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Attention CA, IA, WI, VT Ron Paul: Write-In Ballots Now Available, 25% Early Voting Expected

"No excuse required" absentee ballots are now available in the states of CA, IA, WI, VT, where write-in votes are definitely counted and Ron Paul is strong. This means that no excuse such as being out of state on election day is required. Absentee write-in ballots provide a paper record of your vote which you can photocopy. The is expected to be 25% or higher this year.

Ron Paul write-in votes will definitely be counted in these states.

Ron Paul taking a huge write-in vote in these states is fraud proof (because we will have the paper copies to prove a real count of the vote) and will send an Earth-rocking message to the GOP and to the world. NO WE ARE NOT DEFEATED. YOU DID NOT SUCCEED. WE ARE HERE AND YOU WILL NEED TO DEAL WITH US.

The argument that Ron Paul can't win on a write-in campaign, so we should vote for a third party candidate on the ballot, is absurd, as none of the other third party candidates can win either. We ought to vote our conscience and send the strongest message possible. California being in play can upset the NDAA Traitor Parties' calculations for 52 electoral votes. This is the kind of uncertainty they hate.

These four states together count for 74 electoral votes, which, swung one way or the other, are a significant impact on the 270 needed to win.

The other states where Ron Paul write-in votes will definitely be counted are AL, PA, NH, DE, OR, RI, but the write-in must be on election day, unless you cannot be present and qualify for an absentee ballot (maybe a good time for that long-deferred visit to your mother-in-law?)

With these states included, the number of electoral votes at stake in states where Ron Paul write-ins will be counted, without a "declaration from the candidate," is 121 electoral votes. Not knowing which way these states will go because of the Ron Paul factor is more uncertainty than the major party control freaks can tolerate. This will force attention to the Ron Paul message.

Then there is Richard Gilbert's lawsuit to force write-in votes to be counted in all 50 states, which he admits is a long-shot. Gilbert tells us that the Supreme Court has held that the states have the power to restrict ballot access. But in reading the decision Gilbert tells us that the question of write-ins was never addressed specifically, and that he does not think the court meant to include write-ins, the question now up for clarification.

CA, IA, WI, and VT Ron Paulers please spread the word that in your states you can cast an absentee write-in ballot and your votes WILL BE COUNTED.

In CA you can even check the status of your ballot. The CA Secretary of State website reads:

California Elections Code section 3017(c) requires county elections officials to establish procedures to track and confirm the receipt of voted vote-by-mail ballots and to make this information available by means of an online access system using the county's elections division web site or via a toll-free telephone number.

All those years as the lone voice on the House floor defending our rights to due process, to a jury trial, to not be assassinated by our government, Ron Paul was coming through for us. Now it's our turn to come through for him.

National Conference of State Legislatures Early Voting, Absentee Ballot, and Mail Voting Guide

California Secretary of State Vote by Mail Instructions


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We're looking into it now...

We have a phone call in to the elections division of the California Secretary of State's office right now, and will post any definitive information that can be obtained here.

Very good. I know we can get 55 electors easy but

looks like right now we might have too many cooks in the kitchen. Good for the right hand to know what the left is doing. Also does the VP have to be the same for each elector? Here is the 2008 Ron Paul write-in elector official list, maybe not:


Release the Sandy Hook video.

I reached the CA Sec. of State's office today...

by phone, and as of noon today, October 4, 2012, there were a total of 7 write-in electors successfully filed for Ron Paul in California, whereas 55 are needed for Ron Paul's votes to count here. From what I understood, these signatures were sent in separately. I also got a phone call yesterday from someone in the SF area working with an ongoing effort that has collected approximately half of the required notarized signatures (with a common VP, which is prudent), and still active trying to get the remainder, and have advised them as to a quick way to get that done. Will advise further any new information.

This Michigan voter...

...wrote also wrote a double post! :)


Now that Ron Paul is an official write-in in Maine we can make a real dent in this election. We have our message. Our message is RON PAUL!

Release the Sandy Hook video.

This Michigan voter...

...wrote in RON PAUL on his absentee ballot today, via the UK.

Just for the record.

-- Loyal Yank

YAY! If Gilbert wins it's a whole new game. Would love to see

the number of Ron Paul write-in across the country. (Don't know if you did but everyone try to photocopy. Then every state could put out a call for the RP write-ins and show up any official count which is a lie, provable in a court of law.)

Release the Sandy Hook video.

have there been 55 electors in ca. yet?

it is my understanding that 55 people need to do some paperwork and pledge to be electors in ca. for Ron Paul to be a write in candidiate.

does anyone know if that has happened yet?

Update: there is a thread on this at Ron Paul Forums

(where they put Gary Johnson stuff in an "other candidates" subforum so it doesn't hinder our work) by "sailingaway":

"Need 55 electors w/ notarized forms in CA 4 write in votes 4 Ron 2 count-FORMS INSIDE"

I'd send her a PM.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

My understanding is that this is either in progress or already


Napa Valley Register

Here is the 2008 write-in elector list for Ron Paul:

We need some hard info here, and a statement on Sec of State letterhead that the requirements have been met. California Ron Paul do you read? Come in, over.

Release the Sandy Hook video.