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Ron Paul is an Official Write-In Candidate...in Maine :)

I received word this morning that Ron Paul is an official write in candidate in Maine. Pretty cool, huh! Maine did everything they needed to do to get him on the ballot and they also got a Vice President on the ballot. They were even able to get the 4 electors who will go to the electoral college if Ron Paul were to win Maine.

You can see it here: http://www.maine.gov/sos/cec/elec/2012/writeinnov2012.pdf

So, if you are in Maine, you can write in Ron Paul for President and Mark Willis for Vice President. Mark Willis is Maine’s new national committeeman.

I think it would just be great if Ron Paul won Maine in November. Most likely it won’t make a difference in the general election, but at least Maine could send a message to the Nation as to who we really want as President. If only we all could move to Maine just for November.

You can also hear a short radio broadcast about this at this link: http://www.hark.com/clips/lrqqyjpygy-ronpaulmaine

-Qadoshyah Fish

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Ron Paul is a certified write in in CA too! And his votes will b

counted in IA, PA, NH and other states where they count write ins!

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

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Wisdom Strategies

Maine and California, on top of all the usual write in states!

Washington state counts them if you write in party, and FULL name, and if the count would make a different to the results, only, and I think Washington DC and Oregon count them as well.....

Some people were saying Ron has the whole west coast now, and a theoretical possible 170 elector votes which if R and O split the rest could theoretically take Ron over the top.

I haven't done the math myself, so I don't want to push that idea too much, but I did like the thought!

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

Oh, Dear God! PLEASE Get To Work and Keep Us Informed!

Oh, Dear God! PLEASE Get To Work and Keep Us Informed!

You wrote:

"Some people were saying Ron has the whole west coast now, and a theoretical possible 170 elector votes which if R and O split the rest could theoretically take Ron over the top.

I haven't done the math myself, so I don't want to push that idea too much, but I did like the thought!"

THE WHOLE WEST COAST? Oh, Dear God! I want to hug somebody now!

I cannot describe how I am feeling at the present moment.

I am opening a beer (so I can calm down a little from the excitement) and Raise A Toast To My Extended Family: ALL OF YOU! ♥


Wisdom Strategies

***Please: Let's Make This Viral! ***

***Please: Let's Make This Viral! ***


(...I included this article, of course. I really did try my best :)


Wisdom Strategies

Bump! Let's have Ron Paul win Maine!

Praying for a Dr. Paul win in Maine=) The best thing is, if Ron wins the three electoral votes Maine has, it might actually prevent either candidate from receiving the necessary 270 votes. How great would that be? =)

Let's do it rEVOLution!

Remember the Maine!

We should try to moneybomb and leaflet this state.

Ron Paul winning Maine, the state that was cheated at the RNC?

Do you have any idea how huge of a story that would be?

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

Maine Money Bomb! Leaflet The State! YES!

Maine Money Bomb! Leaflet The State! YES!

RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION: The Write-In Campaign


Wisdom Strategies

2 for Ron Paul here

Wife and I proudly writing in Ron Paul here in Maine. We got our picture with him at USM. I was delegate at state convention.

Does anybody know who in Maine contacted Dr. Paul about

his declaration? A lot of people would like to know how to contact him better than a black box email. Doug Wead perhaps?

Release the Sandy Hook video.

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we need to rally the troops!

If Alaska can do it for Lisa Murkowski, then certainly Maine can give Dr. Paul a good ride.

The Maine GOP has said they don't need us nor want us.

Guess What Folks! We have come to the party.

Link to write-in candidates...

Not sure if it's up to date though. Dr. Paul is not listed anywhere.


Great job Maine, back in july

Great job Maine, back in july i tried to get some folks involved with colorado but unless ron paul filed himself. it was pointless!

Ron Paul 2016

Write in info state by state website

There is an interesting website with info about Write-in's, though it talks about 2016. I don't know how accurate this is and was surprised to see some states that I thought could not have write in's listed that they could with the correct paperwork. Below was copied from that website.
Your Vote Will Be Counted: As Presidential Candidates we will be Properly Registering in 43 States that allow Write In Ballots for President of the United States of America.

States that do not allow Presidential Write In Ballots are:
Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Dakota
Do the lawmakers in these states fear that their Citizens
will vote Independent if allowed equal opportunity to do so?

