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TCM/Traditional Chinese Medicine - Paying Your Doctor to Keep You Well


As long as we're talking about socializing medicine, here's a really really old idea:

Why don't we pay the doctors to keep us healthy?

If we get sick, they don't get paid till we are healthy again.

This has been tried. It is called Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Just a really, really old idea...

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I think the way it worked was that....

...The doctor of Chinese Medicine wasn't paid for the patient's services UNTIL the doctor's treatment helped the patient. This is only fair and should be the way it is done here today.

Rather than just the opposite where the medical establishment can rob you blind and even make you worse off than you were going in to the treatment.

In fact you can even die and the doctor STILL gets paid.
This is consistent with modern medicine being the leading cause of death --- which we all should know by now it is. Reports from medical journals show that in 2007 based on only 20% of reported incidents there were 785,000 deaths (approx). See "Death by Medicine" on the Life Extension Foundation website to read the full report that Gary Null PhD along with many other doctors (medical doctors, PhDs and naturopathic doctors) helped compile.

If the truth be told, so called "health care" is the biggest scam going. At the very least doctors ought to be paid a tiny fraction of what they are paid (or not paid until the patient is satisfied with the treatment). It isn't like most of them are saving lives. It is more like most of them are glorified prescription drug salesmen putting more and more people and overpriced drugs with dangerous side effects that don't do anything but cover up symptoms. People need to WAKE UP and realize this is all they are doing.

At least in Europe and Asia, doctors of natural medicine, are just as readily available as doctors of orthodox medicine. Better accessiblity would explain why people in other countries according to W.H.O. not only spend less on medical care but are also healthier than we are. Since many more of them use doctors of natural medicine rather than orthodox medicine to eliminate (their so called "incurable" by orthodox medicine's) chronic and degenerative diseases and experience great success doing so at a reasonable costs.

Imagine if we paid medical doctors only AFTER our condition or disease or injury was completely cured, there would be no "health care crisis".

Now to add insult to injury, the government wants to FORCE US to buy insurance to PAY these people we put up on pedestals for NO GOOD REASON. It is like the government not only condones but supports and backs the colossal American scam of the past two centuries called "health care".

In just about every other industry, a minimum level of service is expected and satisfaction guarantees are provided or refunds are happily given. It is long past time that "health care" in America
ought to be included as one of them.