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Paul Harvey: If I were the devil, 1965. Prophetic or just wise?

Interesting perspective. Most of you on the DP weren't alive at this point.

American Revolution: 1776-Present.


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Satan is tyranny and total

Satan is tyranny and total control. Satan demands perfection. God is freedome and choice. The idea that God demands anything is nonsense. God says it's your choice to believe and there is no hell. This is what I believe.

Government is not a necessary evil, but necessarily evil.

Government is the adversary. It tempts with bread, power and fame.

Government ignores it's victims an the blood they've spilled. They Coerce contributions that would never be volunteered. They praise themselves to all the good central control the apply leaving the wreckage of families and business wherever they go.

If government could limit itself to the Constitution and protecting everyone's Rights. Can Satan be tamed?

Free includes debt-free!