Post Script: People living in these other 7 states should petition as to why their states are usurping their Constitutional Right to the Freedom of Choice at the Federal Election Ballot Polls?

Write In Candidate Registrations - 2016 - State by State Specifications & Requirements
(you will need to go AnAmericanVision.com for the rest)


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YOU are truly awesome. We will always REMEMBER MAINE!!!

mmm Maine

I didnt know they stack sexy that tall!

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Ok so Ron Paul's name

Will be counted in 10 states so for let's go for 13
We need to start calling tweeting and blogging everywhere to get this thing going.
If Ron Paul can win enuf states this way he can still end up president.
We can even cause a deadlock.
Vote Johnson in all the states Paul is not a write-in
Vote Obama in states it looks like Romney will win
Vote Romney in states it looks like Obama is going to win
Split the electorate up into 4 sections and cause a run off election between the 2 out of 4'
Have debates including Paul because now that Ron Paul is a serious contender as a write in.
We must get him polling at least 25 percent.
If Gary Johnson wins his case then we must co join and push for Paul to debate as well.
We must do every thing that can be tried this election 2012.
Why? Because the next time in 2016 we will be battle tested.
I have an idea about occupy the debate.
We get 10,000+ supporters to go out and protest with Ron Paul signs at the debates chanting let Ron Paul speak.
We must not let the Ron Paul rev. Die .
If Ron Paul is a write in anywhere then he must be able to speak at the debates.
We must not give in we have nothing left to loose.
Just the name Ron Paul scares the shit out of the elite.
We must have fun like Ron Paul said and make these guys squirm.
This doesn't have to end with Tampa or Maine.
We must occupy the debate anybody in?

Is there a campaign?

We should all send $$$$$$ We weren;t able to raise enough money nationwide but this is only one state with cheap media-think what we could do?


I Don't Get

Why so many people are going to write in Ron Paul. Why? Did we win the primary? Yeah and No, because we got cheated. What makes you think they are going to count your write in? Seriously people? They are going to throw away your vote right in the garbage and the GOP will never know we voted for Ron Paul. I want to send a message to the GOP and the only way I can do that is by voting Gary Johnson because they will count that because they know Gary will never win. So when he gets 15 percent of the vote and Romney ends up losing 15 percent of the vote, I'll end up feeling real good about my self.

Why don't you

go start a Daily Johnson page and leave us alone?



And I quote you:

"Why don't you go start a Daily Johnson page and leave us alone?"

Squatters at The Daily Paul. That is all they are.

You have just issued an Eviction Notice :)

Wisdom Strategies


I do get the point of writing in Ron Paul but when we already have someone very close to Ron Paul's values running. Writing in Ron Paul is really throwing away your vote. Now if it was just the big two running then i would totally agree with writing in Ron Paul but we need to join together and get BO out of office and Mitt not into office.

The only way to win is joining together not breaking a part in a time of need.



I hope I cleared that up for you.


Wisdom Strategies

California write-in

We are trying to get the 55 electors needed for the California Sec. of State to officially count the write-in votes for Dr. Paul. If you are interested please fill out the form, have it notarized for $10, and mail it to the p.o box. http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?389828-We-need-5...

Johnson is Ron Paul lite

Where as Paul said "Bring home all the troops" Johnson wants to "reduce our footprint by 43%" whatever that means. Before you Johnson drones start asking me to "prove that" Go right to his official website yourself or You Tube him.


Your right Johnson is nothing more

Then a progressive populist democrat.
Pro-choice socialist libertarian. What ever the hell that means.
I mean come on does this guy even know what the hell he is?
Or does he leach off everybody's ideas and then pretends he is a republican , libertarian, democrat.
He is a clown like all the rest of the non-Ron Paul's
Ron Paul is to politics as Nicola Tesla is to electricity.
125 years before his time.
Us monkeys have the slightest clue how primitive we really still are.
We will not see another Paul for hundreds of years.

so wait,,,

The electoral college vote is the one which determines who wins Maine right? So how is it possible that this write in thing will do anything? There was an election in the past where the popular vote was different from the electoral vote, and they went with the electoral one.

the popular vote winner

decides who the electors will be. So if the Ron Paul write-in are victorious then the 4 electors they already chose will go vote for President and Vice President on Dec. 6th (date from memory, could be off). I assume they would vote for Ron Paul.


Maybe I'm wrong, but aren't the electoral votes made before all of the popular vote is in ?