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Bank of America to Pay $2.43 Billion in Settlement (Yawn...They will get $ from the FED)

Oh how nice it must be to steal billions from customers, do all kinds of illegal accounting, and just outright lie to investors...knowing FULL WELL that you will be GIVEN money created out of thin air by the FED to pay the "fine". I've often wondered where all these so called "fines" are paid. Do they just have an account setup at the NY FED that everyone pays their fines into and at the end of the fiscal year...all the crooks get together, smoke weed, snort blow, and drink liquor while they split up the money? What a freaking corrupt system and what a bunch of sorry a$$ criminals we have allowed to infiltrate our Government and our financial system.

Of course they also never have to worry about jail time and they never admit any wrong doing. It's just part of the plea deal...you know...to save investor money and to avoid clogging up the court system with trials. Gotta save all that court time for some regular joe that works 3 jobs trying to make ends meet and gets kidnapped by thugs for having a particular plant in his possesion that our rulers have gone against the will of 70% of the population and banned the damn weed.

Ole Choo Choo dope smoker Obama can talk about getting stoned everyday when he was in college and W can talk about doing coke all the time but THEY don't have to follow the laws as us little people do.

Man I hope we can somehow make a miracle happen and get this country pointed back toward freedom. I'm gonna be so sad if I die and this country is still a dictatorship. I will have failed my daughter BIG TIME!

Bank of America to Pay $2.43 Billion in Settlement

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Make them pay in gold.

Giving up $2.43 billion worth of gold might actually teach these a**holes a lesson.

Gold or Silver...

or their heads :)

QE infinity.