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Ron Paul - "Bad" because he wants to limit Government?

I just saw this fresh article from University of California. He states that cutting Government services as if they really are services should stop you in your tracks to vote fro Paul.
Please comment in the article (tab in upper right corner) as college students are likely to see this one.

Titled: Voters Should Stall For Voting Ron Paul

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Well, at least the UC Santa Barbara campus

is supporting Ron Paul! The writer has little knowledge of what she writes. She'll make a good intern in the main stream media.

alan laney

The simple answer

Everyone pays much more into the system than they get out of it. The bulk of their taxes just make other people rich.

How to support RP's cause every day:
1. Don't use credit cards
2. Stamp your cash with RP stamp before spending
3. Take cash out of ATM, stamp, put back in bank
4. Explain to teller why you did #3
5. Repeat