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To continue Ron Paul's legacy in activism, a group of Ron Paul supporters is posting on issues at all levels, but particularly local.

We won't win any election until the majority of individuals understand the concepts of liberty, and at the local level, we have any opportunity like none other.

Visit our website and please provide any feedback you may have.

At the very least, PLEASE, like us on Facebook, leave a link, a comment, anything:


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This needs up votes!

Seriously... Scream where they can hear your voices the loudest, people! Grass roots have to start at the most local level - the individual - and grow through their communities from there.

Unlearning and self-teaching since 2008. Thanks, Dr. Paul!

Great Site!

I'm originally from Westchester County NY, in fact I visit there twice a year because my parents still live there. Over the summer I had a discussion with my parents on how grassroots efforts could take control of the local GOP from the establishment, just like we did in Clark County, NV. I really hope this site becomes the launching pad for more libertarian/conservative grassroots activists that Westchester desperately needs.

Thanks Mike!

We're just getting started, but we definitely appreciate your support!

Some of us tried, unsuccessfully, to participate in the GOP leadership in the County. We'll try another shot at it next year, with more preparation and knowledge about the process.

Thanks for visiting the site. Hope your parents will like it too!

Westchester County NY? Don't

Westchester County NY? Don't you guys have the highest property taxes in the country?

We're in the belly of the beast

We need all the help we can get to take down the socialist.

Quick story: while I was petitioning local Republican voters one day in White Plains, I came across a Registered Republican who told me she was really a Democrat who joined the Republican party (along with friends) so that she and her friends could weaken it from the inside. Totally evil!

This is probably a common strategy among democrats throughout the country.

The Republicans were strong here 20 years ago but are now a weak crony organiztion playing into the hands of the Democrats.

Haha. Was she a Ron Paul

Haha. Was she a Ron Paul supporter?

There was a group called Blue Republicans that encouraged Democrats to join the Republican Party to vote for Ron Paul.


And we're Fed up!

Some people from your area

Some people from your area sound like they're proud that they can afford the highest property taxes in the country. Weird.

“'Taxes are high, but you get a lot for them. That’s why I live here, and I encourage other people to move here,' said Falu, citing the proximity to Playland Amusement Park, the Yankees and Broadway."

"Even Riccardelli said he’s happy to be able to pay his taxes in Rockland.

'It is tough to pay these taxes, and I’m lucky enough to afford them,' he said."


We are more effective on the local level

We are all more effective on the local level. Everyone needs to be doing this.

Love it

Hopefully more of us will start doing things like this!

Unlearning and self-teaching since 2008. Thanks, Dr. Paul!


.. for your support!