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Washington Times: When all else fails, blame the Paulbots

Great article by Andreatta Geerdes. I hope to see a lot more from her in the future!

WASHINGTON, September 30, 2012 — Suddenly, Ron Paul's supporters are relevant. You remember Ron Paul — that old Republican guy who ran for president. His non-interventionist foreign policy ideas were considered kooky during the Republican debates but have since landed him interviews on Fox.

He is the guy who barely cracked 10 percent in the primaries but managed to attract tens of thousands of people, from all walks of life, to his rallies during the primary season. People lined up to hear Paul speak about free-market economics and Constitutional government.

Yet his lively supporters were dismissed as "Paulbots" and "Paultards."

But if breitbart.com, glennbeck.com, and others are correct, the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, may have difficulty defeating Barack Obama if the Paulbots don't fall in line and vote for Mitt.
Various commentators are pleading with the Paulians (and other libertarian and Constitutionally minded voters) not to split the vote and give Obama four more years.

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One of the big themes in the forums is that write-ins are not counted or reported. If that is the case, what good will it do to write Dr Paul's name in? I ask because I am still torn over the issue. I would prefer to write Dr Paul in, but if it wont even register as a blip on the public radar, wouldn't it be better to vote GJ?

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My RP 2012 sticker

Is still on my truck. Unfortunately all I see when people pull up to me and laugh. Its so frustrating.. I know how you feel, most of us do but we need to try and hold together and keep educating people and sharing information and websites with people to get them to think.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

I don't laugh or shake my head

I pull up next to those people and honk and give a thumbs up!

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

lol I'm hoping to have that happen to me soon.

There is still a gigantic Ron Paul 2012 billboard up near me too :)

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

I've had my "I Support Ron Paul" bumper sticker on my car

for a year... and I'm a guy who NEVER put on bumper stickers before. So now, right next to that one I've added a Gary Johnson sticker and the LP sticker that says: "Big Government is the Disease, Voting Libertarian is the Cure" right next to that one. :)

It's a beautiful sight.

and btw, that reminds me. We need to have some kind of quick and easy hand gesture that means "FREEDOM!!!!!!" cause when I'm on the road and I see a fellow freedom fighter I try honking or waving but I'm always afraid they think I'm mad at them. ... I think maybe I'll roll down the window and throw a "peace" sign w/ a smile. :)

I can not vote for Johnson

I can not vote for Johnson without knowing much more about his positions, When I vote I do not just listen to a speech, but by the way they have voted in the past Do not judge a man by what they say, but what they do!!!


Yes he did balance the budget in New Mexico.

He vetoed 750 bills

He cut taxes 14 times

he was re elected in a 3 to 1 democrat state by a landslide

He climbed Mount Everest

He completed three triathelons

He started a handyman business by himself going door to door and grew it to 1000 employees

He will cut the federal budget 43% because the feds borrow 43 cents on each dollar they spend.

He will eliminate the IRS the income tax the capital gains tax and the corporate tax

he will have a consumption tax of 23 %

he is pro choice

No Man's need constitutes an obligation on the part of another man to fulfill that need.

RED FLAG - Unenumerated Flat Percentage Taxes - BIG Not a Chance

This is what gets me about many of the candidates, they simply do not read the Constitution and the documents to understand what they should be doing.

Here you list a number of good ideals, then slip in the killer:

"Unenumerated Federal Flat percentage taxation" which will "guarantee increase" to the federal government with an increase to the private sector with no oversight or consent before it is collected!!!

This also allows (like the Fairtax) the federal government into your state, county and HOME to determine "what is and what is a business"... A BUY SELL OR TRADE TAX. It does not get rid of the IRS, it EMPOWERS IT FURTHER.

Read the ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION (and the documents in my signature) ENUMERATED TAXATION established BEFORE being collected is ESSENTIAL for Freedom. Unenumerated taxation is an ARROGATED POWER which is PROHIBITED by the definitions set down by the founders (See the Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788 - Found on our APP website).

