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Rat reality show: Russian scientists to broadcast GMO experiment

Rat reality show: Russian scientists to broadcast GMO experiment

Published: 29 September, 2012, 11:38
Edited: 29 September, 2012, 15:47

After a French study suggested that rats fed on Monsanto GMO corn suffered tumors, Russian researches plan their own, this time public, experiment. The unique reality show with rats is expected to prove or deny GMO’s health-threatening influence.

The Russian scientists, who oppose genetically modified organisms (GMO) in food, expect that their year-long experiment will show whether the controversial cultivation process has effects as dangerous as French revelations claimed on September 19.

Scientists from France's University of Caen made public the results of their classified study, publishing the images of rats with tumors after they were fed a diet of genetically modified (GM) maize produced by American chemical giant Monsanto.

The revelation stirred fear across Europe and in Russia, where authorities temporarily suspended the import and sale of Monsanto’s genetically modified corn.

Read more: http://rt.com/news/gmo-experiment-online-rats-240/

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The GMO Truman Show!!!

What a fantastic idea! Given the revelation of those RATS WITH TUMORS thanks to French researchers, what justifiably "stirred fear" across Europe and resulted in a temporary BAN of the sale of GMO corn, I imagine they're meeting overtime in the boardrooms of Monsanto and Dow.

Thank you for the post, emalvini. Thank you to those Russian researchers from the National Association for Genetic Safety! Thank you to ALL who wish to make known the TRUTH about GMO's. Can't wait for March!

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