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Video: Romney Surrogate Rand Paul Talks Swing States on CNBC

I've been predicting all along that I think the election is over and Romney's won. - Rand Paul (4:12)


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Rand is preparing for 2016.

Rand is preparing for 2016.

Thomas Jefferson 1796, 1800, 1804; James Madison 1808, 1812; Ron Paul 1988, 2008, 2012; Rand Paul 2016.

What is happening in 2016?

Is that when Rand begs his daddy to hand him a Senate seat for a second time?

because he sure as hell won't be the President of this country!


nobody is voting for that slimy piece of crap. I hope the good people of Kentucky throw his ass out in the street where he belongs!

By turning his back on his father he has turned his back on this country! The folks in Kentucky aren't stupid and take family loyalty seriously.

He's history in 2016.

I think Rand did a pretty good job.

Romney's not much to work with, but, it's all we've got. Gary Johnson is a loser btw who went to the minor leagues with campaign debt over his head because he couldn't make it as a Republican.

Not "all we've got"

Perhaps it's all *you*'ve got, but *I* for one also have this piece of fresh cheese that's been sitting in the sun for two weeks, now thoroughly rotten, that seems a good deal more appetizing.

And note that the primary way the scam works is not so much by choosing for you, but rather by limiting what you are to choose from. The blinds, not the whip, make the horse run straight.

"Gary Johnson is a loser btw

"Gary Johnson is a loser btw who went to the minor leagues with campaign debt over his head because he couldn't make it as a Republican."

He's also had to spend a lot of money fighting legal battles in numerous states because the Republicans can't fight a fair fight. GJ has had to spend money because Romney and his thugs are pieces of shit. It's nice that you and the Granger are still willing to support those fascist thugs. You're no better than they are. Thanks for nothing.

Smashing the Libertarian Party through the legal system

may not be pretty and it may not be fair, but, it's what we're going to need in the long run. If the Republican establishment does our dirty work for us and quells any attempt on the part of the Libertarian Party of rearing its head after the drubbing Bob Barr took, we won't have to dirty our hands once we're in charge of the GOP. We don't want the LP gaining any steam. If the LP becomes a legitimate answer to the two-party establishment, we're going to have to take the time to crush them ourselves once we become the establishment.

So, actually the current GOP establishment is doing us a favor by rubbing the LP's head in the mud.

It's clear to me now that you

It's clear to me now that you ARE the enemy. You're no friend to liberty. You can try to "crush" them. I AM one of them. And it's due to people like you that I will NEVER vote republican again in my life. That's my word. You're fighting against the same people that you should be working with. Then again, maybe you shouldn't because you are just another neo. You claim to support Ron but we all know damn well that Ron doesn't support the man that you do.

Your definition of "loser"

By "loser" you mean one not hand-selected by the neocon elite. I'd take a "loser" Johnson over a corpo-fascist Romney any day.

P.S. Romney will be a "loser" come November 7.

I hate a little of what Rand says, like this garbage...

But I really like his voting record and some of the bills he has proposed, so I'm glad he's in there instead of any of those other awful politicians...

Rand is such an ambitious

Rand is such an ambitious little fuck. He wants so bad to be President someday that he's willing to lie in bed with the devil to get there. Good luck to you asshole.

Until another Dr Paul emerges (which one never will) I'm checking out of federal politics. First state to secede from this shithole of a government, I'm moving.


Is he aiming for the role of the Prodigal Son?

Cmon guys

Do you all think rand is stupid? He dam well knows romney is not getting in the WH, his fathers revolution has too many voters. Rand is playing high level politics, I say good for him, neocons are our enemy, and you know what they say

Go Rand

I am one revolutionary that has your back.

Do you

really think the establishment he is trying to play nice with is stupid? Do you really think they haven't thought of this scenario. Do you think they don't scan this site and see you idiots blasting out their plans daily. you c;mon.....

yeah Rand, keep acting like it would be easy to beat Obama

and when Romney loses he'll look like even more of a loser

(are there really people who would have Romney be their first choice for president, or is it just people who hate obama?)

I have to say...

Since the Great Rand Sellout... I would assume honest people (not the GOP co-opters) react one of two ways. (1) Slowly accept the violation, FORCE your soul to be "ok" with it... for the "better of the party" or whatever. Or (2) Slowly grow more DISGUSTED.

For what it's worth, I am 2. The sight of Rand Paul and the sound of his voice makes my skin crawl. THE TEA PARTY IS NOT BEHIND PORTMAN, KASICH, ROMNEY, RYAN OR THE GOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE POLITICALLY NAIVE TEA PARTY WAS CO-OPTED AND TRICKED INTO VOTING REPUBLICAN IN 2010 FOR A TSUNAMI THAT DID NOTHING!!!!!!! And in Ohio, the Liberty movement IS EXPOSING HUGE-GOVERNMENT KASICH, WHO CAN'T SEEM TO SPEND ENOUGH!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE EXACTLY LIKE THE DEMOCRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! IDENTICAL!!!!!!!! OF COURSE THE POLLS ARE COOKED!!!!!!! They NEVER include third partiers like Goode or Johnson!!!!!!!!!

