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Don't Mock The Lady (Obama supporter w/the free phone)

It made me sad and also embarrassed for the Daily Paul to read some of the comments at the post: Lady supports Obama b/c he gave her a phone. "He gave us a phone he will do more." At issue was this video clip.


Fault Obama for trying to buy votes. Fault today's welfare system. Fault today's education system. Don't mock the lady. She was just grateful to have been given a free phone. And for those who alluded to socialism, do you think that woman took an Economics course or otherwise studied comparative economic or political systems? I know someone better-educated and very successful who, regarding the current Middle East debacle and prospect of WWIII, sent me an email ranting, "Kill the savages." Talk about ignorance. And meanwhile, this poorly educated woman is out there on the street trying to promote her man she sees as good, actively participating in the process. This other individual devotes himself to sports in his free time; although, on second thought, given what his views are, I guess that's a good thing.

It's obvious that the woman is poorly educated. There’s no need to highlight that fact. Think it might impinge on her ability to find employment? Can you think of a job for this woman with missing teeth and an inability to express herself very well? (I’m talking about a job that would still be here in America.) The cruel irony is that it's since LIBERALS took over America's education system that it's gone down the tubes - with African-Americans, in particular, affected by the negative consequences. Wake up, BLACK AMERICA! Wake up, AMERICA! Everyone is affected, both directly and/or indirectly.

Circumstances have gotten so bad that it could very well be the downfall of this nation. It's not just my personal opinion. It was the conclusion of "Tough Choices or Tough Times: The Report of the New Commission On the Skills of the American Workforce," published in 2007 by the National Center On Education And The Economy. It was prepared by a bi-partisan commission of "luminaries" from various walks of life including education, labor, and private business. If you’re interested, see who they are/read the Executive Summary here. It's "must reading" for anyone concerned about this country's future with respect to JOBS. Bottom line, they conclude that education today is fraught with so many problems, it warrants the dismantling of the whole system and starting from scratch. http://www.skillscommissi...

But the ECONOMY isn't the only area affected by the current set of circumstances. The situation is so dire as to have become an issue of NATIONAL SECURITY. Not that I necessarily agree with their recommendations, but that's the (obvious) conclusion of a more recent task force co-chaired by Condoleezza Rice and Joel Klein. Their analysis, published as "U.S. Education Reform and National Security" is available at http://www.cfr.org/united... Or check out the highlights in this Forbes article: http://www.forbes.com/sit...

And forgetting the level of skills of those who DO graduate high school, a full third of Americans don't even get that far. "A recent report from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) entitled "ONE THIRD OF A NATION" is one in a series of sobering assessments which underline the extent of the problem. For the nation as a whole, only about two-thirds of all students who enter 9th grade graduate with a regular diploma four years later. Among poor, black, and Latino youngsters, the likelihood that they will graduate is even smaller. In 2004, according to a report co-authored by the Urban Institute and the Civil Rights Project at Harvard University, ONLY 50 PERCENT OF BLACK STUDENTS, 51 PERCENT OF NATIVE AMERICANS, AND 53% OF HISPANICS GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL. Among African-American, Hispanic, and Native American males, the rates are even lower. The public schools are intended as a ladder of opportunity..." [Emphasis mine.] What are the opportunities for 50% of blacks? 51% of native Americans? The largest-growing segment of the population, 53% of Hispanics? A third of all Americans? http://www.pew-partnershi...

Academically speaking, between the poor quality of education and the low graduation rate, America is at the BOTTOM OF THE BARREL compared to other industrialized nations, especially in math and science (where we rank 23rd and 31st, respectively) - that is, the subjects that everyone says is critical in our "technological age." Read: with a disappearing job market on account of, well, whatever you believe the cause (the money system, outsourcing, regulations, taxes, etc.), of the jobs that remain or new jobs created, that's where they'll be, related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, otherwise known as STEM fields. http://www.cnn.com/2012/0...

Education is the responsibility of states - and I have no problem with FIRING everyone in the DOE. But regardless of one's political views, this IS a NATIONAL crisis. And NO presidential candidate has adequately addressed it. Whether or not one supports this idea, sorry to say but the solution is NOT a Band-Aid approach such as "vouchers." And NOR, Mssrs. Gingrich and Gates, is it more technology in classrooms at earlier and earlier grade levels including now kindergarten. Proven successful, technology-free private Waldorf K-8 elementary schools (worldwide) have proven just the opposite to be true. And NOR is it more money thrown at the problem. ALREADY the U.S. spends more per student than EVERY OTHER COUNTRY except Switzerland. http://mercatus.org/publi...)

