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1st post ever

This is my first post ever on this site. Been a member for some time.

Just wondering if anyone forgot about trolls. This site is littered with them.

How can we handle this?

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I suppose we could just start a 'troll' witch hunt

and start banning all people that anyone who is a member of the site claims is a troll. But unfortunately, it seems the word troll has become very generic in the web world and is used liberally in knee jerk response to just about anyone who's opinion somebody else doesn't agree with. Instantly, they become a 'troll.'

Which would mean that by the end of a week, just about all users would be banned for being 'trolls,' likely including yourself, because it's only a matter of time before somebody disagrees with what you just wrote and calls you a troll, believing you are just trying to cause division here by starting this.

In short, opinions are like assholes, everybody has one, and whether any of us are trying to get mischievous or just offering our honest opinion, it is only a matter of time before just about anyone becomes a 'troll' at some point in their life on the web.

For the sake of liberty, respect that everyone has a different opinion. Debate those opinions, or just ignore them, instead of the easy way out, which is calling them a troll and asking the site government to deal with them for you.

When it becomes obvious that someone is here as a 'real' troll, then we deal with them.