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Boy with autism arrested for assault after police called to classroom

Boy with autism arrested for assault after police called to classroom

by KHQA Newsdesk
Posted: 09.24.2012 at 9:41PM
Updated: 09.25.2012 at 6:00 PM

QUINCY, ILL. -- A Quincy mother is upset over the way she said school officials treated her son who has autism during an incident Friday at Baldwin South Intermediate School.

Brandi Kirchner said that her 9-year-old son Roger Parker, Jr. had "a meltdown" during class. School officials sent him to a special area to calm down.

The boy climbed a dividing wall and the school called in a police officer to deal with him, the mother said. In the attempt to pull Roger off the wall, the officer pulled the boy by his arms and legs, causing him to hit his eye on the divider, Kirchner said.

The officer then tried to restrain the boy when Roger swung around and kicked the officer in his nose, Kirchner said.

Kirchner said the officer pulled her son to the floor. He was handcuffed and taken to the police station. She had to go to the station to get her son.

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Sissy Men

Could you imagine a police officer in the 1960's trying to charge a 9-year old autistic child with assault? He would have been the object of public mockery for months. But not today's uniformed pansies. Everything is a threat, and they must be kept safe and warm in the state's immunity blanket to protect them from disabled children.

America is ruled by an ruthless thuggery

There have always been bad people in law enforcement. But today, it seems more so these days.