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Vote your conscience in 2012, you may just get what you vote.

Millions and millions (Hundreds of millions I suspect) around the world would love to change places with you, simply to be able to write-in the free spirit, Ron Paul.

You have a once in a life time opportunity to write-in a man who your OWN conscience tells you is "THE ONE FOR YOU".
Dont blow it for yourself.
You now have the chance to write in Ron Paul, or check his box on the ballot, and my suggestion is for you to DO IT!

You may just GET what you vote for this year, so DONT screw it up!

Vote your CONSCIENCE in 2012. If nothing else, it will certainly tell history your TRUE INTENT, and history is ALWAYS watching.

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RP will be on the TX Ballot?

I had no idea. Where did you get that info? I am in the dark. I will absolutely vote RP if he is on the ballot and so will everyone I know!


that is AWESOME NEWS!!

see Teachers are REAL AMERICANS too!!!
You'd never know it if you talked to my FOX WATCHING UNCLE