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Why Rand Paul doesn't need your vote in the 2016 Republican primary

For those of you who 'will never vote for Rand Paul'. He'll get most of the Santorum/Gingrich tea party vote, most of the liberty vote, some of the Romney types will come around, others will be in nursing homes or dead by that time. I think his strategy is sound. A close association with the ideas behind this movement would have been heavy baggage to carry. The vast majority of Republicans are not libertarians and won't be converted by 2016, no matter how much we would like that to happen. Whine all you want, he doesn't need you.

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I think you're right.

I've encountered many people who are the "FOX News Types" who hated Ron Paul, but think Rand is a darling and want to see him in the White House....even if he shares his father's views on lots of issues. Go figure.

hmm...I think he definitely

hmm...I think he definitely needs the liberty movement.

He is still an asset in my book until he stops pushing back against the endless wars and big brother legislation. He will never have the same level of respect or trust with me as his father.

That Romney endorsement was so crushing and divisive.

I was going to down vote

but it wouldn't let me. I guess I down voted the thread earlier. :)

establishment will body slam

establishment will body slam Chris Christie down the throats of Fox news and the GOP

They dont need to shove him

They dont need to shove him down their throats, all they need to do is get them all to eat more fast food and that will accomplish the same thing. haha

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

You are whistling past the

You are whistling past the graveyard if you believe that the warmongers in the GOP will support Rand. They don't trust a sell-out either and he is not "reliable" for them on foreign policy. The fair-haired boy of the "small government" warmongers next time will be Paul Ryan. He IS reliable from their standpoint.

I could give a rat's ass

whether Rand needs us. I don't need him, just like I don't need Romney, who Rand endorsed.

Rand Paul does need this movement

If Rand does not get backed by the elites then he will need our help for fund raising and for getting delegates. If he does get backed by the elites, that means he sold out and will not bring about any meaningful change anyways. So in fact Rand Paul does need this movement to back him as long as he will not sell out. If the elites do not want him they will do the same thing to him as they did to his father.

This is a fractured movement

My point was that he will do fine with the part of the movement that is willing to support him plus the tea party types who voted for him in Kentucky and exist all over the country.

Most liberty minded folks

left Rand when he endorsed Mitt. And it was these folks who were his grassroots support who got him elected in KY with the tea party message. Thing is....The tea Party is NOW DEAD and its back to good ol NEOCON politics. Thus the only way for Rand to win, is for him to become a total sellout.

honesty will get you about 10 percent of the vote

if you're lucky. Selling out works every time. So I kind of agree with you that he will have to appear to be selling out to those who are 'awake'. Naivete is one of the biggest weaknesses of this movement. We'll just tell the truth and everything will be fine, la la la, isn't the world filled with rainbows and unicorns. No need for an actually strategy right?

This is perfectly explained

And I don't think there's ANY chance that the elites will take a chance that Rand is different than Ron.

He will need us.

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Rand's problem may be this:

Not trusted by the elites; not trusted by the Liberty Movement.

We have seen how divisive he is to this movement; I think the same is true for the Establishment.

It will be interesting to see how it plays out. I stand by my statement that Rand is a one man soap opera.


...but easily corrected with 1) overt support from dad, and 2) passionate public speeches/statements against the drug war, IRS, etc.

Rand is not trusted by 'part' of the liberty movement

The movement is fractured. Also, these elites are not all powerful, otherwise Ron Paul would not be getting crowds of 10,000. Ron's strategy isn't the only way to go up against them, maybe Rand can get somewhere with this approach. If he fails, big deal. What's wrong with trying several methods to slay the same beast? At some point a liberty minded leader is going to have to get majority support in this country in order to get elected, otherwise candidates like Ron or Gary keep running and getting a few percent. Why does the candidate also have to be the messenger? Let some specialize in getting elected and others specialize in spreading the message.

Good luck with that.

I will stick with Ron Paul 2016. Even if it is just to spread the message farther and wider. POTUS is an overrated job.

We'll be spreading the message and Rand will muting it back down. Fun stuff.

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Why is following the Constitution such a heavy load to bear?

For doing this, Ron Paul has been ridiculed, mocked, criticized, disrespected, ostracized, demonized, isolated, abandoned, and threatened.
Everyone elected by the People even swears to uphold the Constitution, so why would we be such heavy baggage for Rand and we were not for Ron Paul? Is this part of the secret strategy to change the GOP from the inside?


You cannot escape todays troubles by trying to look ahead 4 years!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~


only works for Rand if Obama wins. Romney runs the RNC for a least 5 years with a win.

No, he doesn't.

Truth, liberty and justice need me. Men seeking political power over me certainly do not need that.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

So basically, we'll be waiting until 2020 for Rand to run if...

Romney wins 2012. Is Rand going to vote for Romney since he endorsed him?

Also, the GOP considers all Rand and Ron Paul supporters to be Libertarians in Republican clothing.

Whether most Republicans are Libertarians or not, they are smart enough to figure out that most of the GOP are fiscal Democrats despite what they claim.

Gingrich and Santorum were

Gingrich and Santorum were Tea Partiers? Santorum was the values vote/religious right guy, Gingrich was a stereotypical moderate neoconservative. The only Tea Partiers were Ron Paul, Michelle Bachmann and Herman Cain. And the last two didn't do very well.

Palin probably won't run if Rand Paul does. I expect the field to include Jeb Bush, Christie and Rubio. Rubio is our biggest challenger right now. He has Tea Party support (although his voting record is rather different, being very pro foreign aid), he has a large fan base and is a very good speaker in both English and Spanish. Our main aim for the next four years should be to expose the real Rubio.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/


And pushed by the Establishment (with racist motivations)

Rubio is not eligible to be President

he is not a natural born citizen. His parents were not citizens at his birth to my understanding.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, of

Nobody, and I mean nobody, of any significance cares for that dubious birther intrerpretation. Besides, we now have TWO precedents that say otherwise: Chet Arthur and Obama

You're right, his record is

You're right, his record is terrible, but TPE and FreedomWorks seem to still want to back him.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

Good, there is no problem on this end...

Listen, I will be writing an article concerning Romney and Rand in the near future but until then I will say this, "You do what you do and I'll do what I do rand!"

No hidden agenda.

Unfortunately Rand Paul aligned himself with an institution in decay, brought about mostly by their own declining moral integrity, and no amount of personal support, or condemnation, will change the outcome.

My personal view.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

Can only hope

All I can do is take note of Rand's actions and votes and hope the he will change the system. And that system will not change him.... Maybe I'll set up a libertarian vote tracker for all these folks who want our vote.