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Lone SC Vote for RP = NOT Tom Davis (was tricked by party)

Well, I guess I'll call this "going out in a blaze of glory" -- as many of you know I am sick to death of the GOP and am finishing my term and never looking back. Call me a quitter whatever, God and I know what I've put forth for Liberty and I'm called away from the "stench".

But before I go, I wanted to expose something about SC's lone vote for RP at the RNC. The lone vote was not Tom Davis. At first I was seething, then I found out Tom Davis had been tricked. A) He had already placed as delegate within his district convention B) Then again was picked [I believe within the top ten of 1 hundred thirty-something] as "At-Large" at our state convention. Well at Tampa "they" convinced Tom Davis that he MUST vote with his district which apparently was the only district in SC to not vote Newton and supposedly voted Mittens (sure, sure). Every state has crazytown rules but I've been told that since Tom Davis also took "At-Large" he could have voted "unbound by Newt" and voted RP.

I have not asked if it was okay to reveal who the real lone vote for RP was so I can't say but will tell that this person stood his ground and was the true single SC vote for RP. It's a wonder SCGOP didn't threaten to have him drawn and quartered.

I just want it on record what happened with SC at Tampa....especially since Tom Davis was an RP champion till the bitter end up to Tampa.

I might would still say that TD was questionable as to his personal moral fortitude, his 'constitution' - but "Mr. Meek & Mild single RP voter" when asked by me, face to face, how I should feel about the TD situation promptly pulled two Tom Davis bumper stickers from his shirt pocket for my husband and myself. So if you hear any other bunk about Tom Davis, don't believe it.

Just another thing I needed to get off my chest which is over-loaded with several terms of witnessing GOP crime (force, fraud, violence).

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There's no hate

I LOVE SCB and understand why she has had enough because I too have grieved and no one needs more pain when grieving, which is what the GOP are doing to us because they want us OUT. SCB went way farther than you did in this rEVOLution, and I'm deeply sorry for her loss, because it's a HUGE loss that's materializing in a loss for us too,,, but that does not stop me from loving her and understanding her unconditionally.


I love you back. But guess what? SteveMT often times undergirded me when no one else even gave a "tinkers dam" about my commentary so to me, "he went the whole way with me", so that's hurtful to sling mud at him because I love him too.

I know and can see you are feeling abandoned, disappointed in some of us. Imagine how my SC folk feel about me right about now. It hurts me that I may be confusing them, that they feel abandoned by my big-mouthed self. SC has been a hard-core state to deal in....maybe in far more different ways than say, California because we're so red, there's only tiny itty bitty specks of blue here and there.

It would take way too long and get off track to drag in all my spiritual reasonings right now or else I would - but rest assured this "good woman will not sit by and do nothing". I feel (and am being lead to believe) I have better chances affecting with the spirit rather than the flesh.

I am having to study on this myself, I feel you need it too: Colossians 4:6

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer


I have so much to be grateful for, so many blessing to count, let me tell you in ALL honesty, I do not feel My God, who I adore has abandoned me. My rock, my strength, my hope, my joy, my glory, my Lord Jesus Christ takes away my fears, my hate, my anger and provides me with all I need to fight this good fight. FAITH. God is love. I am a sinner and I confess my sins, while others damn me for them not admitting their own. My God loves me.

I do not feel alone, or abandoned. I feel great.

I completely believe you, that you, a good woman, will not sit by and do nothing. I completely understand how you feel and I support you.

Politics is not for everyone, and yet everyone has some political issue they are for or against, and times they can fight and others they can not. To know when is a blessing. I happen to LOVE politics. It is the dirtest game in the world. This is a good fight, and while we may lose our Republic, let it not be said, I didn't stand. I AM.

I never suggested

you were abandoned by God.

We all work out our own salvation in fear and in trembling. Philippians 2:12

From my observances of your seemingly annoyed posts for several months, I didn't get the vibe that "you feel great". Perhaps my frequencies are jammed cross-country. You have been going on and on about committee seats for months now. We've had that discussion also, remember? It's probably just the text and not reality that makes you appear hurtful, condemning and non-supportive, lashing out in generalizations about what you believe others have not done as well as you have.

