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Lunchtime Experience

This post is from an email I sent a close friend, but I figured I'd post a copy to the DailyPaul....

I went down to the café at work to get something to eat and saw they had fish. I asked was it catfish and he said flounder. Then I asked what ocean it came from. He didn’t know so he diverted the question to the manager who was standing right there. He said North Atlantic and I immediately got a piece. There were a few people around kind of looking and one girl asked why I was asking and if it was important, and if it was because of the oil in the Pacific. The manager then nodded and said yes. I explained no the oil is in the Gulf of Mexico. I explained about the corexit dispersant. She asked if I researched this I assured her I had very much so. Spent allot of time researching because I don’t want to eat toxic food due to all the recent events in the last few years. I told her I wanted to make sure it wasn’t from the Pacific because of Fukushima releasing allot of radiation in the ocean. I explained how that seafood is radioactive. Explained how every study conducted so far is finding more and more radioactive tainted seafood in the Pacific. (Wish I would have told her about how they are even finding radiation along the western US coast - oh well...) She and others gasped and were like “I haven’t heard of that.”. I told them they wont hear any of this in the main stream media because they don’t want to cause people to panic and not buy that seafood. They don’t want to hurt the industry so they never talk about it. Everyone was standing around just looking at me. Lol It’s funny how I got everybodys attention so quick. Even the cooks were listening to me. When I was checking out that same girl came up behind me. I told her to google French GMO(Genetically Modified Organism) study, then as I was walking away said “It will make you mad.” Hopefully it will make her look it up.

Ron Paul said this is an intellectual revolution. I realize this and its on so many fronts. If I ever have kid(s) and have to let them go to public school, I will definitely fill in the gaps every day. I will ask them what they learned, and if there are things they should have also been taught, I will tell them. Then print out some stuff for their teachers and tell them to go back to school and give the printouts to their teachers(even if my kid(s) don’t understand it). Its time this public propaganda school system should be infiltrated with truth in order to destroy their lies and hopefully start making some kids begin questioning things.

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earnings then vs. now

I was talking with a high school student recently and the topic wandered to the standard of living when I was his age. I compared what I made on summer and Christmas break jobs with what tuition and Ford Mustangs cost then with today's numbers. He seemed surprised that earnings went so much further then.

You don't get to fill in the gaps

You will have to spend your evenings on homework (usually math and busywork projects, selling crap for fundraisers) and will not have time to fill in the gaps. Government school not only does not teach, they create subservient, obedient herd animals. Your kids are at the mercy of bigger, more politically adept alpha humans. The schools encourage the cliques and pecking orders. THAT is the real purpose of school. State worship and the collectivist world paradigm are inculcated by hours of exposure. The family bonds are broken as kids spend more time at school than with parents and parental teaching is undermined. Government school is a crime against humanity. It is jail for kids, mind molding of small children unable to defend themselves emotionally or intellectually.

OK so here is the part of the story you didn't tell

How you are a nice person that doesn't blow people off and your demeanour is approachable. So people can listen to you without being threatened.

Good. You learned something about the nature of power.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Sweet story!

Every bit of education you spread helps. And I like your idea of what you'd do with the public school system any potential future child you have goes to.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

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Having awake parents is a huge advantage,

but you might be surprised to find out how tricky it is, once youngsters spend most of their time under control of Authoritarians and in the company of young peers so indoctrinated, to maintain family moral values and impart critical thinking against the tide of conformity.

When anyone can manage to homeschool, that is a much better alternative. If not, you'd need a good parent support group to make waves in the school district.

Awake Parents

This is a interesting topic, I have always been awake and never understood that other people were so differant from me until 911.
I have always listened to my children and I guess that is why they think like I do. Public school was a nightmare simply because my kids had a mind of thier own and I am not talking about being disrespectful or disruptive because they were not. I ended up home schooling my son from eighth grade on. WHY DO YOU THINK HAVING AWAKE PARENTS IS A HUGE ADVANTAGE ? I am just curious.

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I think young people are naturally curious and

seek the truth about all things, until they get blocked and shut down and go into hiding intellectually -- to fit with their peers or to satisfy authoritarian demands.
If the parent is awake, at least the family can support and validate the youngster's search for independence, especially when he/she's up against the herd. And the parent can offer guidance in how to learn -- how to find and discover the information for oneself.

Btw, http://www.tragedyandhope.com/ offers excellent study guides -- check out their Trivium; also khanacademy.org for students who want to teach themselves; and http://schoolsucks.podomatic.com/ offers good advice and resource ideas.

Thank you. This is great

Thank you. This is great information.

Paul people are such nerds, I

Paul people are such nerds, I would have whipped out my handy dosimeter and checked for radiation right there~!


Probably a good idea. Restaurant employees don't always tell the truth.

Great except for citing the

Great except for citing the French GMO study which is quite flawed.

Double bump

Good stuff!

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When I have kids

I will home school them. Public education is a huge waste, I'd be doing them a great disservice by wasting a good chunk of their lives sticking them in that propaganda machine. I've met plenty of home-schooled kids back when I was in community college. They we're 15,16, and 17 year olds, and already 2-3 years into college level courses. Public education only hinders intellectual development. I have many friends and even my girlfriend who work within the education system and are just so disgusted with how it has turned out today, they hate doing their jobs because their is essentially no teaching aspect to it anymore. No-child left behind, Standardized testing, yeah what a great idea. Anyway, I digress, good job of keeping people informed.



"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)