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A day working in NYC: Why you are a frog in a hot pot of water

The tale of the frog in the boiling water is often used to illustrate the difference between gradual and drastic change. The story goes that if a frog is placed in a pot of cool water which is being heated on your stove over a very low flame. He will not jump out of the pot as the water's temperature slowly rises, eventually killing him. If that same frog is placed into that pot after the water has already been heated, he will immediately jump out. American citizens have been been in the pot since the 60's and the water is getting warmer every day.

On my way into the subway this morning I walked past three police officers carrying Colt M4 automatic rifles . They were wearing full body armor while holding a large distempered German Shepherd. As I went through the turnstiles, the dog lunged at a young women on her way to work. Luckily she managed to jump out of the way and narrowly avoided being bitten. She hadn't noticed the officers until she looked up, no doubt intending to give a stern word to whomever owned the dog. When she saw the machine guns the blood drained from her face. Obviously shaken she immediately looked down and walked away, quickly. I felt bad for her but at least they didn't have the folding table in front of them today so they weren't conducting a random bad search, I was late enough already. Those bag searches always cause a backup at the turnstiles.

Upon exiting the subway the New York Police Department passed by me conducting one of their drills, where fifty or so police cruisers show up in a very long single file line. Today they were quiet, no lights, no sirens. I appreciated that as I don't like all the loud noise and flashing lights before I've had a cup of coffee. I've seen this drill more then a few times in the past. They drill in different ares of the city so you never can predict where you'll see them. Usually they park diagonally on both sides of the street, spaced inches apart, half pulled up on the curb, half on the street for the length of a block or two. Sometimes all of the officers get out of the cars, get into police buses or vans and just drive off leaving their cars. Sometimes they all get out in full body armor and just stand there. Today they mundanely sat in their cars as I walked by, nothing new really.

Later, on my way home from work I was passed by several fire trucks driving by in a hurry. As I drew closer to the center of all the commotion I saw about twenty fire trucks surrounding the Port Authority building on all sides. Effectively cordoning off an area of about four square city blocks. In the past, say pre-911 you'd expect that this would maybe be caused by say... a fire. It wasn't of course. I've seen this same scene unfold at the Port Authority a dozen times over the last few years. As I crossed through the blockade of trucks I approached a laughing group of fire fighters in full gear and asked half seriously if I was going to get blown up today. You can't be too careful these days, better to ask than be sorry. They laughed and let me know it was just a false alarm, nothing to worry about. Relieved, I continued on my way, smiled at the three unmarked soldiers in full camouflage with the MP5 machine guns that always stand in front of the escalator bank and went on home to my family.

This could be another whole note for another day, but I've been trying to find out who these unmarked folks are for about a year and all I know for sure is that they are not NYPD (per the NYPD officer I asked while we were looking at them). Several times I've asked them directly about it as well. Mostly they just ignore me. Once I complimented the gentlemen's M4 and asked if it was a semi or full auto. I could actually buy the semi automatic version at a dealer, then purchase a kit that easily converts it to a fully auto after all. He took the bait and proudly stated it was full auto from the colt factory and then bragged about all the upgrades his model had. I tried to casually bring up who he worked for by commenting that it must be nice to have the people you work for pay for it and then asked who he was with. For a second I thought he was actually going to tell me.. but the other officer with him changed the topic before I got an answer. Are we being policed by someone other then the police? The constitution is pretty clear on the legality of being policed by the military, Yet no one seems to notice. Those who do notice rationalize that it must be necessary to protect us.

I make a point of mentioning things like this to everyone I know.. to the point of making them all a little annoyed I'm sure. I refuse to become the kind of person who stops mentioning it, because that will mean that I've been conditioned to accept all of this as common place. It is not common place.

I wonder what would happen if you took an American from 17, 18 or1950 and had them experience this same, very average, day in my life?

This is just a little day dreaming on my part, but I'd imagine that the 1750's American from our founding generation would immediately begin planning to overthrow the government, after all, you had a rifle, they had a rifle. Iit was a fair fight. The 1850's American would begin trying to quietly organize supporters politically for a cessation from the union(forcefully if need be), after all, they still had states rights then. A state could stand up to the federal government. The 1950's American would begin organizing a peaceful but steadfast system of protests designed to expose the governments oppressiveness to their countrymen through the media, after all, the media was there to protect them.


-In Eisenhower's farewell address he warned that he feared future Presidents with less knowledge of the military then himself would not be able to prevent the "Military Industrial Complex" from taking over the country.