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

Gary Johnson is now polling

Gary Johnson is now polling 10.6% rising in ohio and starting to rise elsewhere. I can only sit back and smile and have a toast to this:)

Ron Paul 2016

Agreed, Disgusted with the Rand Sell-Out

I agree with the analysis above. I am #2 also.

The only way his father got as far as he did in the primary by NOT COMPROMISING! Rand's position in supporting Romney is nothing but a compromise. As the Liberty movement grows, Rand will fade either into the GOP or into a liberty movement co-opter. He hasn't the character to lead such a movement.

The Constitutional Return to Sound Money - Today!

This Post Confirms That The DP Has Too Many Small-Minded


To all the Rand bashers/haters, I ask which Senator just recently forced a vote on an amendment to foreign aid? And worked to challenge foreign aid in general? I know for sure that Ron Paul has made statements about ending foreign aid that Rand try to put into action.

Rand is doing exactly what he has to do for the GOP and for Libertarian-minded Republicans. He is the only one even close to being abe to achieve POTUS. You can talk Justin Amash or some other person all you want, but Rand is not an enemy to the "liberty movement" and has a real shot. I am hoping he will vie for the nomination in 2016 or 2020.

Which Senator?

Well. I could do some quick research and find handfuls of potential Senators in the Constitution Party WHO WOULD DO THAT, PLUS A THOUSAND TIMES MORE! Rand is THE SINGLE BIGGEST THREAT TO THE LIBERTY MOVEMENT! Same with the remnants of the co-opted Tea Party movement. He is a Braveheart noble. Braveheart (the Liberty Movement) will craft an attack strategy around the Scottish nobles (Rand, Bachmann, West, Rubio) to fight Longshanks (Obama, democrat). But, AT A KEY MOMENT ON THE BLOODY, MUDDY FIELD... the nobles will STOP, smile, turn their steads... and trot away, LEAVING BRAVEHEART TO BE MASSACRED:

Watch Rand at 1:00 nod to his pal Romney.

Kinda like Tampa, no?

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

Thanks for confirming you are delusional - Braveheart fantasy?

Really? POTENTIAL senators who WOULD take action if they were actually there? - See you confirm my point that Rand is there and can vie for POTUS soon, if he so chooses.


Rand IS THERE AND SOLD OUT! West, Bachmann, Rubio, etc ARE THERE AND HAVE SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But if we plan strategies with OTHER CLANS (the Constitution Party, the Libertarian Party)... we have a MUCH better chance at beating Longshanks.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

tell me

with all this establishment stroking Rand has done lately, how many of those establishment pukes did he actually convince to change their mind and vote for this bill? Only like 10 voted in favor and 81 against. If anything, these results show how small minded your argument is. To small minded to learn your lesson that there is no playing nice with these people. If we want our freedoms back, we have to take em back.

I thought it was the record,statements and actions of Rand

and now it's the number of people who supported him? 10 vs. 81 should be confirmation that you should consider supporting Rand.


its you who is delusional if you think 10 to 81 is a success story.

Hmmm...seems like people

Hmmm...seems like people forget that Dr. Paul voted by himself all those years in the house. You don't remember his GOP rivals and the media saying he had failed as a politician because he never passed a piece of legislation? Changing minds can take a long time, and 10 votes is a start.

Personally, I'm torn on Rand. I really disliked that he didn't support his father in the election and that he has now chosen to be a mouthpiece for Romney. On the other hand, it feels good to see him standing up in the Senate against NDAA, Cyber Security, Militarism, etc.

Guess we will just have to wait and see how his path pans out.

Who is the real Romney?

Rand: "I think Gov. Romney needs to be who he is and not who I am..."

Does anyone here actually think that Romney knows who he is? Romney is the Gumby candidate. He will bend himself into any position he thinks will get him elected.

Romney is the antithesis of Ron Paul, who actually knows who he is (and everyone else does too).

"the Gumby candidate" ... rofl!

I might have to borrow that phrase.

A: A crony-capitalist crook...

...co-opted by neocon crazies.

From the bottom of my heart...

Leftist Portman, leftist Kasich, leftist Romney, leftist Ryan and the little "surrogate" (TROPHY BTCH) DISGUSTING SELLOUT Rand...

The LEFTIST republican party and their partners the LEFTIST democrat party will not have my vote.

F the R's!

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

rand's just doing it his own way

you're just mad he's leaving you out of it and making you feel irrelevant. wait, maybe you are. lmao

some people succeed

some just watch, cheer, or jeer