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Gary Johnson: “My first executive order as President would be to audit the Federal Reserve”

Only two weeks after four major Democratic political figures spoke on campus, Macalester’s Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) hosted Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico and 2012 Libertarian presidential nominee, last Friday. The visit was Johnson’s only Minnesota stop on a forty-college “Rally for Jobs, Opportunity and Diversity” tour.

Speaking to 150 people in the Kagin Ballroom, Johnson’s stump speech cited his credentials on libertarian themes of civil liberties, free-market capitalism and a foreign policy of non-aggression.

On economic policy, Johnson said that as Governor he didn’t create a single job in New Mexico, but rather fostered “environments of certainty” which allowed the private sector to create jobs. He also advocated for a “Fair Tax” system in which he would abolish all taxes and instead instate a single Federal Consumption Tax. Johnson also suggested abolishing the Federal Reserve.

“My first executive order as President would be to audit the Federal Reserve,” he said, drawing loud applause from the crowd.


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We know Johnson will say anything depending on the audience

"Johnson Says Troops Over There Are "Keeping us safe.""


Now he wants to bottom feed Paul votes by trolling our websites and Facebooks, so suddenly THE VERY FIRST THING HE WOULD DO IS AUDIT THE FED!

OKAY NEVERMIND listen up, folks! CA, IA, WI, VT Ron Paul: Write-In Ballots Now Available! Please keep it bumped!


Release the Sandy Hook video.

Fair Reminder on GJ

+1, if you have any item /article about GJ's position on 911 pls post on DP, thanks.
911 is a key issue, it led to so much loss = of life, wealth, trust, rights, peace, etc.

Only if we violate our

Only if we violate our principles can we save them. Sounds like Paul Ryan regarding the bailouts.

That sounds pretty...

but is it Constitutional? I don't think Article II of the Constitution states that the Role of the President is to decree audits of whomever he feels. Sure I want a FED Audit, but we are hypocrites if we don't follow the rule of law.

Then again, the FED controlling monetary policy being Unconstitutional, would that be a "loophole" to decree an Audit by EO?

I'm leaning on the side of "Hey man, Just encourage congress to bring it to a vote and if passed, sign it." No Executive Orders needed.

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Gary's got some history and views that I really like, but he's shown himself to have no proper understanding of the proper role and limitations of the executive office, and his foreign policy essentially seals the deal against him for me. He's got no clear understanding of his own views on the matter himself, and he's too adventurist when he feels it's a worthy enterprise (instead of limiting himself to the proper defense of the US within constitutional guidelines).

Sorry Gary, but there's a LOT of wrongness and wrong people in the world, and your foreign policy views might wrap us up in even more of it than we already are..

Executive Orders

Yikes, quick someone give Mr. Johnson a refresher on how the Constitution set up a system of checks and balances of gov't powers.

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Why the Downvotes?

Please tell me what I am missing. I am voting for GJ this election. Just because you agree with what this executive order lays out, does not give any president the right to use them. I do like that GJ is for auditing the Federal Reserve. He should come out saying that he will not veto the bill WHEN it gets to his desk. The power of the executive branch needs to be scaled back to what is laid out in the Constitution.

That being said, there is only one executive order that I would agree like to see. That, of course, is an executive order repealing all past executive orders.

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety
-Benjamin Franklin

I Would Share Your Concern

However, Gary Johnson is not Ron Paul, and when he says something, I don't think he is as careful as Ron Paul is to be literal, or to consider each statement a promise. We all know Ron Paul bends over backwards not to say anything more or less than what he means.

Gary Johnson is more "politic" (as is Rand). He has a different personality and is capable of speaking with passion and more emotion. I don't know whether he meant it literally (quite possibly not), however, I should point out that the executive branch does have law enforcement authority, and if there is any evidence that the Fed has committed crimes, the President could probably order an investigation.

I don't see any sign that Gary Johnson sees himself as dictator, and if he did, you'd be hearing a lot more protest from those of us in the LP. He's meeting with us everywhere, and you can bet he's getting as good an education as he's giving. (We even managed to get Ron Paul to re-consider a few issues.)

