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Cartoon Bomb Makes Front Page News

Cartoon bombs for a cartoon threat
Breathlessly reported
By our our cartoon press.

CS Monitor: Imminent Iran nuclear threat? A timeline of warnings since 1979.

Breathless predictions that the Islamic Republic will soon be at the brink of nuclear capability, or – worse – acquire an actual nuclear bomb, are not new. For more than quarter of a century Western officials have claimed repeatedly that Iran is close to joining the nuclear club. Such a result is always declared "unacceptable" and a possible reason for military action, with "all options on the table" to prevent upsetting the Mideast strategic balance dominated by the US and Israel.

And yet, those predictions have time and again come and gone. This chronicle of past predictions lends historical perspective to today’s rhetoric about Iran.

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Nice "illustration"

The simple cartoon, huge capital letters, and red crayon really helps us to grasp the seriousness of this issue. Well done.

This version is much better.

This version is much better.


Turn off the TV Propaganda.
Find out what's really going on!
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Reminds me

of Ross Perot. I liked that guy.

Caller Warns: Mitt Romney is a Neocon Republican Risking World W


"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."


just like the cartoon drawings Colon Powell showed at the U.N.
Remember the Iraqi mobil Bio-Lab drawings and the caves in Afghanistan drawings? Total Bullshit.

If you asked me, Nut-n-yahoo is starting to look like an unhinged, pschycotic lunatic. I think he should be removed from the world stage and put into a straight jacket.

Yes. Exact Same Recipe. I don't think it will work this time.

Yes. Exact Same Recipe. I don't think it will work this time.

And you have stated the obvious - and I quote you:

"Nut-n-yahoo is starting to look like an unhinged, pschycotic lunatic. I think he should be removed from the world stage and put into a straight jacket."

Wisdom Strategies

power-mad psychopaths just LOVE to be ridiculed :-)

the civilized world (in contrast to the "international community") has had quite enough of this whiny/yapping jackass.

he should give up his nukes then...

what a goon

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

G.E. Took Out A Full-page Ad

1n circa 1974, extolling the virtues of NUCLEAR POWER, using the SHAH OF IRAN as the advertised character. WE built two plants in Iran (and were in the process of building two more).

WE (oops, the united States Incorporated!) GAVE THE IRANIANS NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY over 35 years ago. The ISRAELIS BOMNED the DIMONA complex in, what was it, 1983?


You should see what Mike Rivero did with this story!
REMEMBER, it's ALL RIGHT that the CONUS has the largest most advanced nuclear weapons capability on the globe. In FACT, we are the ONLY nation to have ever used this capability on a civilian population (one who was racially and religiously 'different' from us).
The IRANIANS only have to go to the ACME NUCLEAR BOMB CENTER (right next to Wal-Mart), and bring some PETRODOLLARS, and become a member of the 'nuclear community'.
IF (IF!) they were planning a 'sneak attack', wouldn't they be a little more careful about their aquisition of these weapons?

THE ONLY NATION in the 'middle east' that is PROVEN to have a stockpile of nukes is...ISRAEL!


I shall now draw a cartoon image of a 'bomb', and SCARE PEOPLE into doing what I TELL THEM TO (OR ELSE, the CARTOON BOMB GOES OFF!)

People are...


Opps! Typesetting requested a minor correction.

Seemss: Dimona (Hebrew: דִּימוֹנָה‎‎) is an Israeli city in the Negev desert, 36 kilometres (22 mi) to the south of Beersheba and 35 kilometres (22 mi) west of the Dead Sea.

Typesetting suggest you allow them to replace your original text with: June 7, 1981, in Operation Opera, Israel took out Iran's developing nuclear program. http://www.newsmax.com/DougWead/iran-nuclear-assad-syria/201...

Putting Dr Paul's quote in context:
"Dr. Paul points out that Iran's neighbors, China, Pakistan, Russia, and Israel all have nuclear weapons. And that Israel is well able to take care of itself. Thirty years ago, June 7, 1981, in Operation Opera, Israel took out Iran's developing nuclear program. That was at time when American presidents were not dictating what Israel could or could not do."

Related study: Iran, a new Pearl Harbour? (British accent)

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Donald Duck claims Bibi stole the bomb diagram from him!

VIDEO: Netanyahu Steals Bomb Diagram From Boris and Natasha.....or Was It From Donald Duck?
Kenny's Sideshow - The yahoo says it is Iran's plans but we know better. Rocky and Bullwinkle cry "Copyright Violation!" Donald Duck claims Bibi stole the plans from him.... [Must see "It was the nuclear duck!!!" video after the update.]