Ron Paul knows that there is no need for any such tax; All that is needed is a import tax for the federal government if they stayed within the delegated powers.

Gary Johnston is Empowering the federal government with such a tax. Don't be fooled. I called RAND Paul on the same thing in one of his announcements; It shows that Gary Johnston and RAND Paul are both ignorant (or passive) of the true foundations.

This is such a crucial issue because the FLAT PERCENTAGE Unenumerated "income tax" is what is financing and fueling our wasteful government now;

Why simply change the name and make our federal taxes even MORE invasive?!!!

RichardTaylorAPP - Chair - American Patriot Party.CC

John Locke #201, 202, 212 to 232; Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions 1798; Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788; Rights of the Colonists 1772.

I'm not an expert but...

...I think he really did balance the budget in New Mexico. And I think he did veto a lot of bills that came his way. In other words, I think his record is worth checking out.

Same here..however

I did take down the Ron Paul 2012 bumper sticker..but I left the much larger RON PAUL REVOLUTION sticker extremely visable across the back window of the car. I really hate seeing the arguments between RP and GJ supporters but at the same time, like Ron Paul said, this is an intellectual revolution as well and to see such appreciation for quality leadership, there is also this intellectual understanding between the two. I mean come on, choices of voting for GJ or RP is a WAY better discussion than deciding on Obama or Romney.

Either way, I just want liberty and truth to prevail.


We are screwed anyway. 4 more years of Rombombya and there may not be a country left. Might as well have fun and enjoy life and do things your own way until we all fall off that cliff that Peter Schiff keeps telling us about. Then hopefully all the morons that are blaming us will end up in the same boat we are in and we can tell them "Told you so you rats!"


Always marginalizing the good

Always marginalizing the good Doctor..."but managed to attract tens of thousands of people"..So, the few thousands are going to sway the election?

I wish they would be real and say " ..but managed to attract millions of people." Those kind of numbers sway elections, but it's not like it is going to matter anyway.

I think they meant...

tens of thousands throughout the rallies...

"I am Troll fighter, number one"



This whole line of

This whole line of argumentation assumes there is one lick of difference between Romney and Obama, in ANY area that concerns people concerned about freedom. But there isn't! They are literally Tweedledee and Tweedledum, whose only meaningful differences are claimed religious allegiance and skin color.

Hence, why not give Obama 4 more years? It is, in every meaningful way, no different than giving Romney 4 years!

But, by doing so (withholding support for Romney), freedom supporters do get to demonstrate in no uncertain terms, that the next Romney, will potentially benefit greatly from credibly running on a program that is actually meaningfully different from that of the Democrats. Instead of simply nominating one Rino after another, and hooping that simple party affiliation alone, should somehow be enough to earn the support for people who care about actual issues.

If Romney comes out in the debates and makes a credible argument for ending the Fed, the income tax and Foreign military adventures; he'll get our support. It ain't like we're that difficult to figure out. So the ball's in his court, not ours.


Don't reinforce the media's and the GOP's slanderous terms like "paulbot," "paultard," and "paulian," by using the terms on yourself. Don't use them at all.

You'll sound much more professional and avoid promoting bad terms if you simply refer to Ron Paul supporters as "Ron Paul supporters." When you use the bad terms on yourself, then those that have not heard of them before become introduced to using them, and it promotes others using them on themselves too.

We need to stop thinking

We need to stop thinking about elections from a perspective that assumes this group of voters or that group of voters or any voters for that matter determine anything. This election is in the books and Romney is the winner. Just look at the evidence:

as of 9/21:
Mitt Romney top 10 contributors:
Goldman Sachs $891,140
Bank of America $667,139
JPMorgan Chase & Co $662,719
Morgan Stanley $649,847
Credit Suisse Group $554,066
Citigroup Inc $418,263
Wells Fargo $412,250
Barclays $403,800
Kirkland & Ellis $393,667
Deloitte LLP $355,390
HIG Capital $338,000

Barack Obama to 10 contributors:
University of California $703,781
Microsoft Corp $544,445
Google Inc $526,009
Harvard University $431,860
US Government $396,550
Deloitte LLP $369,401
DLA Piper $367,027
Stanford University $326,942
Sidley Austin LLP $312,278
Kaiser Permanente $303,163

Have to be careful here

Many still think that it is corporations who give many to Obama & Romney.

