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Gary Johnson Activists Lead the Charge Against the CPD, and That is Awesome

Four days ago, I told you why I think the Commission on Presidential Debates is breaking the law and endangering its tax-exempt status by overtly supporting only the two major parties in the American political system (until further notice, I refuse to type the names of the parties).

What I didn't tell you was that on the Monday before I wrote the article, BBH New York dropped it's sponsorship of the CPD. That left the "non-partisan" commission with 9 of its original 10 sponsors. Since the CPD is a 501(c)(3) organization, they rely on sponsorships to be able to promote the debates. So, while BBH was not their biggest sponsor (that would most likely be Anheuser-Busch), they are nevertheless, 10% of the companies putting their reputations on the line.

Then, at almost the same time that my article was being published, and later picked up by the Libertarian Party, CPD sponsor YWCA ended their agreement to fund the CPD. According to a poster at the Independent Political Report, "the YWCA has writen (sic) an apology letter and agrees the debates are not fair in a country were (sic) every one is equal." So, just two days after the announcement that only two candidates would be allowed to debate, the CPD was down two sponsors.

Finally on Friday, multi-billion dollar company Philips Electronics became the third sponsor in less than one week to withdraw their sponsorship from the CPD. Head of Corporate Communications, Philips North America issued the following statement via form letter to numerous recipients:


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