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It's happening now!

We are a small town in Central Ontario with a military base close by. We have a special annual event called the scarecrow invasion ... a cute touristy idea to combine with an craft show and a small town type school kids parade of dressed up scarecrows , vintage cars and the like. In the midst of it all was a detachment of marching soldiers in combat uniform followed by military vehicles. The onlookers were silent as I too thought this was a chilling experience in the midst of all the school kids and their scarecrow parade....an invasion to be sure. The pipe band that preceded them were carrying four flags, Canada's Ontario's royal air force I think...and the UN flag. I'm sorry I did not have a camera in hand. It is happening. People are aware but passive and silent.

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Anybody get a picture

or video?

"I'm sorry I did not have a camera in hand."

No worries. Are you speaking of the Meaford Scarecrow invasion? I'm googling images, lol.

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Wow, thanks for sharing this

with us, very sad.

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