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Union Wide Letter Bomb

Vote for who ever you want, it's not going to really matter that much..except make you feel good and believe your vote counts. (And you should vote, because we need to elect Liberty candidates to Congress and our State and Local government.)

If we really want a real rEVOLution and if you all want a real campaign, lets compile a list of all the possible Presidential Electors (Democrat, Republican and Libertarian Slates) and mount a Union Wide Letter Bomb (UWLB), to write to all those Presidential Electors why we want them to vote for Dr. Ron Paul, for President of these United States.

If we are really serious about restoring Liberty and our Constitutional Republic, this is our last best chance. Based on the reality of the state of our Union, we don't have another four years. 2016 will be too late.

What do you think?! Do we have enough people who are awake and know how to break though their Matrix? If not, God help us!

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We have to try everything to try and lessen the consequences of what is coming! Keep Educating!, starting with the electors is probably a good Idea!

There isn't enough support here for this to work.

There's not enough support here for this to work. I'm not motivated. Just let the country crash..no one seems to care.

Liberty Movement 2012 Election Power Play Strategy

There is still time to do a Voter Bomb

Check it out ...


Defining Security Protocols

I'm defining security protocols to ensure the project is not co-opted. (There are many double agents within our group.) The idea is for a bottom up organization, but utilizing a set of security protocols.

A poll

Perhaps one of the first items we should reach a concensous, is who we are asking the Presidential Electors to vote for..top of my list is: Dr. Ron Paul for President and Gary Johnson for Vice President. Both these men have submitted themselves for this public service. Both these men are dedicated to the principles of Liberty and following their oath to defend and honor the Constitution. It is us the people, through our representatives, Presidential Electors (in each respective state) that will hire Dr. Paul and Gov. Johnson. Gov. Johnson has stated during a debate that he could work with Dr. Paul, and I don't see any reason Dr. Paul could not do the same -especially if we draft him :)

But I don't want to presume who the two recommendations would be, so we should have an online ballot of sorts to reach a concensious.

You Are A Truly Special Soul And A Genius. God Bless You.

You Are A Truly Special Soul And A Genius. God Bless You.

It has been an honor for me to work with you tonight side-by-side.

In my heart you are already my friend.

Life-Long Friendships will come out of The RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION.

For Mass Mailings Of Letters I suggest Eric from The Super Brochure Project. He has a heart of gold and is so very unique and Professional.

I have the deepest respect for him and his friend Curt.


With that, we can talk to Eric. He would help. I feel it in my heart.

Wisdom Strategies

System to Collect Info

We need to Collect Info on Presidential Electors -and State by State
We need a facility to allow ppl to submit their examples of actual letters. The letters that are sent out should be hand-written and sent to the Presidential Electors in that persons state only. The soonest I could start putting a site together would be Tuesday. I can get an email list going this afternoon for those who want to help organize such a massive Letter Bomb. I can have that operational this afternoon and will post back details about it in this thread in a couple hours.

DNS services are going haywire

Having some technical proplems..will post back here when resolved. Bookmark this page and check back.

"Let it Never be Said we Did Nothing."

I love this idea. Looking forward to your website with all the details.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift



" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~