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Mainers Please Consider Using Your Mail-In Ballot to Write-In Ron for a Paper Trail.

Great news that Dr. Ron Paul is an official candidate in Maine!

RECOMMENDED: Use your absentee mail-in ballot (no "excuse" required in ME) so you can xerox it and have a paper record of your vote. This is what, the nationwide campaign, is recommending. Ballots should be available now.

The goal of the nationwide write-in campaign is to impact enough electoral votes to force attention to the Ron Paul message of Bill of Rights, end the Fed, end the wars, and no bank bail-outs.

A little background:

Lew Rockwell: "How the GOP Establishment Stole the Nomination From Ron Paul":

Ben Swann reported on shenanigans in Maine . Even though only 84% of votes had been counted; State GOP Chairman, Charlie Webster, declared Romney the winner over Paul by less than 200 votes. Hancock and Washington Counties hadn't voted yet because Webster cancelled the caucuses due to an impending snowstorm, promising they could vote later and their votes would be counted. The snowstorm never occurred and he later reneged on his promise, telling voters in those counties their votes would not be counted after all. Washington County was Paul's strongest in the state in 2008. Though other states with close outcomes held recounts, this was never a consideration for Maine.

At least one of the counties that did vote claims the state party recorded its tallies incorrectly. Matt McDonald, pastor of a small community church in Belfast, was nominated as the chairman of his caucus. He says the state instructed the caucus chairmen not to read any of the vote totals aloud, but rather to send the results straight to Augusta without a public reading. McDonald made a motion to change this rule, and it was approved unanimously. McDonald says 22 voters showed up, resulting in 8 votes for Paul, 7 for Santorum, 5 for Romney, and 2 undecided. When he called the votes into Augusta, he was told they already had the results and the totals read 9 for Romney, 5 or Santorum, and 2 for Paul. When McDonald told her the tally had been counted publicly, he says "her voice changed and she said"we'll record this". Doug Wead claims, "On every occasion, the votes that were lost were Ron Paul votes and the person responsible for reporting them were Mitt Romney supporters"in one case the votes were actually transferred from paper to"a computer and the lady doing the transfer was a Mitt Romney person". To date, these tallies have not been corrected and Romney is still credited with the straw vote win while the media continues to report that Paul never won a state contest.

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In most states mail in

In most states mail in ballots only get counted if the outcome of the election is close. I wouldn't recommend doing this. Go to the polls and write in Ron Paul. This way they will at least be included in the ballots that do get counted.

Blessings )o(

So I guess it's settled. Use your mail in


Release the Sandy Hook video.

My research indicates to the contrary

Wiki on Absentee Ballot:

"Each state has different laws regulating when absentee ballots must be counted, and who does the counting. Most states count absentee ballots on Election Day which can continue for several days after. The latest deadline is 10 days after Election day (for Washington, D.C., and for overseas absentee ballots sent to Florida.)"

Therefore they are always counted. Please indicate a link if you have other info.

Release the Sandy Hook video.