someone who is actually on the ballot, it's the only way to quantify your dissent.

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