- The succeeding president(JFK) was assassinated after having some very public quarrels with the military. Most notably the bay of pigs.

- Eisenhower's vice president (Nixon) was disgraced and forced to resign

-The patriot act allows the police to search my home without a search warrant.

-The NSA is tapping American citizen's phone lines without warrants.

-I see the police training in military like drills.

-The police are equipped like the military.

-Camouflaged heavily armed people are policing me and refusing to identify themselves.

-Most of the media I see (print, TV, movies, video games, ads, etc) are owned by 5 companies. Companies like GE, who no longer make dish washers, but who do make a lot of weapons for the military.

With my generation there is a preconceived notion, a "no brainer" that there can be no revolution in the United States, period. Mention trying to organize any sort of anti-government movement to someone of any political persuasion and you'll hear stories of people who disappear, satellites that can spy on you, phone taping, losing your job, and of course the overwhelming force of the American military that could crush any armed uprising. Protests are rarely well organized, and have a clear message even less often. The media seems to pick the most irrational person they can find and put them in front of the camera with the protest behind them as if they speak for the crowd. Notice how they never talk to the person on the stage/ soap box.

What will my generation do? Can we defend the constitution, or will it slip away? One freedom at a time.

UPDATE: Found this on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSI6kpKDdUg

UPDATE: It would appear the soldiers are national guard.
"Headquartered at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn, teams of JTF Empire Shield Airmen and Soldiers stand guard at key locations throughout the city, including Grand Central Terminal, Pennsylvania Station, the Port Authority Bus Terminal and entrances to a number of tunnels and bridges."

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Bolshevism is well and truly entrenched in America.

Search who gets 97% of DHS funding....

Luke 3:38
Isaiah 43:3-5

yeah this place bites

yeah this place bites

Police State NYC

Some local Black activists and some commie-hippie type anarchists (for example the original OWS) have been making trouble about the police-state stuff. They are pretty much alone. Occasionally the ACLU sues somebody. They could use some help from other ideological quarters. A police state is in nobody's interest except the few who control it, and what succeeds in NYC will be spread all over the country.

America is Finished

The Tyranny is destroying us Economically and it will be a short matter before Russia and China put on financial pressures against the dollar to collapse it. This might happen within a year.

What would collapse of the dollar mean? All those goods from china that now cost 5 dollars... would cost 100 dollars. Can you imagine going to buy your 20 dollar pair of jeans to see they now cost 300 dollars? Or a piece of brie cheese is now 150 dollars.

When I was in europe a piece of brie was one euro. Back home at a decent store that same piece was three dollars. Today that same piece is seven dollars. Reggiano parmesan was about five dollars for a small container full of it. Now its twelve dollars. All our imports are getting priced out of our reach. And that includes OIL which is four bucks a gallon a seemingly unheard of price.

At 5 bucks a gallon, a 20 gallon SUV tank will take 100 dollars to fill up. At about 15 miles to the gallon and a commute thats every week and a half or three times a month. That's 300 bucks just for gas each month. If the dollar collapses expect that to double. At 600 bucks a month for gas, much of the lower middle class wont be able to drive any longer. Not like before. Nor will they be able to commute to work. This will actually not simply be more expensive, but life changing.

What to do? It's time for Atlas to shrug. Withdraw from their financial system. Become a diaspora in other haven countries until sanity returns or the young-uns fight their revolution. Maybe someday when we are older we can come back. Withold our intellectual gifts from society. The movie Atlas Shrugged II is hitting theaters I highly recommend everyone to see it.


Possibly important to note

Possibly important to note that the tired old 'frog in a pot of gradually boiling water' saying is untrue. A frog will jump out before the water gets too hot... but that would be inconvenient to the argument.

I'm aware, but it's such a

I'm aware, but it's such a useful political allegory :)
See http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2006/09/the-bo...

Use things not People. Love People not things.

Police State, Anyone?

This has been a gradual mental conditioning we as a nation have experienced post-9/11 - you see the stories DAILY how another armed convoy was assisting local law enforcement doing something...highway checkpoints looking for drunk drivers, etc.

Be sure to answer ALL the questions and have the proper documents - unless you're "undocumented"...then you're a-ok,ace.

May God have mercy on this country which has lost its way.

Be seeing you.