Let it not be said I didn't stand, I stood (even with leg braces). I jumped through every single hoop that stood before me. I refuse to accept the notion that I must bear guilt and condemnation over "losing the Republic", like I did that all by myself.

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

I find most of it funny

Really funny.

When I was in 7Th grade, my English teacher was into theatre. Every week there was some short play she would dig up for a group of us to perform. When it came to my group's turn, she told us that the script was from the Carol Burnett Show. Boy was I excited. Carol Burnett Show was a huge hit at the time. When we received our scripts, we all read them and no one laughed. I for one thought we would be reading and laughing all the way through. None of us laughed. We all looked at each other perplexed. Where was the joke? Why wasn't it funny? Was this really THE Carol Burnett Show?

Our English teacher assured us, it was from the Carol Burnett Show and that it was up to us to make it funny, if that's what we wanted.

What we expect and the reality are many times not what we imagined. The GOP is nothing like I imagined one I started going to meetings.

I have no issues with anyone here, not on a personal level. Many have come to have issues against me, as I represent the GOP, the establishment, the bad guys, and for all the downmarks, name calling insults, coersion, assumption that I must be angry, dissappointed, hateful, spiteful, mean spirited, it reminds me of that Carol Burnett Script.


Like I kind of said

I'm guessing you're chilled-ness is coming across as Lost in Translation or something.

I'm uploading something right now from my county executive committee meeting from tonight, a point of inquiry I made. I got laughed at as usual but made my (probably last) political point. And I did wear my "Tyranny Response Team" shirt. I just wished my hubby had of found a more flattering angle, sheesh, I wasn't really sure til now that I definitely need one of those "lifestyle lift-a-majiggies".

I hope you recognize and enjoy that I do take a stand.

Peace to you Granger. *Singing* "On Christ the Solid Rock I stand - all other ground is sinking sand, all other ground is sinking sand."
Psalm 18:46

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer


I think my biggest problem is my dyslexia and attempt to keep my posts short. I wish I could write, but that's not my gift, I just do it anyway.

You are a strong and beautiful human being and I have seen that for a long time, repeatedly. You prooved yourself and I have no doubts about you, maybe that's what makes it easy for me with you, as I do have my doubts with those who have not prooved themselves, and that's OK. It's not like I'm against them. I'm simply not agreeing with them. And that's OK too. At least for me.

I believe your faith is going to come through for you in big ways. As for your committee laughing at you, it's their nervouness. My last meeting, the tiger in me came out. They backed down, reversed course and I won. A few of them wanted to reverse a recommendation we have voted against becasue it was unconstitutional. We even had quests someone invited to put the pressure on. I didn't flinch. I think I actually scolded them.. and I didn't expect anyone to agree with me, and even repeat what I had said, as their reasoning for backing me.. and it showed me.. if you have studied the issue, and you make your case clean, and stick to it.. you may not always win, but sometimes you do.

My committee is freaked out about Romney's campaign. Talk about dissappointment.. and I'm still there.. I was called out for "bragging about being a Libertarian." The chair set them straight, told my accuser that I had been investigated/vetted and I'm good. So now I'm invited to attend a GOP women's luncheon for a senator candidate, and I fully intend to go and hold my own as an equal.. I will triumph. We are winning..

Did you see the Rand hemp video today? We are the future.

May God bless you abundantly and constantly!

Okay here ya go, c'est moi

Point of Inquiry 092812

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

SC Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ You are a beautiful Butterfly.

This is for you my patriot sister.

