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MoveOn Asks Justice Department to Investigate Romney’s False Statements on Federal Disclosure Forms

MoveOn Asks Justice Department to Investigate Romney’s False Statements on Federal Disclosure Forms

MoveOn.org has sent a finding of fact to the Public Integrity Section of the Justice Department, asking that they initiate an investigation into whether Mitt Romney lied on a federal financial disclosure form.

This is an issue that arose back in July, during the debate over precisely when Romney left his job at Bain Capital. In his 2011 federal financial disclosure form, Romney stated that he was “not involved in the operations of any Bain Capital entity in any way” after February 1999. Evidence emerged since then showing his signature on multiple official documents of Bain and its entities, and attending meetings of Bain subsidiaries. MoveOn provides all this supporting evidence in a memo. This establishes that Romney was involved in Bain Capital operations as the “sole director, CEO and lone shareholder” of the company. This includes signing a number of SEC forms after 1999 on acquisitions and the like, where he was the sole shareholder and therefore had to hold a decision-making role. Indeed, Romney earned a salary as an “executive” of Bain Capital in 2000 and 2001. Under the law, this body of evidence contradicts the categorical on that federal form.

The finding of fact also points out that Staples, Inc., a Bain-owned company, filed a proxy statement in 2001 that listed Romney as a director of the company. “Under federal securities laws,” says the memo, “these representations must be accurate, and information is collected from the filing company about its directors through a questionnaire sent to those directors. If Gov. Romney provided false information to Staples that would cause Staples, in turn, to file a false Form 14A proxy statement, that would itself be aiding and abetting the making of a false statement, a criminal
violation of the False Statements Act.”


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Info on this was posted

quite some time back. The D's got a hold of the official documents and were set to drop a bomb on the R's, then things went suddenly quiet, as they seem to a lot, of late.
I doubt anything will come of it, as usual.

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MoveOn Calls For Criminal Investigation Into Mitt’s Lies About Time At Bain Capital