And that is not correct. For example, the top 3 donors of RP are Pentagon branches. It does not mean that Pentagon sponsored RP.

Secondly, if CIA can control the voting machines, then money is of lesser importance.

And yet, there is the electoral college.

Paulbots story

I just offered my slant on this article over at Policymic, waiting to see if they accept it. Has anyone else noticed how Paul supporters are starting to earn a new respect? Ya know, in the future being a supporter of Ron Paul could be like all the people who now claim they were at Woodstock.

I wonder how

the question "what would be worse- Obama or Romney" is even considered a serious issue.

Both results will lead to terrible outcomes, because the two main candidates flattered by the media ARE basically the same, concerning their anti-libertarian policies. The only difference to me appears that Obama didn't even try to whitewash his unconstitutional agenda by flip-flopping and appeasement like Romney.

Don't fall for a superficial discussion about what the differences between mainline Democrats and authoritarian Republicans even are, whether it be in their record, their campaigns, or their programmes. It's all superficial socio-political issues that don't affect your actual civil rights and freedoms, who's only purpose/effect is to stir up enemy images based on social context and keep you divided. There's no other significance about it.

So, considerations should really be about strategic advancement of ideas and tactical electoral behaviour to achieve the former, which ultimately means to avoid Robama being voted into office, which very much involves Romney being voted into office.

It doesn't really matter who strips you off your rights and attempts to destroy the republic, what matters is what you do to maintain them and keep the republic.

"[...]which very much

"[...]which very much involves Romney NOT being voted into office."

was what i meant of course =)


Worsted candidate ever? Every idiot that voted for him in the primary must wear his failure to unseat one of the most Beatable presidents. How the hell did anyone but Romney get turned into hold your damned nose and vote for him. System has to be rigged or the Gop is filled with dumber voter than i thought possible.

Make Your Vote Visible! Not Invisible!

It's Started! "Corporate" Republicans BEGGING & Pleading for the "Constitutional" Republicans & Independent votes that they used corruption against to keep out of the RNC.

The "CORPORATE" CONSERVATIVE Media: "WORLD COMING TO AN END" (if you don't vote for Romney) sales pitch, to shift the public attention from GOVERNMENT DEPENDENCY to CORPORATE DEPENDENCY WITHOUT REMOVING EITHER!!!

Rush, Hannity, Levin, Beck whining and preaching doom and gloom. While praising LIBERAL ROMNEY!!! SICK!!!

...A 12 Hour a Day, Corporate financed, propaganda marketing campaign for a LIBERAL SOCIALIST!

WAKE UP! The CORPORATE Republicans refuse to make any major changes once they are in power to keep the federal government within its limited delegated powers!

Federal Police outside the ten miles square - still there;
Homeland security - still there;
Unpatriot Act - Still There!
IRS and Unenumerated Taxes that support corrupt wasteful government and Exclusive Privileges - STILL THERE!


Better to have a Socialist Democrat that looks & acts like a socialist that 75% of America will both Despise and fight against his acts, than a Corporate Republican Socialist that will put the fire of liberty out with a 4 year PACIFIER of "corporate dependency jobs", while even more of your rights are taken away under the SAME PRETENSE OF AUTHORITY that Obama is using; To top that off, Romney will push us deeper into wars over BLIND PRIDE; Increasing the debt, as well as focus your attention away from correcting our government.

Be Active and Work on your STATES and LOCAL Leadership & JUDICIAL!

