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Are Republicans-Retarded?

Year in and year out "Republicans" find all kinds of things to get fired up about..."Taxes"..."Gay rights"..."Defending Israel"..."Abortion"..."Terrorism"....on and on and on.

Meantime, year in and year out the "Liberals" are..IMPORTING..MILLIONS MORE VOTERS..Via Massive Immigration.FLOODING This Nation with a City the Size of Chicago EACH YEAR !(And Oddly,its as though "Republicans" dont seem to NOTICE That they are being----REPLACED---on the Demographic level?)

And Whats Very Odd is that you..NEVER..even Hear a WORD about the subject in ANY Form. I mean tune into "Right-Wing Radio" Shows like "RUSH/Hannity/Beck/Orielly" and its like the 60,000 Pound T-REX in the room that NOBODY Will even adress.

Even with 8.8% "offical" Unemployment (and closer to 20% REAL) NOBODY will even mention the subject??

The Point that "Conservatives" just dont seem to get is that NO OTHER SUBJECT EVEN MATTERS if they are going to allow the "Depend on Government" Croud to just IMPORT as many people as they need to make sure that "Conservatives" CAN NOT GET ELECTED.

Its as though "Conservatives" cant do MATH ANYMORE?

So the question is are Republicans Retarded?

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Retarded, ignorant or just plain...


WE were the small percentage who spoke the truth to power.

WE were the ones who put country over party.

And WE were the principled ones.

But they didn't want us.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

They just worship the state and do not know it

and want to harness it to pound on people the way THEY want. The best example is the Rights outrage over "gay marriage" and an amendment to "protect marriage". The state is not the authority on the sacrament of marriage, they do not define who may marry. They should protect legal contracts and that is it. The "Christian Right" bestows the authority on the state instead of understanding that their idea of marriage is different than the homosexual idea of marriage. And that is OK....as long as we aren't forced to subsidize, honor and participate in ceremonies and associations related to practices we do not countenance. The constant bickering amongst ourselves because "we" refuse to allow each other liberty to live as we want (as we are trained to do) while the elites laugh their asses off is the reality of the dialectic. We are chaining ourselves FOR them with their dialectic.

Ron Paul is a republican, do

Ron Paul is a republican, do not forget that. Generalizing is a mistake.


We have a winner..YES!!

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

thank you.

For giving me an answer.

A simple question

A simple question deserves a simple answer:



They have what is known as Fox News Cognitive Impairment Disorder...


Thats clears things up.

I would never in my life hear

I would never in my life hear Ron Paul call anyone "retarded". It's also very offensive to mentally disabled people to compare them to the GOP...


I was not trying to speak for Dr. Paul. I was simply wondering why so many Tens of Millions of people (most of who are "educated people) seem unable to notice that unless this massive indeed Historic flood of Immigration is ended (and soon) this nation will become a 1 Party state.

Not that we dont already have a two headed one party state but we will soon see a situtation where there is no way that a "Conservative" or a "Libertarian" CAN BE ELECTED.

Its odd to me that almost nobody seems to be a able to do the basic MATH on this.

They are working together.

They are working together.

The problem is that

these so called "Christian Conservative Republicans" dont care to do any critical thinking for themselves. They think they know so much and gauge it by how many talking points they can remember they hear in the MSM and then get arrogant thinking they know SOOO much more than someone else. They pride themselves on memory and quoting talking points. They believe it is as truth because they honestly foolishly believe the MSM and government cant be lying. Then when you question tthe government or media they treat you as a conspiracy theorist. It's their own ignorance that gives them this arrogance and belief they are correct and everyone else is wrong. They asre stuck in a stupidity loop.

Some are sincerely mislead.

I will raise my hand. Sincere as sincere can be, and wrong as wrong can be about the truth of the matter which is that both parties are one and only separated by some surface domestic "moral" issues which have not been resolved so as to give the people a so called choice "about choice" when voting.

I prefer the term dumbed-down.

If you watched

the RNC in Tampa this year and how they snubbed the people that would keep the party from dying in the future, you already know they GOP is retarded. Now Romney is getting absolutely crushed by Obama, and non of the Ron Paul supporters are surprised.

I happened to turn on the radio

the other week and heard Rush. He was surprised and irritated Romney was not attacking Obama on his record. I was laughing and saying "stupid idiot..." He actually thought Romney was better and that he would do that. Us Ron Paul supporters know the ruling .01% banking elite who run both parties wanted Obama reelected from the get go. It was obvious from the start. They really thought putting a mormon in place would defeat Obama. If you want to talk about unelectable, Romney was the MOST unelectable candidate you could have nominated. The republicans certainly do not want to win.

I assume your question is

I assume your question is rhetorical since the answer is obvious.

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