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Concerns over "hate speech" spur talks of limitations on free speech

Tony and I wrote this in response to the Islamic rally condemning "hate speech", and for limitations on free speech. Please take a moment to read this and pass it on. http://www.campaignforliberty.org/profile/7655/blog/2012/09/...

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just another nail

It is just a sign that the people, who don't want to follow the Constitution, are trying to drive several more nails into the coffin that contains the basic liberties of the rest of us! In two years, no matter who wins, the death knell will be sounding!


Very well written.

Very Well Done Article

It's simple and to the point, most people could understand.

I'm going to share your article as I appreciate it and believe it deserves a wider audience, and supported.

Bravo and THANK YOU.

quick glance note

an affect/effect word usage issue toward the end. I'll replace this comment with something more constructive when I get a chance to read it more thoroughly

I tried to PM you. Is that disabled?

Defend Liberty!

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Best line:

"Protecting the individuals right to free speech, not merely the ideas that we agree on but rather the ideas in which we do not, is essential to freedom."