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So New Look: A Weekend Feature of the DP?

Because Michael, if you need the break:


Words cannot describe the gratitude that I and I'm sure so many of us owe to you for your work on the Daily Paul. Totally continue taking the weekend off...maybe some of us here should do so too?

Just a thought people.

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i don't like it

i'm sure there are mods that can be trusted with updating the front page on the weekends. if not i guarantee there are plenty of older members who would step up.

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Just a few constructive thoughts...

I think we should set up a new strategy for the home page that isn't headlined by the mods.... Not that they are doing a bad job, but that it is defeating the purpose of a audience agenda rather then a owner agenda.

I propose a similar format as before, but instead of being on the front page from the Mods determinations... They would rather be voter up and down oriented.

Also, Daily Paul needs to lay off the censorship in comments... I can't say Shit or Fuck without a bleep. Another suggestion is allow for posters to add embedded content such as videos and images.(there is a way to do this so they don't have to waste server space... they can reference YouTube video's ect. as an embedded without wasting server space)

Please contribute to any thoughts that I may have excluded.

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Hey man totally thanks!

Thanks for understanding.

And yeah, it ain't a bad idea to get out into the sunshine, or the rain, or whatever it may be where you are, and meet people face to face, and maybe watch a football game on Sunday or whatever.

Variety is the spice of life.

Thanks again man. Have a great weekend everyone.

BTW, the classic front page can be found here: http://www.dailypaul.com/node. The link is there in that big, yellow, highlighted block above the articles.

He's the man.

This is the greatest site on the net:

Well, maybe I'm a little bias. But it has been great for me for a long time.
When I first found the chrono page.


I made it my home page when I open my browser and then just go down the list.
When I find double posts, I open the earliest and sometimes the doubles just to see what someone has to say. I occasionally hit the home page to see if I missed something. But it has been a great ride so far and I always look forward to see what great minds have for me today. Thanks Michael.

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