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40 Deutsche Bank Employees Injured After Inhaling "Dangerous" Substance In Schkeuditz, Germany

["War on Bankers" beginning?]

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 09/28/2012 09:35 -0400

It appears banker popularity is low to quite low not only in the US but virtually everywhere. According to Lepizig-Fernsehen, a toxin alert has been issued at a Deutsche Bank branch in Schkeuditz, a suburb town of Leipzig, where 40 people have been "injured" after inhaling a white powdery substance delivered hours before, and which spread via the building's air conditioning system.

From LF:

On Friday afternoon marched forces of police and firefighters from the Deutsche Bank building in Schkeuditz. Around 40 people have been injured by inhaling a dangerous, but so far unknown substance.

The package with the white powder had been delivered in the hours before. With great probability the substance spread through the air conditioning throughout the building.

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