We need to get to the source and root out the problem. And I'm with the "Tough Choices" group: it's time to START OVER. For those, including commenters on the original DP post, who resent paying for other people's living expenses or who are political idealists – or those motivated by the principle “give them a fish, they'll eat for a day, teach them to fish, they'll eat for a lifetime,” the onus is on them/us to help educate others as to how desperately we need genuine, meaningful reform. And blacks and Hispanics in particular need to be enlightened as to those responsible for the current MESS that would reduce some to fawning over a president and political party for giving them a one-time free phone - while continuing to preclude them from hope to be able to afford their own phone and that "more" they expect.

Here's an idea. Get a copy of "No Excuses: Closing the Racial Gap in Learning," by Abigail Thernstrom and Stephan Thernstrom. Probably not coincidentally, Abigail Therstrom was a member of the Massachusetts State Board of Education and a commissioner on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights - Massachusetts which has actually made some inroads. Get two copies, one for your local superintendent of schools and the other for your local chapter of the NAACP. Of course, everything is relative. As an article in The Atlantic points out:

"Compare US education data to the rest of the world.

Stanford economist Eric Hanushek and two colleagues recently conducted an experiment to answer just such questions, ranking American states and foreign countries side by side. Like our recruiter, they looked specifically at the best and brightest in each place—the kids most likely to get good jobs in the future—using scores on standardized math tests as a proxy for educational achievement.

We’ve known for some time how this story ends nationwide: only 6 percent of U.S. students perform at the advanced-proficiency level in math [Did you catch that? SIX PERCENT], a share that lags behind kids in some 30 other countries, from the United Kingdom to Taiwan. But what happens when we break down the results? Do any individual U.S. states wind up near the top?

Incredibly, no. Even if we treat each state as its own country, not a single one makes it into the top dozen contenders on the list. The best performer is Massachusetts, ringing in at No. 17. Minnesota also makes it into the upper-middle tier, followed by Vermont, New Jersey, and Washington. And down it goes from there, all the way to Mississippi, whose students—by this measure at least—might as well be attending school in Thailand or Serbia." http://www.theatlantic.co...

Hey, just for fun, check out how your state ranks in the scheme of things! http://www.theatlantic.co... I can at least boast that my state is on a par with the (pathetic) U.S. average.

I support leaving education as the responsibility of the states, as per the Constitution. (I do not, however, support the direction of the National Governors' Association towards adopting a national curriculum, or perhaps better stated, global curriculum. I'm all for national sovereignty and also the 50 experiments idea.) Nonetheless, given the sobering facts, whether concern for the loss of human potential and the effect on real life children, or regarding the solvency of this nation with respect to the economy, or analyzing the situation as to implications on our national security, it's necessary that the President of the United States be fully aware of the situation and willing and able to provide some much-needed leadership in the matter.

In debates, Romney will no doubt be touting where Massachusetts is #1 in the U.S. (failing to mention that our #1 state is behind Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Finland, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Japan, Canada, Macao-China, Australia, Germany, and Austria). He'll likely also talk about "accountability" (failing to mention that more testing and all the rote drilling that teachers now do is not the same as genuine learning and developing traits that auger well for a child’s success). And Obama will talk about racial inequities and social justice (failing to mention that it was the progressives who reduced our once-fine system to shambles). He'll likely find one success story to highlight in terms of its dramatic "improvement" - and it's easy to tout high gains, statistically, if you're starting from a low a baseline! (failing to mention that, nationally, SAT scores just dropped... that is, just dropped again; or that "so called" reforms to close the racial divide haven't worked. http://www.insidehighered...). NO candidate will have any substantive ideas for what the United States can and must do to turn the situation around. What is needed is drastic reform, starting tomorrow.

So please, don't mock the lady, who is among millions in her situation who've been made promises and feels as she does. I'm somewhat reminded of the movie Bullworth when, freed to tell the truth, the senator addresses the black community and explains that the unfulfilled promises had just been campaign rhetoric designed to get their vote. (The clip is on YouTube, "A politician actually gives an "honest speech" for a change!" Viewer discretion advised.) When they express outrage, he laughs. "What are you going to do, vote Republican?" The same can be said for promises regarding education and mostly meaningless, drop-in-the-bucket reforms.