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Don't say it, if you don't mean it

If he is does not truly believe it, then he shouldn't say it. Most of us were drawn to the good doctor because he doesn't pander. Everyone (everyone outside the brainwashed MSM crowd that is) knows that what Ron Paul says is what he does. At this point pandering will do no good for his campaign, the liberty movement, or America in general. Those who would actually consider voting for a 3rd are already dissatisfied to some degree with the "2 party system". Being dishonest or pandering will only have a negative impact.

Do you think any of the past Presidents would consider themselves a dictator?

Don't get me wrong, I like 90% of what he says and does. But this is another issue where he could separate himself further from same old Washington politics that most of America is fed up with.

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety
-Benjamin Franklin

It'd be better if he did no executive orders at all

and struck down all standing executive orders. That's not to say I wouldn't end the fed but executive orders are moreish. You do one, you'll do more.

The evil machine

Already put into law so much.

The free people deserve to abolish all that crap!
...and ASAP.

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but AFTER he issued this one ; )

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I think that once an audit is

I think that once an audit is conducted, the public will clamor to end the Federal Reserve. Right now there is not enough support for an executive order to end the FED like some on this board is suggesting. Let the audit come first, then when we see how much damage they have caused, then we can end it.

liberty lover in Nor Cal!

The public has little to no

The public has little to no understanding of economic issues. If you could capture it as a picture of a giant black hole engulfing our country, you might have a chance of explaining it to people. Amorphous subjects that don't fit into the category of "immediate bodily harm" are a very, very tough sell.

I hope we can get an audit,

I hope we can get an audit, before it's abolished. I'm very interested in seeing what exactly the Federal Reserve has done over the past 100 years. There would be much we can learn from.

Why Not Just End It?

If an executive order will do.

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Expose the Beast

for what it is, then slay it.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Is this the same Gary Johnson

Is this the same Gary Johnson that said the Federal Reserve wasn't a private entity, that the Federal Reserve should be responsible for price stability, that the Federal Reserve wasn't responsible for recessions or the booms and bust, and that Wall St. never committed any crimes? What happened in the last few weeks, did Gary read a book? Oh Gary, I love it when you talk pander to me.

links please

links please

liberty lover in Nor Cal!

Hail King Johnson!!

If he could audit the Fed by executive order then he could close it.

Just another pander to the weak of mind. Fall in line bitches.

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Some may not like Johnson,

Some may not like Johnson, but you gotta admit that he is far and away better than most other candidates. Even though many people stand against executive orders, issueing one to do a full audit of the FED is probably one of the best uses.
I am still undecided on whether I should vote for him or not.

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write in ron paul, it shows your intentions for history and you never know... you might just get what you vote this year. thats how im looking at it.
I and almost everyone I know in his district will write him in like we did in 08.
You will never have to explain anything to anyone when you vote your conscience.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Either way, I'm under no

Either way, I'm under no illusion that Gary will suddenly command 35% of the vote and spring into the presidency. Whether you decide to vote for Gary or write-in Ron, Obama is getting four more years and there is nothing we can do about that.

Houston, we have a Gary Johnson problem

As a long time Ron Paul supporter, I was disappointed when Dr. Paul had to cave to the GOP for the sake of Rand's future. I was encouraged when Dr. Paul called Gary Johnson "wonderful" and "doing a good job" now I'm not so sure. Gary Johnson raised two million dollars and we we supposed to see a real advertising campaign get launched, especially TV commercials. Here in Florida which is a critical state there has been nothing. I think the campaign manager is stealing the money. He needs to be audited before the Fed. If Gary Johnson can't keep the house in order then I'm going to have to do some real soul searching.

The Ads Are Already Running

Sign up at the campaign site for news reports and you'll be in the loop. They may not be running where you are, but they're bringing up his polling where they are running.

Signing up with the campaign does not obligate you to donate or vote. It's free.

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Please relax

The campaign had to spend some money to fight Romney lawyers in many states.

Radio ads and TV ads are coming soon.
Later in the campaign the ads can be more effective -- plus Romney and Obama are destroying each other with ads - benefits GJ.

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Hmm... excecutive order.

That's not good.

Hmm kind of torn on how the

Hmm kind of torn on how the FED should be removed. Executive order means the president has the power to remove 'departments' but an act of congress + senate is open for corruption, riders, or failing all together.

Southern Agrarian

It's the principle.

I don't recall Dr. Paul talking of doing any executive orders but only repealing them.

An executive order is playing king.