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"There are quite a number of reasons why, from the perspective of the Iranian leadership, weaponization is unnecessary"

Educate yourself on the view from the Iranian side of this conflict. How we see it from our one-sided media in the West isn't and shouldn't be all we know... from Kayhan Barzegaris, written a few years back during Iran's past election period. Very intelligently written and extremely informative... Please read and inform yourself, and help STOP another war based on lies!

The Paradox of Iran’s Nuclear Consensus
August 18, 2010

By Kayhan Barzegar

TEHRAN, FALL 2009 -- Though from American shores it may seem as if Iran’s recent election tumult speaks of deep divisions in society and politics, there is one policy issue on which public opinion remains nearly unanimous: the nuclear program. Among the Iranian political elite, there is a clear internal consensus—in the run-up to the recent elections, even President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s reformist challenger, Mir Hossein Moussavi, professed his support for the nascent program. As such, unless this consensus dramatically falls apart, the politics of Iran’s nuclear program will likely continue down the current path, making progress in negotiations with the United States a challenge...

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