Whether for your children's or grandchildren's sake or for the country's sake as a whole, get yourself better educated on the far-reaching implications of our failed public school system. Then help to spread awareness. Just as the Republican Party has learned it can no longer take for granted the votes of more free-thinking libertarian-oriented conservatives, a more free-thinking black community must make it clear to Democrats that their votes can no longer be taken for granted. The video clip I'm looking forward to seeing is one in which that lady and others like her with the same conviction will speaking out to say, "Our vote can NOT be bought with a free phone. We deserve and demand better."

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Obama appeals to the "baseness in her heart" said Cicero...

"...For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.” Marcus Tullius Cicero

The baseness in her heart being that she wants free stuff and loves the guys who gives it to her for her vote, no matter who has to pay for it!

It was

G.W.Bush's 'back to work' program anyway (to have a way to be contacted by prospective employers). Obama just took the credit and misused it.

Keepin' it real.

Life imitates art, I guess

Morpheus from The Matrix said it best;

The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

God help us all.


I'm all for compassion but drop this B.S. about it being everything else's fault for her stupidity. I thought we were for personal responsibility.


Just a heads up as you are a relative "newbie." You are on a forum that represents Dr. Ron Paul. When you are in doubt as to where "we" stand you should always reflect as to why you are here . Maybe you should take some personal responsibility and read the posting guide lines. It is always a good place to go when in doubt.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

Let me help

"Even though this site is not in any official way affiliated with Dr. Paul or any of his multiple organizations, by participating in this site you are still representing Dr. Paul in the eyes of the public.

"Dr. Paul is a compassionate, humble, honest, fair and kindhearted human. Follow Dr. Paul’s lead"

Michael Nystrom

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

Are you serious?

Blame Obama, blame the welfare system? Get real. That woman is an extremist and a piece of trash!

So there are kids living in rural areas of the United States who still lack internet service at their schools but every inner city minority or poor person gets a free cell phone from Obama?

It's official: the country has gone to hell in a bucket!

The woman deserves all the mocking and criticism she gets because she and people like her spend their entire lives lobbying the gov't for more free stuff and voting for those who promise it.

and that is the real problem!

I say

We drone her.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain


I came to say thank you and I really can't believe some of the comments??? And yeah I'm gonna go there, by people who have been on board a matter of weeks. Cold.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

too long

didn't read

Sounds like you're pretty butthurt over nothing. People called an idiot an idiot and that's all there is to it. Get off your moral high-horse and stop being so pompous as to think you are qualified in any way whatsoever to pass judgment.

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
A common sense take on politics and current events.


Wait a second. Pompous?

Pompous like admitting to not reading something and still passing judgment on it? Cause that's pretty darn pompous.

The post is worth the time to read.

The ideas presented are worth engaging.


seriously, you should be able to make all your points(whatever they are) in about a third of the words. It's not as if your first paragraph drew me in and made me want to read it all.

She's funny sounding. Get over it. I hope the guys who did bed intruder http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMtZfW2z9dw do a musical mix of her.

That's just plain stupid.

Everyone has a part in their life or it wouldn't be called "their life".

I suppose we should let murderers out too because they're a product of a failed system.

Boohoo, it wasn't anybody's fault but the other guy's.

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I Totally Disagree

The public mocking and ridiculing of morons and socialists should be encouraged.

Whatever behavior you tolerate, you encourage.

You're full of it

I didn't comment on or even open the previous thread about this woman but you peaked my interest and I watched the video and read about a third of your drivel. This has nothing to do with the education system. You can't force people to learn and I guarantee you that the same school this ignorant byitch went to produced some very educated and articulate people who were willing to learn. Her worst enemy is herself and all the bleeding heart liberal spew will not help her one bit.

I'm glad I piqued your interest.

I'm not sure why you consider "drivel" my having pointed out the facts. But perhaps you're right in that I don't enjoy seeing people mocked under any circumstance and would likely have taken issue with that regardless.