Dismantle Undelegated Federal Powers by NULLIFYING those powers and bureaucracies within YOUR STATE.

We suggest: Do not give either major party candidate your vote, because the same type of people are financing BOTH CANDIDATES.

Let the chips fall as they may between these two socialist candidates and Start to solidify your numbers by making them VISIBLE.

Voting for either Romney or Obama will make you NONEXISTENT, INVISIBLE and proven to their marketing propaganda as EASILY SWAYED.

Vote for ANYONE BUT these two and you WILL be visible, and you WILL encourage others to read the documents and follow the Constitution as it was intended!

Take Heart. Stand your ground, and be COUNTED!

Say NO to the Status Quo!

American Patriot Party.CC

RichardTaylorAPP - Chair - American Patriot Party.CC

John Locke #201, 202, 212 to 232; Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions 1798; Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788; Rights of the Colonists 1772.

The problem with writing in

The problem with writing in Ron Paul in the general is that the GOP cannot be trusted to not steal them. They may disqualify them entirely but they may also use their new dynastic powers to claim that a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for the GOP candidate. I know the federal rules say they can't but they have already ignored federal election laws this very election. The safest course is to never again vote for either a Republican or a Democrat. They have soiled their image to the point of being deserving of eradication as a major political party. A two party system is fine, just neither of the two mainstream parties. I could see the Libertarian Party versus the Constitution Party.

But see I'm not worried about

But see I'm not worried about my Ron Paul vote being counted. I can't control that. If it is, it is. If it's not, it's not.

All I care about is making sure I leave the voting booth knowing I voted my conscious. If you truly want Ron Paul, then vote for him. Same goes for Gary Johnson, or even Obama or Romney. This whole movement is about Liberty, don't sacrifice your interpersonal liberty and vote for someone because that person has a better chance. That's the whole system and mass majority mindset we've been fighting to eliminate!

Again, if you're voting Gary Johnson because he's your #1 candidate, please vote for him. If you're voting for Mitt Romney because he's your #1 candidate, then vote for him! But do not sacrifice your true vote because you want to vote for the person with the best chance. It totally contradicts what our whole movement has been about.

Here Here

I'll drink to that!

I think they got the message...from the DP

"Based on comments on the Daily Paul, most Paulians won't be swayed. They see the recent haranguing as evidence that, no matter what they do, Ron Paul and his supporters will be used as scapegoats if Mitt Romney — the man who has spent millions running for president for the last six years — manages to lose the election to a wholly incompetent incumbent.

One wonders: If Romney is the ideal moderate candidate who can attract hordes of independents to the GOP, why does he need the fringe Paulian/libertarian vote in order to win the presidency?"

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

I'm a registered "Unaffiliated" Libertarian that was willing

that was willing to cross party lines to vote for Ron Paul. In the primaries since I was registered as "Unaffiliated" I had the option of choosing which party ballot I wanted to vote for the nominee. I chose Republican and voted for Ron Paul.

By doing so, I knew it would have a detrimental effect on whoever the Libertarian candidate would be if Ron Paul went on to win the Republican nominee. Liberty was too important to put party above it.

All I want to ask is party or one man more important than Liberty.

Who will Ron Paul vote for?

We have the power to control

We have the power to control whether or not romney wins and we must make sure he loses. As soon as the RNC realizes that they will never win another election without us then they will come around to our way of thinking on civil liberties, audit the fed, and foreign policy. Romney must be defeated and the RNC must know that we orchestrated it if we want a candidate of our liking in 2016.

Agree 100%. Best case

Agree 100%. Best case scenario is the media runs with the idea that Romney lost for not supporting issues important to Paul supporters and libertaries, ie. foreign policy, fed audit, etc


Simon que yes I love it


can't sanction

If i vote, the implication is i believe the process is fair. Having watched the Doctor get ronbed this year, and in 2008, i won't dignify the proceedings by my participation, and it wii change nothing.