When a caterpillar starts its life it just wants to climb on the limbs and eat the leaves it finds hanging in front of it as it goes along. It just wants to be a caterpillar. As it grows and ages it gets a little harder to climb up some of those limbs and sometimes it rains and the drops of water slows it down causing it to have to work harder to get to the next batch of leaves. I'm sure the whole time it feels like there is something else it should be doing but its a caterpillar and all it knows is to climb and eat the leaves. Deep down inside it has a calling but what could it be? As it ages it starts to tire of all the hardship so it starts to build a cocoon. It needs a place to rest and get away from it all. Sometimes I'm not sure if the caterpillar knows why its building a cocoon, but it does non-the-less. When it wakes it could just start climbing up the tree and start eating the leaves but when it starts to move it realizes that it is harder to walk because it seems to be weak and a little bit stiff. Climbing the tree seems even more difficult than it did before it went to sleep. It is very hungry so it moves a little then rest until it finally makes it to a leaf. It reaches out to take a bit and out comes this tongue and licks the leaf. To its surprise it taste awful so it slowly moves over to another leaf, because that one surely is rotten. It reaches out to take a bit and again this tongue comes out and licks the leaf. This leaf taste even worse than the last one! It keeps trying and it gets the same result over and over until finally it is again given over to total despair! It decides it cannot live without eating so instead of starving to death it decides to end it all and jump to its death. It lets go of the tree and starts to fall to the earth. As it falls it starts to feel that it has made the wrong choice and it begins to flail its arms trying to re-grab the tree. As fear takes hold it starts to move its whole body trying to correct the mistake it has made. The next thing it knows its not falling any more it is moving upwards and the more it wiggles the higher it goes. It looks behind it to see what kind of bird has grabbed a hold of it to make it a meal. To its surprise it has wings like a bird and it is flying through the air. It swoops and sways with a swagger and realizes that it is way easier to fly than to climb, but what good is flying if it is to starves to death. So the despair comes back and it seems drained and become heavy. It does not realize it is getting lower and lower and its flying unsteady. Before it can realize there is foliage right in front of it and it comes in with a crash. It looks up to realize it landed in a flower and its smell is alright so it reaches out to give it a bit. To its surprise the taste a delight. As this new found nectar gives it new life. It leaps for joy and finds itself in flight. What to its surprise does it see? Thousands of flowers below it and thousands just like it falling down from the trees. ~ True_believer ~


We have laid our eggs on the leaves of the tree so those who come after have something on which to feed. Our goal shouldn't be to add to their fear or despair, but to pollinate the garden so it will always be their. Wherever there is life there is always a seed and for our children there will always be a tree.

You scared her

The chair interupts you repeatedly, laughs because you busted her, she can't belive Betty, makes excuses.. talking in circles and then, instead of answering the questions, she goes into a schoolgirl giggles and compliments the convention, it's pathetic. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I wasn't sitting there.. at least "We weren't booing God". I think you deserve an answer.

I also think you need to hold her to the fixing the RNC.

Thank you for sharing that. You would make a better chair, and I think many people there would like to KNOW what happened.. you really didn't get an answer. Should be in the minutes next meeting, eh?


ytc's picture

SC Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ, thanks for clarifying the SC Tampa fog!

Wyoming had ONE courageous delegate voting for RonPaul as well. . . most of our alternates were for RP, but we were out-maneuvered and several counties which polled for RP were not represented properly.

SC Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ, I just read elsewhere that your beau passed away recently. How blessed he was to be able to complete his life firmly in your loving arms. Your family is still in my daily prayer. . .

(Did you see this beautiful youtube edited & remixed by our own TragedyandHope? It has a magnificent image of life, death and the Universe :-)

"The Real You - Alan Watts"

Oh heavens ytc

LOL, (sorta) it was my best girl friend from high school (25+ years), not a beau. That'd make my husband faint straightaway. Hee hee.

But yes, our friendship was a blessing both ways, my best friend and I spent every Friday together, so perhaps today, being a Friday, I'm a tad on edge.

Thank you for your continued prayer. I tell ya, the devil (ole smutty face slew-foot) is alive and well, he knows he has but a short time and is accelerating in his madness. So hope you're praying for protection because when you lose someone suddenly [and unethically I might add], one of the first things (as you may well know) you experience is anger and BOY oh BOY am I p.o.'d and "not going to take it anymore" and so I've become more vocal than usual (and that is really saying something, considering I'm already "The Mouth of the South"...) and need "the right words to say" and to try to tone it down and "season with salt lightly"......like "super low sodium". But for heaven's sake, don't pray for me patience haha, someone did that over twenty years ago and I'm still not straight....heeeheeeee. Just if you wanted some specifics for the ole SCB prayer ;)

Oh I will certainly watch the Alan Watts/TragedyandHope video, Alan Watts always gives me goosebumps anyways. Thanks for the tip.

Love and hugs to ya ytc,

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

ytc's picture

ooopsi! So good to hear that your hubby is well & alive!!

Didn't mean to knock him down too soon :-)

Yes, we need to be mad, VERY mad about Tampa and be ever more effective in spreading the liberty virus.