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Kurt Bills is asking for $20,000

From a Kurt Bills email on Friday, September 28:

We are so close to our critical fundraising goal for the 3rd Quarter. In 38 hours my next fundraising deadline will pass.

I need $20,000 more to push us over the edge of a critical fundraising benchmark.

The Star Tribune already proved their bias for Klobuchar, and without a strong fundraising report what do you suppose the Star Tribune will print next?

Your contribution, even of $10 will help bring me over our internal fundraising goal.

If everyone who received this email gave just $10 more – I would have enough money for T.V.

Can you help me get there by contributing $10 today?
I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support."

Kurt Bills


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Not From Minnesota-Liberty Across State lines

Even though I am refocusing on liberty candidates in the general election down south and not a resident of Minnesota this does not matter. We all need to proverbial travel across state lines and volunteer our support for candidates across the fruited plain. My need to our strength and donate/phone bank for Kurt Bills who is running for public office in the great state of Minnesota.