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Time to boycott Anheuser-Busch and Southwest Airlines

These are the last two remaining sponsors of the Commission on Presidential Debates that sell products or services to the public. Let them know they are sponsoring an organization that is bringing America down by limiting our Democratic choices. The debates should have one limitation, a candidate is on the ballot in enough states to get 270 electoral votes.

Anheuser-Busch contact info:
http:// contactus.anheuser-busch.com/contactus/ab/contact_us.asp

Southwest Airlines contact info:
https:// southwest.com/contact-us/contact-us.html

Even if you don't like Gary Johnson, this needs to be done. The two-party system is one of the worst things that's been bringing down this nation. Evil vs. Evil will only allow evil to prevail and ruin this country. The Commission on Presidential Debates is at the epicenter of the disaster perpetuating this mess. With the debates on Wednesday, we are at the most critical time to shake everything up. This Commission is only relevant 1 month out of 48. We speak now, or we wait another 47.

If you're interested in the other 5 organizations, it consists of a DC law firm, DC accountant firm, a fund supported by a signer of the PNAC, International Bottled Water Association, and Warren Buffett's son's foundation.

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ron paul

ron paul boycott site

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
Albert Einstein

sent to Anheiser

sent to Anheiser

Light up the Phone lines

I've been calling the SW customer care line for an hour now. I spoke to many different agents. And asked why SouthWest was sponsoring a debate with out a 3rd party candidate.

After an hour the response I got after a lady went to check was. SouthWest has no comment. it's working they will have to make a statement soon. keep the pressure on!

800 435 9792

Appreciate your hard work and

Appreciate your hard work and sharing of info.


Bump! Hit them hard guys, anyone up for a message bomb tomorrow?


Garbage rice beer. yuck. This will be the easiest boycott ever for me. Yeungling - from the oldest brewery in America in Pottsville Pennsylvania. Same price as Bud here in Pa.

Yeungling is an InBev product too


Oh No!

You must be kidding me. Does InBev mean anheiser busch owns yeungling? Now what can I drink?

Oh, no, you're right.

It's not InBev. I thought it was because it was listed under "Tell us what brand of beer you drink most often:" on AB's contact form.

Switching from Bud to Pabst


I will swear off any Bud products (unless they are served free at a party ;-)

PBR all day : P





I sort of like Gary Johnson, but can't boycott the best drink available. Budweiser 'til the end! Sorry.

Whether you iike their beer

Whether you iike their beer or not, call, phone, e-mail, fax or Twitter your displeasure with them.


is the worst piss water I ever drank. You can tell if a beer is a good beer if it tastes good warm. Bud definitely not. Blue moon tastes fine warm among many others.

If I'm gonna buy cheap crap beer I'll buy Simpler Times from Trader Joes. $2.99 a six pack and still tastes better than bud.


I am in. Of course, it is easy for me since i don't fly or drink. Except whiskey.

I boycotted AB once I found out a Belgian bought them out.

Knowing that the majority of profits were going to be spent overseas.

Slam 'em on Twitter also

Twitter is really heating up with the comments!


or hashtag: #SouthwestAir

Apparently, A-B has a "protected" Twitter presence, so use this, @ABInBevPR or just use hashtags:



You can also register a complaint/opinion on their Contact web page: http://www.ab-inbev.com/contact.cfm



Done and posted to FaceBook

Done and posted to FaceBook

Lets keep it up! Spread

Lets keep it up! Spread EVERYWHERE

NOT Southwest!!!!

Compared to companies like American Airlines, Southwest serves its customers well. The below article compares the corporate culture of both:


Let them hear it straight

Let them hear it straight from their customers why their support of the sham "debate" is a disservice to America.

boycotts are very effective

If enough people join in an economic boycott of not using a company's product, then this will have a bottom line effect. Surely, Boycotts are very effective at twisting the arm of corporations.
I support boycotting those corporations that are throwing their support behind the "sham" debates...which has been going on for a long time now.

Done and done. C4RP

Done and done.



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twitter bomb

emails are good. twitter is public. i would suggest any email you send be followed with a 'hey @SouthwestAir why are you sponsoring debate commission. They actively block candidate voices'

or whatever you can think of...

Southwest email response

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We appreciate your feedback regarding the upcoming Presidential Debates.

Southwest Airlines’ involvement with the upcoming Presidential debates is not aimed at promoting or endorsing any political agenda or candidate. Essentially, our sponsorship consists of us chartering planes between the debates to accommodate the debate staff's travel needs. Our sponsorship does not include travel for any of the candidates or their staff.

After careful review of the CPD’s request for Southwest Airlines involvement in the upcoming debates, our Senior Leaders felt that the core values of Southwest Airlines aligned with the CPD’s mission of providing American Citizens the opportunity to make informed decisions.

We hope to merit your consideration should your travel plans take you to any of the cities we serve.

Kathleen, Southwest Airlines


Calls and faxes might get a

Calls and faxes might get a better result.

Meh... I don't boycott

I'm not big on boycotting. If I boycotted every company that did something I disagree with I'd be starving, jobless, homeless, and naked.

Do what you want but I think this is fairly petty.