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Pat Caddell: Media Have Become an "Enemy of the American People"

The founders envisioned a press that would keep a check on the powerful. The press has abrogated their role as watchdog, Caddell says, and chosen to become power brokers themselves. Agenda driven news threatens fundamental freedoms. Lawmakers are no longer held to account. Fundamental questions go unasked. Fundamental events go uncovered.

Pat Cadell at Accuracy in Media (26:36)


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Even though

Even though this is coming from a hack like Caddell, his outrage is believable!

And over the last year I have seen some notable changes in Caddell's thinking. Over this last year, something has happened to him, somebody or something has gotten stuck in his craw!

Here's a link to a video of him on Hannity's show from back in July of last year, where he shows true disgust, and distain for all political parties in our country. http://youtu.be/Z0OKBrEmPss

I could very well be wrong, but he may be ripe for the picking, and may be searching for a "New Political Church" so to speak, and maybe, just maybe his way of thinking is slowly but surely starting to come around. And isn't this what we want as a movement? Aren't we wanting folks to wake up and see the light? And listen, in all truthfulness, when I first came over to these libertarian points of view I now have and hold so dearly, there were times I would read something, or hear something being said by another libertarian speaker that would cause me to pause and digest it for a bit, before I began to preach a more perfect form of the libertarian ideas, and how about Doug Weads personal "coming to the light" story.

I personally would love to see more mainstream media personalities begin to wake up to our ideas and movement, and I sure am glad none of you guys knocked me over the head, and beat me up, before I had the chance to become the perfectly formed picture of libertarian beauty, you have ...Typing before you today!

I personally loved his anger, his frustration, his outrage, and his hostility! He may not be the libertarian we'd love for him to be, and he may never become such, but let's not blacken both his eyes just yet folks, his recognizable personality may be of some use to us yet! Until then, lets hope, like so many of us here on the DP, maybe he'll hear, read, or see something that wakes him up to the truth before it's to late, because wether you like him or not, Pat Caddell, can be a pretty insightful and sharp-tounged guy, and he's not a fool, if that's what you were thinking!

Just my two Bitcoins worth that's all,

It's fun to watch

when it comes from odd places. Doug Wead's a great example.

What a typical Neocon hypocrite!

This Neocon scumbag Pat Caddell is one of the worst, which puts him in a larger group unfortunately:


His raison d'etre is to promote wars for Israel... which of course makes him fear and hate Ron Paul.

If you want a real newsperson...

...check out WhoWhatWhy.com with investigative journalist, Russ Baker (who is also the author of Family Of Secrets). If you read Family Of Secrets it will change your understanding of the country.

As Ron says: media-industrial complex in bed with big government

Pat Cadell's vest may be tainted -

still - his speech gives a good illustration
of how Ron has often described Washington,
the joined Republican and Democratic party - and
their privileged corporate partners:
military industrial complex
medical industrial complex
financial industry
!!media industry!!

in collusion with BOTH parties
bidding for auctions of taxpayer handouts -
and greasing both parties.

Interesting now is the direction:
government corrupts the press -
not "big business" corrupting government.

And his warning of a populist "George Wallace"
who completely abolishes any free speech is
worth repeating.

Peter Buchmann

This guy is a straight up

This guy is a straight up neocon hack. Don't waste your time. Pot calling the kettle black is no news to the DP reader

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

Right! He's upset because media is not promoting war enough:

"When we're talking about Iran, I just finished surveys, some of you may have seen, with John McLaughlin this week for the Secure America Now. On just how strongly Americans are concerned with Iran, the Muslim brotherhood, what's happening in the Middle East, and cuts in defense spending - and this is not the place for that. But, it strikes me as the American people identify, in the polling we've done over the last year, as Iran is the single greatest danger to the United States."

- Pat Caddell, 5:28

reedr3v's picture

Even if he's a Romney guy, he is talking a

substantial portion of truth to the Republican ignoramuses. That may have some benefit.

You want proof of media choosing in place of the people?

You all know one very good primary race to be brought up as evidence. Hell, it was so blatant it was a joke on Jon Stewart.

Media is "Equal Opportunists"...

Is he forgetting the billions pumped into the media directly from the White House to prop up the wars ?

Its happened under both political parties.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon