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Gary Johnson says writing in Ron Paul would be 'Meaningless'

Former New Mexico Governor and Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson held his second Reddit "Ask Me Anything" Q&A. In one of his answers, he noted that writing in Ron Paul's name in November would be "meaningless."

In a response to a topic on foreign interventionism, Gary Johnson, who has recently filed an anti-trust lawsuit to get into the presidential debates, told his Reddit Q&A online attendees that supporting retiring Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul in November would be a waste of a vote.

“As much as I support Ron Paul, I think writing in his name will effectively be meaningless,” wrote Johnson on Wednesday. His remarks implied that writing in Paul on the ballot would make little difference compared to voting for a third party, like the Libertarian Party


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For All Intents and Purposes...

This is correct. Even though we all have been saying we'll never vote for anyone other than Paul, that conviction will falter come election day. At this point it's better to show our disdain for the two-party system than it is to support Paul. It sucks, but it's still a big step in the right direction.