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Should I sue my school district

The school district my high school is a part of blocks a wide variety of website. (I'll get a more detailed list of whats blocked) but to summarize the list, the school district blocks: Any social media website, any pornographic site, Youtube, anything drug related (including legalization), etc etc. (I believe they block chat rooms, Anarchist, and Nazi sites but I would have to try and enter those sites at school to make sure.) Furthermore, when I was mowing the lawn this evening the thought came to me that I should sue my school district for violating my 1st and 9th amendment rights. (is there any other?) I would likely need legal council/advice.

I know you guys are very intelligent about these matters, what do you think?

PS: I'm recently 18, so I could represent myself cause I'm to poor to have pay for a lawyer. (Does the state provide one if you're the plaintiff in a civil suite?)

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One more thing.
The state does not provide an atty for the poor, the tax payers do.
so you would be suing the taxpayers (school) with a tax payer funded atty if the state ever provided you one.
the state owns or provides nothing, taxpayers own everything and provide everything.

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No right has been violated. You are looking to violate rules over things that you don't own. Unless you specifically pay for the internet service and computer, they can do as they please. This isn't a federal mandate set over your private property. You are at school to learn and if they school district doesn't want you browsing on sites on hardware and service that they are providing, then it is their right to do so.


Appeal to the school board.

Look up the internet policies of all the best districts in your state (or local area) and see what they are.

I have found many great districts barely block anything. Some districts have no control and it is dictated by the country school district.

You can bring data to the school board meeting in a handout and speak when the meeting goes to the public to speak.

With you speech and handout list all the ways your research at school is inhibited by the censorship. You can include how research is limited and show very educational sites that are blocked (strong filters blog newspaper blogs). You can also share examples of creative lessons out there that have students communicating and building relationships with students in other countries. Keep the dialogue about better education and 21st century learning (Key buzzword).

Be polite and intelligent, do not give any attitude or show frustration. Be resilient and do this throughout the entire school year, this make take 6+ months of speaking at meetings to get through to the board. If possible include other students with great reputations.

I am a teacher and city councilman with a lot of experience in the public forum. Feel free to ask me questions.

Public schools are not obligated to provide

students access to the above sites you mentioned. Nor is anyone else. Similarly, school libraries are not obligated to stock all books. A school district votes in a school board, and the board uses its discretion in making certain policies on behalf of students (or controls the hiring of those who do).

I'm not an attorney, but I don't understand why you feel that not having access in school to the kinds of websites you mentioned denies *you* a right to free speech or *you* the right to publish what you wish. We have a right to free speech. We do not have a right to a platform or audience for that speech. I also don't understand why you've raised the 9th Amendment. "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."

My guess is that most parents would agree with your school; schools do act in loco parentis. If some parents disagreed, so long as they had the means, those parents could provide their children with social networking and other sites at home.

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Dude...I mean really...

there are far better things on which to waste your thoughts and energy. This is the part of the Totem pole that is rotting underground and matters to nobody...especially when pointed to as "important" by an 18 year old. This is the state of affairs, and I don't mean to be condescending as I am pretty pissed off about alot of stuff too and given that it is amazing how many people live decades in a field of endeavor based on the decisions of a 17 year old! Go figure. You'd think we'd all be going to an oracle peopled by the tatoo'd and pierced!

Look man, you've just spent 18 years being told what to do and think...and until you are on your own property and paying your own bills (and even then) other's will control aspects of your life...and the rest of the world has been conditioned to think that is not only perfectly normal...but perfectly correct.

Just look forward to the day where you no longer are "required" to conform to their "chit" system (diploma's of various nature and degree) and when you can eat all the bacon...or drink all of the orange juice you can buy...any day you feel like it.

But, "Until "Da Jubilee come, massa goin' to keep kickin' yo ass all ova da field an da bestest ting you's can do is keep yo head down and live till you's free, cuz you cain't be fighting da ova seer wit shackles on yo legs, yo hands tied behind yo back, an a fist in yo mouth"...All philosophical credit to the style and genius of Zora Neal Hurston. ;-)

Give it some time my friend cuz "The Times They Are a Changin'" and a "better battlefield" will come your way.

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This is a great opportunity

This is a great opportunity for a young adult to learn how to petition a governing body for change (not suing - appealing to school board). It is a positive use of energy and will provide experience for greater appeals down the road.

I think that he learned the proper formatting...

of a business letter in junior year. I guess he could practice what he learned. Other than the efficacy associated with that, do you truly believe that his "petition" would be read by more than one person before it had coffee grinds, pickles, carrot shavings, a BigMac styrofoam box and an empty Red Bull can thrown in on top of it?

Instead he could organize his whole school to go on boycott of their classes, to "sit in" on the school until they acquiesce to the students demands...and that would be right before they tossed him out on his ass and closed the doors of higher educmacashun to his further involvement via a visit by Blind Pew baring a black spot.

I'm 55, and this ain't Kansas anymore...and you know it if you are calling him a "young adult".

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?


When you sue a school, like suing the FEC, you sue the tax payers, and the money, if u win, comes from the school budget and then taxes are raised.
I would say lead a charge against the school and become active in your local GOP, they typically will not let something like this ride.
In a lawsuit against gvt usually only the judge and the attys win.
It is set up this way.

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I'd think your energy would more usefully be spent

educating your fellow students about Liberty. They are the future, the govenment/union hacks who control your school already have "outed" themselves as incompetents.

For max. effect, though you might pick and choose the sites you highlight among those with the most appeal.


I remember when I was in HS, my dean would always say "While you are in school, free speech does not apply." <=== His exact words. I don't know if suing on your behalf w/o the funds to obtain a good attorney is a good idea, they may throw it out as "frivolous" and charge you court fees and the school's attorney fees.

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While your body is on their

While your body is on their property, it becomes their property.

They Don't Even Have To Let You Access The Internet At All

Unless they are forbidding you from accessing these sites at home, I don't see the case.

I would think a school could rightfully go further and say "no web surfing at all during school hours," because you're there to learn not to surf the web.

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The computers are there for

The computers are there for research

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Like Someonme Says Above

Just as the school has no obligation to stock all books in its library, so too has it no obligation to make available all websites.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard