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"Marijuana Moms Who Prefer to Smoke Marijuana Over Alcohol or Cigarettes"

Local CBS outlet in Los Angeles aired this great story.



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...Obama other WAR !

Unknown to most Americans Obama has waged another War inside this Nation against pot smokers even Medical ones! Obama and his Thugs have closed down more MEDICAL Shops than even his Horrific Friend and fellow Bankster Puppet George Bush.

Obama and Co. have sent more people to Jail over this "crime" than anyone else in History

Do you all notice how YOUNG

Do you all notice how YOUNG they look! Marijuana has so many uses and it really keeps the body young. I have never met an individual who used marijuana that looked old and wrinkly like those that smoke cigs or take pills. (does not include those that do these together).

Can't we all

just get a bong?

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The DCF guy close to the end of the video looks like such weasel. His concern is that moms could become dependent. Well, aren't people who takes the various pharma drugs dependent? What a joke these do-gooders are. It really irks me the way the pretend they care when they are only interested in advancing their version of tyrany under the guise of compassion.

More people have died from

More people have died from plastic surgery and it looks like hes dependent on it.



Bob Marley

Check out what Bob thinks about marijuana and the 'governments of this earth' as he says...


Saw this fact on twitter today

“Federal government figures indicate there are more than 41,000 Americans in state or federal prison on marijuana charges right now, not including those in county jails. That’s more than the number imprisoned on all charges combined in eight individual European Union countries.”



in 2010 over 800,000 Americans were arrested on marijuana charges.

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"I prefer marijuana over

"I prefer marijuana over Vicodin..." I cant help but feel a little anxious because of big pharma. Who knows what they are going to do now that logic like this is aired on mainstream tv.

double post

double post

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

It was only ( I say that in

It was only ( I say that in angst) when vicodin worked for my chronic pain. I quickly advanced to oxycodin and the very first script I received was for 60 mg pills. I was told to cut them in half at first. It's been the most horrible period of my life from a health standpoint. 3+ years of waking up in pain and going to sleep in pain. My heart goes out to the millions of us who suffer and then are put thru the ringer to simply obtain "something" to help us cope. In my case I also have heart disease and had a failed open heart surgery in 2005. To "tough out" the pain would stress my heart more and as such I'm even more at risk at other stuff happening.

As anyone in such situations will tell you the daily ingestion of vicodin or oxycodin non stop will result in other wonderful side things like, constipation the likes of which you've never believed possible and with that the daily use of laxatives, various juices and things to help keep you as stable as possble while long term useage of these laxatives will absolutely destroy all kinds of internal stuff. I remember mentioning this to the doc, that the constipation was unbearable and you know what the reply was? Take more laxatives!

Instead I started medical mariuana. It's not strong enough to substitute for opioids but it's been very helpful in eliminating the need for opioids to a large degree. Since that time 2 years ago I've gradually lessened my opiod intake by 75%! Along with that is also the 75% less need for the other things. Yet the way reality is you will find it very difficult even where cannabis is legal for medicinal use to find a doctor who will prescribe pain meds when he knows you are using cannabis and can hurt you by putting in your record things that will alert your next doc to be extra careful.

They say these tinctures and things are helpful. We're considering a move to california because of this availability which doesn't seem to exist in such a degree elsewhere. ( would prefer hawaii but there's no dispensaries at all there, you must grow your own ) If anyone has experience with the tinctures for pain please let me know.

It's a horrible thing to be sick and not be allowed to use natural substances which will help you in more ways than just dealing with pain but also help in eliminating the harmful substances they seem to force on us but then hold over our heads.

No country that acts like this has any standing in critisizing any other countries human rights records and should focus on itself rather than everybody else for a while. IMO

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution


pump more $ into the anti-marijuana propaganda campaigns. Much like the oil companies did back in the 1930's with the whole refer madness crap. Only problem is today most people see beyond how ridiculous it is for being criminalized. My guess is they will keep fighting to promote it's a "dangerous drug" and is only safe when Big Pharmaceuticals can properly regulate it. They'll fight for ownership over it if it is to ever become fully legalized anyhow.