I'm aware that you can't force people to learn any more than you can force them to read your whole post. The information I provided was for the benefit of those I thought might not be aware of the gravity of the situation and would be interested to know. Indeed, in my experience, even teachers themselves are mostly unaware of the low standing of this country in terms of academic achievement and also severity of the racial gap.

I take issue with your vulgar description of the woman, as well as your presumptuousness to think you could justifiably conclude that she was her own worst enemy, but you raise an interesting point. It’s true that not all are both willing and able to learn. But do you not think, at least for those who are able, that the curriculum (controlled by liberals) and quality of teaching (controlled by liberals) might be factors in achieving academic success? And bear in mind, we're talking about children here.

I'm no bleeding heart liberal myself, but rather a libertarian-oriented conservative. I’m also Christian, and like Ron Paul stated about himself, that plays a major role in my life – as the religious beliefs (or lack thereof) might influence others. But whatever my own reasons for wanting to raise awareness of the education debacle, in general, and specifically as regards the black community, you have a choice to make. You can either continue through taxes to support those who (for whatever reason) can't support themselves; you can let them starve; or you can try to help them be able to support themselves.

Lastly, for your own benefit, not mine, you might take a peek at the executive summary of the "Tough Choices" report. If the personal plight of the mass of uneducated people in this country isn't of one iota of concern to you, how about the economic consequences to this country? How about the effect on national security? It's clear to me that either you are ignorant of just how serious a situation this is or you don't care about the prosperity and security of America (either).

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

No matter what political label you choose

to identify yourself with, the one which most aptly fits you is "verbose."

I always like stating a

I always like stating a controversial opinion to encourage healthy discussion, so let me get to it.

If Africa was going to be a showcase of human achievement, it would have happened by now. Instead, we have a continent of people with an average IQ of 81, where an IQ below 70 is considered mentally retarded. Some people are the product of their ancestral heritage (as well as upbringing) but they shouldn't be held accountable either.


actually states 72 average for South Africa. Where did you get our figures from?


November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
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You beat me to it


reedr3v's picture

Do you have a single educated, credible source

for this outrageously bigoted comment? Good grief, you shame the forum.

Maybe this is one:


But I guess it depend on what you consider educated and credible, or outrageous.

reedr3v's picture

Wikipedia merely reports the contention of

one book, and lists several scholarly rebuttals. "Several negative reviews of the book have been published in the scholarly literature. Susan Barnett and Wendy Williams wrote that "we see an edifice built on layer upon layer of arbitrary assumptions and selective data manipulation. The data on which the entire book is based are of questionable validity and are used in ways that cannot be justified." They also wrote that cross country comparisons are "virtually meaningless."[6]"

Of course there are several rebuttals to this book

Do you think someone would release a study like that without academic egalitarians falling over themselves to disprove the premise, assault the person's character, and ruin the person's career?

Here's a rebuttal to their rebuttals:

reedr3v's picture

That didn't read to me as a clear rebuttal,

but thanks for replying to my original challenge. I did not know of the books. The idea of testing a "nation" as a collective makes no real sense to me. Certainly nothing is learned about individual capabilities, so the exercise seems academic of the sort supported by government grants.

Why would a free market world fund or care about such a study, rather than simply reward individuals who create and produce? I see it solely as a product of those who would control people for nationalistic domination.

she didn't even know about exterior motives

this isn't anything related to education.. some kindergartener possesses the wisdom to know when someone gives you gift for no reason, there is usually ulterior motive

i don't know wtf it has to do with education.. i hope you aren't on the same level as that 'lady', for attributing the lack of wisdom to something as irrelevant as education

but dam the bar is low. anybody is a "lady" as long as it's a female? whoa. talk about care bear mentality.

There is only one thing the

There is only one thing the current system is exceedingly well at: producing obedient subjects that only know their lot in life and cant expand beyond that.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.


Your words to its (Legalize Liberty) ear!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

For what its worth

My friend has one of these free phones. They are the cheapest little thing you ever saw. They come with 200 minutes per month from Assurance Wireless. You cannot top them up with more minutes, but you can add a dollar credit to your account which is then consumed rapidly at about 15 cents for every minute you use it. If you don't add the credit, your phone turns off after the free 200 minutes and you have no phone until minutes appear the following month. Believe me, when ever any of these poor people need to use this phone and add the credits to it, the government (or whoever Assurance Wireless is) makes plenty of money on these cheap little "free" phones.