Here is an idea on how to get

Here is an idea on how to get them to tell you who they work for. Ask them how you would get a job doing what they do. If they still dont say, I would have to guess that they have specifically been told or discouraged from discussing anything about their employer.

Most people probably just assume they are an arm of the police department but that of course sounds unlikely. To be able to have that many "officrs" standing around a place like NYC means whoever their employer is would be quite large as I doubt they are using guys piecemeal from different companies. So its very likely a very large private security type company and looking into that would probably yield clues as to who it is. Unless this is all supposed to be secret, I would think that a company would probably like showing off how they are trusted enough to "secure" one of the largest cities in the world.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Papers please....

will be coming soon...


"Observe the masses,and do the opposite."

I leave NYC the end of next month

My lease is up and I will NOT AT ALL miss this place! They have all sorts of armed folk here, public and private forces. When everything goes to hell this is the last place on earth I would want to be.

Everyone needs to understand that there has been a war of attrition waged against american society for decades on the common people. It will not end until we end it!!!

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MIC + Security industry complex have the free access to the

Fed Res-enabled freeMONEY spigots. They are bound to grow bigger & mightier. . . I can't see how this trend can be reversed until the freeMONEY machine collapses. Gluttony is a difficult sin to be free from ;-(

American workers

Who are these Americans who take jobs counterproductive to freedom and when are we going to stop it? Do not enlist, do not deploy, do not work for Monsanto, limit dealing with banks, etc.

ahhh... NYC

I lived there almost a year. Won't ever again!!!

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

GE most certainly still makes

GE most certainly still makes dishwashers. I can see two of the production lines from my desk.

They also make some pretty advanced weaponry as well, but not around here.

As Far The Founders Point Of View

I find it highly unlikely that they would have simply launched into open rebellion as you mention, but you bring up an interesting point.

For years preluding, the American War of Independence (I use the term Revolution as only the political movement) the power of armed forces stationed amongst the people was not uncommon. In fact they in a sense were the police of the era, working in conjunction with local militias to prevent hostilities from French, Indian, or domestic troubles. The true point of contention occurred when the British government (not King George but Parliament) began to assert it's power to enforce harsh taxation on the populous.

Adding insult to injury, the gov't then passed the Quartering Acts of 1765 which required to station troops in private homes, barns, inns, etc. if no room was found in the local fort/barracks.

This would all come to a head in 1766 when the British gov't attempted to force the local authorities to not only quarter but also pay for nearly 1,500 troops to be landed in none other than New York City. During a confrontation, a member of the New York Provincial Assembly refused to quarter troops and the resulting exchange of insults lead to blows. The British gov't then threatened to dissolve all local gov't but backed down when the Assembly agreed to pay.

So my long point? New York has always been the head of interesting new conflicts, and I think that the Founders may have just been eying this one with more than suspicion.

Just hope we never see they don't come for our guns: We all know how that turned out on Lexington Common in 1775...

"Liberty's too precious a thing to be buried in books...Men should hold it up in front of them every single day of their lives and say: 'I'm free to think and to speak. My ancestors couldn't. I can. And my children will."

-Jimmy Stewart

I'm Still Reading Your (Excellent) Post But...

...I had to comment prior to completing it. In response to your comment about the NYPD doing drills with large numbers of cars, it could be a "psy op":

Watch from 4:30 until 8:42.



The NYPD has admitted publicly that their "show of force" is a psyop, as are the random searches. They state they are meant to intimidate the would be evil doers and that pragmatically both serve little purpose. The sinister aspect, in my opinion, is that over time these actions inevitably become less shocking as you become desensitized. I say sinister because its my personal belief that they want us to be desensitized. When they cordoned off lower Manhattan with check points to try and cut off people attempting to join the occupy movement they met with no resistance. In fact new yorkers barely raised an eye brow as we are so used to our freedom of travel being restricted. Its sad really.

Use things not People. Love People not things.

Really good post.

A lot to get through at once but you make some great points.

I love the analogy of the frog in the pot, yes it is amazing how we can inch towards a totalitarian state.

I think the way back is to inch towards a minimal state and to ensure centralised power is spread as thinly as possible.

Good stuff.

Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."

Nice post , but leaves out the worst

abuses of Gaulieter Bloombergs aspiring gestapo, the so-called stop and frisks. This means basically that any male under 40 in a black or latino neighboorhood labeled high crime will be thrown against a wall searched and forced to produce their "papers" for no reason other than walking down the street. This happened nearly 700,000 times last year.

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