"The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilance."
Thomas Jefferson

Comical or Tragic

That someone feels so sure that people will believe anything that they say that they use a cartoon bomb to scare people?

If someone is trying to make

If someone is trying to make the case to you that your country needs to go to war, and at any point during their powerpoint presentation, you notice a cartoon bomb...you can know they are full of bullshit.

One nuclear bomb is not worth

One nuclear bomb is not worth starting WW111. To put this whole argument in perspective, during the cold war, the US targeted Moscow with 60 nuclear war heads. WW111 would no doubt cost the lives of millions of innocent civilians -- including Americans. Everyone would be affected monitarily -- no more OPM.

I would be careful

Remember who owns the media. These people would not do something that makes their fellow tribesman look foolish. I think this is going to be used in the future to make Bibi look prescient, as in "He told us so!"

Israel wil probably attack the US, or a US ship in the Gulf (with one of their 3 nuclear Dolphin-class German donated subs) and blame Iran.

These zionists are playing this as an all-or-nothing exercise. They're dangerous. I hope the military is on their toes, and not prevented from doing their job, and protecting the people of the US.

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

You are Right

However this time .........most of the world are aware of Zionist Israel and her falseflags......so we will not believe them. I feel they know that too!



Is this the same thing as Disney drawing a cartoon of a Stork dropping off babies? If that is what a nuclear bomb looks like, then I must have came from a Stork. Right?? :)

"Today's rhetoric about Iran..."

Though concerns have risen in the past about Iran becoming nuclear-capable, was the rhetoric coming from the leadership in those times as acidic and bellicose as that coming from Akhmadinejad these days? Also, how can we know whether the repetitiousness isn't in part because of covert operations/sabotage that have set Iran back on more than one occasion, and recovery therefrom giving rise to the concern all over again?

What rhetoric are you talking

What rhetoric are you talking about? All I have ever seen are misquotes, not words calling for the people of Israel's destruction. There is a distinct difference between wiping a regime off the map, and wiping an entire people off the map, which would involve killing a lot of fellow Muslims.

What would it involve...

If attacking Israel proper involves killing Muslims, then what does removing a regime involve? What is the purpose of the removal? If it is the end of "Zionism" (sometimes a misnomer, as much as the term "Jew") - the belief and enforcement of Jewish claim to the land, that is to be brought to an end, what of the Jews? Are they to believe that their welfare is in assimilation/absorption into the nations of the world? Are they to believe this in the face of numerous attempts (sporadic and sweeping) throughout history, up until today, to destroy them? Ask yourself this about the religio-political conflict: "What do I know about these religions, and what keeps them from agreeing? The answer is displacement, both in claiming a common ancestry/origin, and right to real estate. Muslims believe that the infallible Creator changed His mind about choosing the Jews. Jews do not. End of story. Your opinion is duly noted and rejected. Logic is preferred.

Downvote and no response?

If all you who are downvoting my comments back RP because of his non-interventionist foreign policy, how can you have views that presume any perspective on the Israel/Iran situation to begin with? How can you claim to understand his platform without understanding his foreign policy? If you claim to understand it, how can you suppose to differentiate between it and the rest of his politics?

BMWJIM's picture


Enough Said. Mossad!

1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.



Ridiculous and hilarious. I cant believe how so many people would believe netanyahu. I mean come on!!! Where is his evidence that what he is saying is true????? He never presented ANYTHING whatsoever. All he did is make accusations and people are supposed to believe this??? All he did is present this cartoon bomb and accuse Iran of almost completing phase II of III by drawing a red line on the picture, and then says we must attack them. Wow, such a great case. Makes no damn sense. No DAMN sense.

Déjà vu....

I hope the American people aren't so stupid as to believe this crap again. It's the EXACT line of BS Donald BumSmelled (Rumsfeld) and Colon Bowell used in the lead up to the illegal Iraq war.

Hey Archons', we are taking our planet back and there's nothing you can do about it!

Netanyahu has had a BAD year....

First, he has to funnel millions into Romney's primary campaign, Romney goes through money like it's out of style and still barely wins.

Second, Russia & China put up the stop sign on attacking Syria.

Third, despite Likud funneling millions more into Romney's general election campaign, he is getting his a$$ handed to him.

Fourth, with an Obama win more than likely, Netanyahu will pay the price for funding Romney so blatantly.

Yep, a bad year for Netanyahu......

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As usual, Justin Raimondo clarifies the

MSM's straight-faced coverage of pro-war theater:


ok, yeah because nukes are just that simple. :: roll eyes ::