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Ron Paul is an Official Write-In Candidate...in Maine :)

I received word this morning that Ron Paul is an official write in candidate in Maine. Pretty cool, huh! Maine did everything they needed to do to get him on the ballot and they also got a Vice President on the ballot. They were even able to get the 4 electors who will go to the electoral college if Ron Paul were to win Maine.

You can see it here: http://www.maine.gov/sos/cec/elec/2012/writeinnov2012.pdf

So, if you are in Maine, you can write in Ron Paul for President and Mark Willis for Vice President. Mark Willis is Maine’s new national committeeman.

I think it would just be great if Ron Paul won Maine in November. Most likely it won’t make a difference in the general election, but at least Maine could send a message to the Nation as to who we really want as President. If only we all could move to Maine just for November.

You can also hear a short radio broadcast about this at this link: http://www.hark.com/clips/lrqqyjpygy-ronpaulmaine

-Qadoshyah Fish

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Thank You So Much Sunny.

Here's some strategy for a Ron Paul Write in:

My uncle, who lived in Massachusetts, took an October/November vacation every year to hunt in Maine hoping to get a deer, some years he got one, other years he didn't. Other people I knew went to Maine to fish.

The point is, Maine has an influx of vacationers every fall.

So, couldn't these vacationers register and write in Ron Paul, since maybe thousands visit the state, at that time.

Lets Win Maine in the general election to send the message; As Maine goes, so goes the country !


Wish I lived in Maine to

Wish I lived in Maine to write him in.

Southern Agrarian


For the liberty loving state, Maine!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

I can't wait until my vote is

I can't wait until my vote is thrown out in Florida when I write in Ron Paul! That's going to send a real message to the establishment!

Yes! Ron Paul will be wrote IN

Ron Paul will be wrote in the minds and hearts of the people and even more...

Download inspiring vibrant housemusic for the Ron Paul liberty revolution from http://theremixlabel.com

This is great!

I live in Maine, and my family will definitely take advantage of this!

Yes Maine has 4 National Electors.

And of the 4 electors, 2 are Ron Paul National Electors.

Ron Paul is My President

I am an advocate for Ron Paul

I am an advocate for Ron Paul and donated to his money bombs. I voted for delegates in MA who were Ron Paul people to go to Tampa as Romney delegates but as you know they were removed for "just cause" but I think it was really "Just because."

I am reading a book by Thomas DeLorenze called The Real Lincoln. In it there is a mention of how James Madison, the father of the Constitution, vetoed a bill for internal improvements, roads and canals. He said he wanted to teach the people a lesson about the Constitution, that only certain powers were granted under Section 8 of the first Article, called enumerated powers. He added that the general welfare clause should not be misconstrued nor the necessary and proper clause misinterpreted to justify such powers as were sought in the bill.

Sounds like Ron Paul's thinking. Refreshing. But not enough of us know this yet.

Trouble is that Ron Paul is not on the ballot and write in votes will not be enough to do it. You will have the knowledge that you voted for the one you really wanted to win.

The Libertarian Party has gotten Gary Johnson on the ballot in 48 states and is still being contested in two more by the GOP. So he may end up on in all fifty states.

I just called the Rasmussen Reports poll to have Gary Johnson included: 732- 776-9777 and was able to leave a message now on Sunday pleading with them to include him in their poll.

There will be other presidential debates before election day. I think your call will count for something if enough of us call. Imagine Gary Johnson in the presidential debates!

he will balance the budget now by cutting 43% which is the amount they borrow to spend driving us deeper into debt and bankruptcy.

He will abolish the IRS and end the income tax, the capital gains tax and the corporate tax.

It will be replaced with a consumption tax of 23%

No Man's need constitutes an obligation on the part of another man to fulfill that need.